Another Giant Enters, Porsche Launches NFT Trading Platform

Porsche, which has been at the front and center of blockchain technology, enters the NFT market.

Another Giant Enters, Porsche Launches NFT Trading Platform

Porsche has announced its entry into the NFT market with the launch of an NFT trading platform called Fanzone.

NFT is currently doubly popular in the crypto world, and is most prominently used in the art industry in particular.

Artists can use blockchain technology to sell their works on the Internet, and the goal of NFT is to help a few people prove ownership of digital objects by tracking their origin.

The problem of people using other people’s work in their own works without the proper authorization has been around for some time.

The open nature of the Internet makes it impossible for artists to know where their work will end up, while who will end up using their work is not paid for it, and so far NFT has proven to be a good solution to this problem.

On June 14 Porsche announced the launch of Fanzone, an NFT collectibles platform, an NFT-based digital card trading platform that will allow fans to exchange their favorite sports trading cards where the NFT can maintain verifiable ownership of the trading cards.

Fanzone provides fans with counterfeit-proof collectibles, allowing collectors to not have to worry about counterfeiting, while blockchain technology will guarantee price and ownership.

Trading pieces will contain unique data and characteristics from different players, which are stored on the Lusko blockchain to ensure that anyone can withdraw the trading cards while they are safely stored.

Meanwhile, while the hype over NFT may be dying down, Porsche still believes that there is enough potential here to generate revenue.

Christian Knorle supports this positive move and says that the demand for trading cards and albums has been uninterrupted for years and they want to digitize this promising market with the strategic support of Fanzone.

German automaker Porsche has been front and center with blockchain-related integrations. 2018 Porsche became the first automaker to officially implement and test blockchain technology directly on its cars.

Porsche is working closely with XAIN on integrating blockchain to provide a better driving experience, and together the two parties have come up with a business model based on encrypted data records.

Another Giant Enters, Porsche Launches NFT Trading Platform

It uses blockchain technology to remotely lock and unlock cars, charge them, and park them, while also granting temporary access authorizations to third parties when needed.

Now the NFT-based trading card project begins, with Porsche partnering with the German National Football Association to showcase players on trading cards. The first set of trading cards will feature players from both men’s and women’s soccer teams, and members of the under-21 national team will also be part of this debut.

Fanzone issues passes for these NFTs on the Lusko blockchain, and the Fanzone platform was created by Forward31, the digital company that helped Porsche diversify into other non-core businesses.

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