Animoca Brands founder throws 30 ETH: MOAR NFT growth path

On April 27, Yat Siu (wallet address ysiu.eth), chairman of Animoca Brands, bought MOAR#24 (NFT series “MOAR” by Joan Cornella) for 30 ETH, which is 60 times the minting price. The current on-chain data shows that the ysiu.eth address holds a total of 13 NFTs in this series.


It is particularly noteworthy that just today, FWEN Club, one of the founders of MOAR, tweeted: “Thanks to The Sandbox Game”. It seems to imply that MOAR has reached a cooperation with the sandbox game The Sandbox.

Not only that, MOAR#1 was sold for 46.305 ETH before.


What is MOAR? Why is it admired?

Metaverse MOAR

MOAR is an NFT project jointly released by Spanish black humor artist Joan Cornellà and FWEN Club. It was sold for the first time on April 7th and sold out in a short period of time.

Creator Joan Cornellà Vázquez, born in Barcelona in 1981, is a Spanish cartoonist and illustrator known for his strong dark humor in his iconic artwork and comics. On the surface, Cornellà’s work is relaxed and playful, featuring cheerful tones and figures with general smiles. However, upon deeper reflection, his work conveys a powerful, perceptive and subtle satire on the nature of human existence. Cornellà teases on sensitive and taboo topics with fluid hands and minimal visual cues, cutting to the heart of the disturbing nature of our time. With over 8 million followers on social media, Cornellà is well respected on the international stage.

The market is hot, and some celebrity artists have also showcased their unique NFT PFPs on social media, including contemporary artists KAWS, Broomklyn Beckham, Jay Chou, JJ Lin, Edison Chen, Bolin Chen, Japanese male skateboarder Yuuto Horimi, and more.

Jay Chou's trendy brand "PHANTACi" launched 10,000 NFTs "Phanta Bear" and earned $10 million in one day.

It is reported that MOAR is a Metaverse building, and the holder of each MOAR NFT is a resident of this building. The story tells that the world has been completely blocked due to alien invasion. The creatures in the MOAR building include humans, cyborgs People, even zombies, are trapped inside and have to continue living together peacefully.


The “MOAR by Joan Cornellà” NFT series has a total of 5,555 NFTs, which are entirely composed of nearly 200 different elements by Joan Cornellà and minted on the Ethereum chain. At the beginning of the release, 74%, or 4,110, were open to the public and sold in Dutch auctions; 21%, or 1,166, were given to whitelists and KOLs, such as those who won official competitions and members who held Hanai Yusuke NFTs , they can buy NFTs at a discounted price of 0.35 ETH; the remaining 5% is reserved for the team.

The interesting thing is that some of the legendary avatars look like many well-known figures, and a few NFT strokes bring their personal characteristics to life, and at the same time, they are perfectly combined with the artist’s style.


Holding MOAR NFT can obtain the following three rights:

1. Have a chance to get a lottery ticket for a 3D virtual avatar;

2. Access to physical and virtual exhibitions of Joan Cornellà;

3. Exclusive purchase rights for Joan Cornellà’s physical and virtual works, including toys, sculptures, paintings and NFTs.

route map

Despite missing the IPO in April this year, there is still a lot going on in MOAR.


FWEN Club released SEIBWOZ on April 13th. This is a strategy adventure game with a zombie invasion as the background.Humans, zombies and cyborgs are locked in the MOAR building. NFT holders of MOAR start the game as a survivor of the Metaverse and fight zombies to save granny. The winner will receive a free airdrop as a reward.

In May, the mini game “SEIBWOZ” (“SEIBWOZ” is the reverse of Zombie.) was launched for community participation;

KmAaSV92nkh7mswueLcremUfhVU8xk5QTtT796du.jpegIn June, community rewards (details have not yet been disclosed);

In July, MOAR Metaverse Ready-room airdrop;

In November, MOAR has a grand opening and a virtual exhibition.

As of press time, according to OpenSea data, the floor price of MOAR by Joan Cornellà series NFT is 1.099ETH.

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