“Animal coin” is fierce, trap or opportunity?

Many of our readers have also asked whether SHIB is worth buying.

"Animal coin" is fierce, trap or opportunity?

These days, “animal coins” has become a topic that almost everyone in the circle doesn’t know, and almost all WeChat groups are dominated by various animal coin topics. Many of our readers have also asked whether SHIB shit coins are worth buying.

Here, I must warn you that the risk of putting money on these coins now will be very high.

First of all, only time will tell whether these animal coins, including the SHIB shitcoin I shared with you, will end up being a joke or a “second bitcoin”, but never now. So it’s not worth it to spend a lot of energy and money on them.

Secondly, even if a second bitcoin does eventually emerge from these animal coins, it will have to go through a number of bears and bulls before it comes to fruition, just like bitcoin. Bitcoin has fallen by at least 50% in all previous bear markets, so this “second bitcoin” will also plummet in the next bear market. If you’re really that bullish on a coin, you might as well be patient until the bear market.

So either way, it’s not a good time to get involved in these coins.

The reason I share my opinion on SHIB shitcoin is to appreciate the founder’s spirit, not to suggest people to buy SHIB shitcoin.

I have also repeatedly stressed that opportunities like Dogcoin and SHIB Shitcoin are not destined to belong to most people, and are only destined to be the luck of a few. If any of you are lucky enough to catch such a chance, just think of it as buying a lottery ticket for fun, we should still invest how we invest.

Once the whole population treats such small probability events as inevitable events, then the risk comes.

The bear market test is everyone’s tolerance to the market downturn, and the bull market test is everyone’s resistance to various temptations. Now such a variety of temptations is the time to test whether investors are rational. Once irrational, the next is the action deformation, thinking bifurcation, the consequences are bound to be catastrophic.

Yesterday and a senior player in the circle to meet, the senior player is I very admire the circle of seniors.

This senior has been firmly guarding the ethereum for so many years and deeply cultivating the ecology of ethereum, so he has an extremely profound understanding of the future development and trend of ethereum and even the whole blockchain. In the private communication, this senior often gives very avant-garde and admirable views, and many of these views have been proved one by one afterwards.

In yesterday’s conversation, he mentioned that everyone’s time and energy are very limited, and there are many opportunities in the digital currency space. Some opportunities can change the investor’s situation in a very short period of time, but will ruin his long-term future in the long run, while some opportunities, although they look strenuous and laborious in the short term, and the gains may not be large, will allow the investor to walk wider and wider in the long run, and will eventually seize his opportunities.

And investors who want to grow in the field in a sustainable and healthy way still need to spend their time and energy on long-term value opportunities.

Hearing these teachings, I remembered the difference between evil martial arts and proper martial arts in martial arts novels: evil martial arts tend to be fast and explosive, but those who practice them will eventually be devastated by such martial arts; while proper martial arts are slow and long-period, but once they are practiced they are invincible.

This may not be a fictional fabrication, but really is the truth of life.

Therefore, I still suggest that we must recognize the right path that should be taken in the long run, and not be lost by some transient temptation.

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