and Wang Feng create a new world of music Wom music avatar airdrop launched

aYCWkunWikOxXnO5yVIYCTkBpLedTdIlgiPU1y3z.jpegWhat is the music platform that has been highly recognized by Teacher Wang Feng? In the live broadcast, Mr. Wang Feng praised the new model of Wom music for the creators. So for music fans, what are the interesting ways to play Wom music?

(Review address of the live broadcast:

[Virtual image] is an important part of Wom music, which integrates music and cutting-edge technology of the times. Its release will enrich the audio-visual experience of fans and bring more and more interesting entertainment to fans.

Different from traditional digital collections, virtual images are an important carrier of IP value in the “creator economy”. For creators, it not only enriches the income composition, but also makes the value of works evidence-based; for music fans , the form of physical card plus virtual card is unprecedented, and online rights are deeply bound to offline status symbols, which further enhances its practical value.

Now, pre-register to get a Wom music avatar for free! 


-activity details-

  • Event time :

From now until 23 August 2022

  • rule of activity:

1. During the event, you can get a rare Wom music avatar by making an appointment on the official website, limited to 10,000 pieces;

2. After the event, the avatar will be automatically sent to the account of the reserved user;

3. One mobile phone number corresponds to one user, and each user can only participate once;

4. Avatar holders can get exclusive privileges and airdrops for Genesis fans.

  • Reservation address:

The Wom Music APP will be launched on August 24, 2022. It is worth mentioning that the Wom Music second-hand trading market [Transfer] will be open to all users simultaneously. Transphone is a compliant physical trading market that complies with state regulations. Whether it is Wom music’s [original music card] or [avatar card], you can freely flow in the transfer.

Come and participate in the reservation registration and start the journey of Wom music world~

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