Analyzing NFT data with DeGenData

Want to analyze NFT data, DeGenData is worth having!

Many people in the NFT ecosystem don’t understand how important it is to analyze and understand on-chain data. If you’re not tracking on-chain activity on a regular basis, it’s a bit of a headless exercise.

In contrast, tracking this data is similar to an airplane following a designated route, which basically gives you an idea of the current state of development of the NFT project.

In summary, having an NFT on-chain analytics platform can help us easily view and search for key information. One emerging project that is doing a good job in this area is DeGenData.

DeGenData is an NFT data lab that provides intelligent analytics dashboards for several top NFT projects. The following section describes each of these dashboards’ capabilities.

Analyzing NFT Data with DeGenData
DeGenData’s developers are a group of traders, engineers, data scientists and smart contract developers, just like SHI NFT users who have built their own customized NFT analytics platform.

This is because DeGenData provides custom standalone dashboards for all the projects it covers, which gives users access to more detailed data on on-chain activity that generic dashboards can’t do, as they cover all the basic metrics of NFT projects at once.

Analyzing NFT data with DeGenData

In this way, DeGenData can play a special role, as you can easily track important data unique to your project and also search for this data across a range of time spans.

For example, let’s say you are tasked with creating a research report on the overall performance of the CryptoPunks market in the first quarter of 2021. With DeGenData, you can set the time parameters from January 1 to March 31, 2021, as in the chart above, and quickly start analyzing the buying and selling activity for that period. In the chart above, you can also see the various statistics that can be searched, such as attributes, buyers, sellers, gender and skins.

In addition to CryptoPunks, for the most popular current NFT projects, DeGenData also provides analytics intelligence dashboards for.

l Chromie Squiggles

l Cryptovoxels

l Hashmasks

l Meebits

l MoonCat Rescue

l Ringers

Again, for different projects, these smart dashboards provide targeted analytics data. With Ringer NFT’s smart dashboard, you can search for different layouts and styles of NFTs, and with Cryptovoxels NFT-based smart dashboards, you can track data such as sales for specific building sizes.

Analyzing NFT data with DeGenData

In addition, DeGenData only went live a few weeks ago, so it’s reasonable to assume that the team will continue to add smart dashboards for future NFT projects as time goes on. You may not see the project information you want to see yet, but it may be coming in the near future.

If you find yourself wondering about the activity of a top NFT project at some point, consider checking out DeGenData or other similar platforms. It’s certainly a way to start honing your NFT analysis skills!

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