Analyze why PetWorld (PW), a potential project on Binance Chain’s GAMEFI head, is favored by capital

PetWorld (PW) is a GAMEFI token issued on the Binance Smart Chain on October 11, 2021.

The PW technical team comes from Europe and has 8 years of blockchain research and development experience. The technology has always been at the forefront of the blockchain and has maintained long-term cooperation with many capital institutions.

PetWorld on target to become the BSC chain AXIe , is a GameFi + DeFi + to develop the game, there are functions and develop a competitive PVP system. The project team hopes that the PVP competition in the game will produce different profitability and changeable gameplay under the player’s different attribute choices, lineup combinations, and game strategies; the development mode in the game also enables each pet to produce huge Investment value. After half a year of development of the game, the closed beta version will meet with you soon. The promotional video of the game has been released on PW’s official Twitter.

The marketing work in the China region is mainly handled by the UMG pre-marketing team. The marketing team has rich experience and a mature operation model. PetWorld was included in CoinGecko (CG) and CoinMarketCap (CMC) on the second and third days of launch. There will be follow-up More good news and marketing plans were announced.

In terms of security, PetWorld had already conducted contract audits on the blockaudit and solidproof audit platforms before it went online, and both passed with high scores, completing the double audit work! PetWorld’s LP liquidity lock pool for one year after its launch is safe and reliable.

In summary, all data points to the good. PetWorld seems to have a strong ability to win in this field, but only time will prove everything, and only by owning can you experience the sense of accomplishment in judging success.

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