Analysis of NFT Track Project (Part 2)

So today, what Maojun brings to you is the collectible track, game track and high-quality projects combined with DeFi in the NFT subdivision track.

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In the previous article “NFT Track Project Evaluation (Part 1)”, Maojun introduced you to the high-quality projects of the trading platform and public chain in the NFT subdivision track. Among them, the trading platform is Opensea; NiftyGateway is the comprehensive The leading platform in the trading platform and the encrypted art platform is a high-quality project worthy of attention.

In the public chain category, Ethereum took the lead in the first half of the year and accounted for almost 65%-75% of the total turnover of the NFT track. The other 25%-35% was mainly occupied by Flow and WAX, forming a super-strong situation. , And BSC officially launched its efforts in June, with a large number of NFT projects on the chain, which may also occupy a certain market share in the future, and it is also worthy of certain attention.

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So today, what Maojun brings to you is the collectible track, game track and high-quality projects combined with DeFi in the NFT subdivision track.

Summary of the project:

The first echelon of the NFT project:

1. High-quality projects that have issued coins: ETH; Flow; AXS;

2. High-quality projects that have not yet issued coins: Opensea; NiftyGateway;

The second echelon of the NFT project:

1. Potential projects with issued coins: WAX; BakerySwap; NFTX;

2. Potential projects not yet issued: Foundation;


3. Collectibles category-worthy of attention: Axie Infinity (Currency: AXS)

The collectibles track is actually a track that does not rely on the increase in currency prices, but simply depends on the value of the NFT itself. Therefore, when users want to obtain value in the NFT field, they can also start with the collection of NFT itself.

However, the value of the collection itself is subjective, risky, and there will often be a big bubble in the early stage , and the price is inflated. Therefore, entering the pit needs to master certain professional knowledge and skills, and be cautious and cautious .

Let’s first take a look at the top ten items of NFT collections in the first half of the year:

Analysis of the World of Coins-NFT Track Project (Part 2)

From the data point of view, in the first quarter, the turnover of NBA Top Shot in February and March was 220 million and 210 million US dollars , which surpassed most collectible items and can be called out-of-circle items , but after the second quarter, The enthusiasm gradually declined, and sales reached the second and third place, but from the perspective of total transaction volume, it still accounted for 44.2% of the first half of the year, which has a certain leading edge.

At the same time, Axie Infinity’s sales in June exceeded $122 million, an increase of 351% from the previous month, which was nearly three times the sales of the second NBA Top Shot ($45.43 million).

Analysis of the World of Coins-NFT Track Project (Part 2)
Analysis of the World of Coins-NFT Track Project (Part 2)

Data source:

It can be seen from the change in the proportion of turnover that the turnover of Axie Infinity has shown a sharp upward trend since April, the proportion has increased from 2.36% to 11.5%, and in June, it has increased to an astonishing 48.17%. The second place accounted for less than 20%, the first in the second quarter’s turnover and the first in the growth rate.

Analysis of the World of Coins-NFT Track Project (Part 2)

Data source:

In the first week of July, Axie Infinity’s growth momentum continued to increase. The trading volume was about 150% of the past seven days, and reached an astonishing value of US$90 million. In the first week, it reached 73 in the previous month. %, the number of buyers is nearly twice that of the second place.

Analysis of the World of Coins-NFT Track Project (Part 2)

Data source:

For this item that has both collection attributes and game attributes, Maojun summarized the following reasons for its popularity, for evaluation and reference by friends.

1. The core mechanism of Axie Infinity is Play to earn-gamers can earn valuable digital assets by playing games. In some countries, some people even use Axie Infinity instead of daily work to earn income.

2. The in-game governance token AXS has diverse functions-not only has governance functions, players need to purchase and consume AXS tokens when breeding pet offspring, so tokens have become a functional product in demand.

3. Axie Infinity has recently moved to the Ronin side chain, which greatly reduces the cost of pets for players to cultivate. At the same time, the value of pets has not changed. For players, the return on investment has become higher, attracting a large number of new users to enter the market. .

Finally, unlike other tracks, collectible projects have strong community attributes. If you want to invest in such projects, you must go deep into the community to understand the user’s activity before making judgments . Axie Infinite is the current blockchain In the field, it is one of the high-quality projects of the NFT collection & game track that has fun and low threshold. For users who need to understand these two types of tracks, Axie Infinity may be a good choice.

4. Combination with Defi-Worthy of attention: BakerySwap (currency: BAKE), NFTX (currency: NFTX)

The last track that Mao Jun shared with you today is a related project combined with Defi. For NFT, most people’s eyes are on art, games and meta-universe. The assets in many NFT users’ wallets can only be in specific games. Or use it in the platform. If it is separated from these games and platforms, its NFT assets can only be left idle in the wallet to accumulate dust.

Therefore, if the market allows users to use their NFT assets as collateral for leasing or lending, it will greatly increase the circulation value and transaction value of the NFT.

The following are some typical related items:

1 、 NFTfi




Maojun made a comparison between the typical projects currently on the market combined with Defi and the out-of-circle project NBA Top Shot in the collection category. From the trend data of Google search, it can be seen that the current NFT combined with Defi projects are compared with the popularity The popularity of trading platforms such as collectibles is far below. This type of project is still in the initial stage of development and has not yet reached the mature stage.

Analysis of the World of Coins-NFT Track Project (Part 2)

Data source:

However, in view of the liquidity of NFT itself, combining with Defi to improve the liquidity and utilization of assets is bound to become a trend, so Maojun also sorted out the information and characteristics of these projects:

Analysis of the World of Coins-NFT Track Project (Part 2)

From the perspective of the help that the project itself can bring to users, ordinary investors can pay attention to some funds that specialize in NFT collection, such as NFTX and APENFT, or mature Defi projects themselves, and expand their functions through the combination with NFT. And liquidity, such as BakerySwap.

NFT trading market on BakerySwap

Analysis of the World of Coins-NFT Track Project (Part 2)

Image source:

At this point, our NFT track quality project evaluation is over, but the NFT track is far more than the projects mentioned by Maojun in these two articles, and there are other subdivided tracks, such as virtual worlds, etc. For space reasons, Maojun did not show it to everyone on the public account.

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