An overview of popular Metaverse concept blockchain projects from the bottom to the application

Metaverse is undoubtedly the hot “popular fried chicken” at the moment. In addition to the social giant Facebook resolutely changing its “face” and renamed it “Meta”, technology giants such as Tencent, Google, ByteDance, Microsoft and Baidu have also “topped up” and rushed to the meta universe track. At the same time, the capital that was moved by the wind was “boiling”, and the phenomenon of obtaining high financing was everywhere.

Although the definition and scenarios of Metaverse are still quite vague, it is shaped in various ways. Social, game, cultural and entertainment tracks are all linked with Metaverse. Various applications seem to have “stray flowers gradually becoming fascinating.” The power of “eye”. As Metaverse has become an endless source of talk, this article PANews will take stock of some popular projects in the blockchain field that focus on the concept of Metaverse.

An overview of popular Metaverse concept blockchain projects from the bottom to the application

Ground floor facilities


As the development team behind popular chain games such as CryptoKitties and NBA Top Shot, Dapper Labs is a blockchain platform specially built for games. Flow has attracted many partners with its advantages of fast and low-cost transactions, including NFL, UFC, Warner Music, The world’s top brands such as NBA and Ubisoft. At the same time, Flow has also been invested by well-known investment institutions such as a16z, Coinbase Ventures, DCG, and USV. Flow has so far attracted more than 650 companies, covering many fields such as art, fashion, collections, DeFi, games and sports, and projects built on Flow in 2021 have raised more than 700 million US dollars. It is worth mentioning that Dapper Labs recently completed a $250 million financing led by Coatue, with a valuation of up to $7.6 billion.

An overview of popular Metaverse concept blockchain projects from the bottom to the application

Flow ecological map source: Flow official website

In addition, Flow and Dapper Labs also applied for 108 plots of land on the Matrix World project of the metaverse to establish a virtual headquarters.


Enjin’s vision is to create a multiverse game for players. In the early days, Enjin was a company that provided website creation and hosting services for gamers. Later, it launched the first NFT creation platform and used the token ENJ as the raw material for its NFT forging. At the same time, Enjin CTO Witek Radomski also created the ERC-1155 token standard with semi-homogeneous characteristics.

Enjin developed Efinity is a built Boca on the network can be expanded across the NFT chain network, the user can cast NFT and transactions in the chain. On November 4, Enjin announced the establishment of a US$100 million Efinity Metaverse Fund, which aims to support Enjin and Efinity developers to build Metaverse, which will contribute to the Enjin ecology, Metaverse, chain games, decentralized infrastructure, NFT DApps, and More pioneering projects provide support.

According to Enjin’s official website, there are currently 27,000 commercial projects running on the platform, resulting in ERC-1155 assets worth 1.16 billion U.S. dollars, and the number of wallet installations exceeds 1.7 million.


Ronin is an Ethereum sidechain built at the end of 2020 specifically for the leading game chain project Axie Infinity. It is a POA network operated by verifiers who are appointed by the game’s core development studio Sky Mavis. Blocks need to be approved by two-thirds of the validators in order to be approved. The verifier is responsible for writing and verifying blocks, updating the price language machine, and handling the storage and transfer process of assets (ETH, ERC20 and ERC721) to and from Ronin. Among them, the first batch of validators include Ubisoft, Binance, Animoca Brands and Nonfungible. Currently, Ronin has launched the mainnet.

Rangers Protocol

Rangers Protocol is incubated by the chain game publisher MixMarvel. It integrates cross-chain, NFT and EVM protocols. It aims to provide DApps and assets with the function of frictionless interaction with multiple different chains (Ethereum, BSC, Tron, etc.) , To become the blockchain infrastructure of Meta Universe. Projects such as HyperDragons Rocket Arena and HyperSnakes that had been on fire before have adopted Rangers Protocol. Currently, Rangers Protocol has officially launched the testnet, such as the fixed-rate lending protocol BlueStone has successfully migrated.

In June of this year, Rangers Protocol completed financing at a valuation of $63 million. Investors include Framework Ventures, Alameda Research, Hashkey Capital and the former co-founder of



The communication between encryption and the real world requires an oracle, and Chainlink is one of the representative projects of middleware connecting two different worlds. At present, Chainlink has developed smart contracts that connect other on-chain services and other codes. Users can not only flexibly choose the core blockchain on which the application runs, but also flexibly access any required off-chain data and computing resources.

In the past period of time, Metaverse projects such as Brokoli, NASH Metaverse, XCarnival, Metasaurs and FireStarter have all integrated Chainlink.

Mask Network

Mask Network is a portal that helps users seamlessly transition from Web2.0 to Web3.0, allowing users to seamlessly send encrypted messages, encrypted currencies, and even decentralized applications (such as DeFi, NFT) on the platforms of traditional social giants. And DAO).

At present, Mask Network has realized the seamless publishing of encrypted tweets on Twitter, supporting multi-chain such as BSC and Polygon, sending and receiving encrypted red envelopes, Gitcoin donation, access to DEX such as Uniswap, SushiSwap and QuickSwap, and support for OpenSea, Rarible and other NFs. Recognition and display of URLs of works in the trading platform, yi ji NFT Gallery, NFT Avatar, NFT red envelope functions, etc. In addition, the current Mask Network ecology has covered social, storage, DeFi, DAO, NFT, transaction and privacy and other fields.



From “not your key, not your coin” to “not your key, not your identity”, digital identity authentication company Spruce is a native tool for building encrypted currencies that can help users manage identities and cross-platform data. In September of this year, Spruce won the bid for a project jointly initiated by the Ethereum Foundation (EF) and the Ethereum Name Service (ENS), which allows you to log in to third-party applications through your Ethereum account.

Recently, Spruce completed a US$7.5 million financing led by Ethereal Ventures and Electric Capital. Other investors include BITKRAFT, Coinbase Ventures, Alameda Research, A. Capital Ventures, SV Angel, and Protocol Labs.


Litentry is the first decentralized cross-chain identity protocol on Polkadot. It can be compatible with different DID standards to provide reliable decentralized identity aggregation computing services. In short, it is a cross-chain identity aggregator. As early as 2019, Litentry received Web3 Grants.

In fact, Litentry launched My Crypto Profile in August this year, which allows users to display their NFT collections on Twitter by linking their Ethereum identities with their Twitter accounts. The game is also established with the Metaverse project The Sandbox and others. cooperate. It is worth mentioning that Litentry recently announced its participation in Polkadot’s first 5 slot auctions and will reward 20% of the total supply of tokens.


BrightID is an anonymous social identity network that solves the problem of unique identity by creating and analyzing social graphs. Users can prove their unique identity to various applications through the platform, and applications do not need to collect personally identifiable information or interact with Centralized organization cooperation. BrightID has made good donations in the seventh round of donation activities of the open source software funding platform Gitcoin, and was praised by Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin.


Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a popular P2E game developed by Yield Guild Games (YGG), a Philippine game guild, and has frequently won the top spot in market transactions. According to data, since the official launch of EIP-1559, Axie Infinity has destroyed more than 14,000 ETH, which is ahead of mainstream applications such as 1inch V3 and Sushiswap. At the same time, Token Terminal also shows that in the past 30 days, Axie Infinity’s revenue reached 190 million US dollars, ranking second among all blockchains and DApps, second only to Ethereum.

An overview of popular Metaverse concept blockchain projects from the bottom to the application

Revenue comparison between Axie Infinity and other DApps and blockchains Source: Token Terminal

It is worth mentioning that Sky Mavis, the Vietnamese developer behind Axie Infinity, recently completed a US$152 million Series B financing. Other well-known investment institutions include Paradigm, Accel, Konvoy Ventures, FTX, Libertus Capital, etc., and the funds will be used Used in Axie Infinity and Ronin.


Illuvium is a decentralized NFT collection and automatic battle game based on Ethereum. The core mechanism is that players capture beasts through monsters and upgrades, cast them into NFTs, and then transfer them to the trading market for sale. Because Illuvium is integrated with the second-layer solution of Immutable-X, the Layer 2 scalability solution, neither players nor developers need to pay any gas fees for minting or trading NFTs. In April of this year, Illuvium raised $38 million through Balancer LBP. Currently, IIlluvium has not yet been launched, and a public beta version will be launched in the first quarter of 2022.

Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds is a space exploration game that provides players with land ownership, deployment tools, soldiers and weapons, and customizes exclusive game characters. It integrates DeFi, NFT, Metaverse and DAO. It currently supports Ethereum, WAX and BSC.

According to Dappradar data, the number of users of Alien Worlds has exceeded 240,000, and more than 12 million transactions occur every day.


Treeverse is a 2D pixel-style massively multiplayer online game deployed on Ethereum. It was founded by NFT investor Loopify and co-founder Aizea. It aims to become a NFT chat place and social experience games. Treeverse has built-in gameplay such as trading markets, guilds, NPCs, mini games and pets. In the initial public sale, the NFT of Treeverse’s 10,000 plots was sold out within 1 hour at a price of 0.125 ETH.

In October of this year, Treeverse completed a seed round of financing with a valuation of US$25 million, led by IdeoCo Labs and Animoca Brands. Other investors include SkyVision Capital, Stani Kulechov and Krybharat.

Star Atlas

Star Atlas is a space multiplayer online meta-universe game based on Solana, the gameplay is similar to EVE Online. Players are divided into three camps. In starship battles, the victor will receive loot rewards, and some of the assets of the loser will be randomly destroyed. If the player’s starship is destroyed during the battle, the corresponding assets will also be destroyed.

In January of this year, Star Atlas completed a seed round of financing led by Serum and MoonWhale Ventures, of which FTX and Alameda Research are the core ecosystem consultants of the Serum Foundation. In addition, the official website shows that Star Atlas’s partners also include Sino Global Capital, Crypto, Animoca Brands, LD Capital, Yield Guild Games, Solstarter and Mechanism Capital. Although Star Atlas is not yet online, it will release an Alpha version in the first and second quarters of 2022.

virtual reality


Decentraland is a meta-universe platform based on Ethereum. It is managed by the community in the form of DAO. Users can use its token MANA to create, experience and monetize content, games and applications on this platform. These are all in a virtual three-dimensional Completed on the space land.

Data from the NFT trading platform Opensea shows that in all virtual world categories, Decentraland ranks first with sales of over 157,000 ETH.

The Sandbox

The Sandbox is a virtual game world owned by game developer Animoca Brands. Through the functional token SAND based on Ethereum, players can create and own different game experiences, and benefit from it. The Sandbox has achieved a strong “out of the circle” effect by cooperating with well-known IPs such as the American TV series “The Walking Dead”, The Smurfs, Love Bear Market, Atari and Nubi Dog.

Not long ago, The Sandbox received a US$93 million financing led by SoftBank’s Vision Fund 2, which will be used by the platform to expand the fields of fashion, architecture, and virtual concerts outside of games.

According to Opensea data, The Sandbox’s sales exceeded 32,000 ETH, with more than 23,000 holders.


CryptoVoxels is a meta-universe world based on Ethereum, similar to “MineCraft”, users can use custom pixel monochrome blocks to build, develop and sell digital assets on the street. Unlike other projects, CryptoVoxels was independently developed by the founder and former Decentraland member Ben Nolan. As of November 4, the sales of CryptoVoxels have reached nearly 20,000 ETH.

In October of this year, Cryptovoxels announced that it has supported Facebook login with 2.7 billion users. Not only that, according to CryptoVoxels officials also revealed that it is considering supporting Twitter.

Dream Space

Somnium Space is an open and social virtual reality world based on Ethereum launched in 2018. It is committed to applying VR technology to games. The ultimate vision is to become a virtual reality world similar to the one created in the movie “Top Player”. In Somnium Space, users can buy land, build or design buildings, and construct or import objects to create a shared virtual world.

At present, Somnium Space has moved from the scalability solution Loom Network to Matic Network to enhance its scalability.

Matrix World

Matrix World is a developed virtual world where users can build 3D immersive applications on multiple blockchains, while NFTs are permanently stored on chains such as Ethereum and Flow. At the same time, Matrix World can provide a beacon for the meta-universe world, integrate the multi-universe space through code, and provide rich scenarios and cooperation resources for the innovation of the meta-universe.

social contact

Friends with Benefits

Friends with Benefits is a private club based on Discord with more than 2,000 members. Joining the organization not only requires a strict identity review (a written application is required), but also purchases nearly 10,000 US dollars of tickets and a certain amount of natives. Currency FWB. However, starting in October, Friends with Benefits introduced the concept of urban subDAO, and those who wished can apply to become city members at a ticket price of $600.

In addition to launching a series of parties around the world, Friends with Benefits also launched the “token-gated events” application, NFT gallery, Web3-centric editing business, virtual music studio, etc. Recently, a16z announced that it has invested in Friends with Benefit and will provide guidance for its next phase of development, and will actively participate in governance by empowering key community members.


Rally is a creator-driven network where digital creators, crypto influencers, brands and celebrities can build their own customized personal tokens on the platform. Through personal tokens, creators can get incentives, and fans can use tokens RLY to purchase favorite creator tokens for support, and get limited edition content and merchandise, direct communication and participation in private events and other unique experiences and content, such as Both Portugal the Man band and Twitch anchor Alliestrasza have issued personal tokens.


Yield Guild Games

Yield Guild Games is a DAO and game guild established in the Philippines and composed of players and investors. In Yield Guild Games, all participating members are investors and players. Among them, investors are responsible for the NFT assets of different games in their ecosystem and lend these assets to game players in the community. Players are responsible for participating in the game for gold, and the guild surplus is reinvested to purchase virtual assets and land in the game. According to Yield Guild Game’s September Assets Report, the total number of guild students reached 4,710, and YGG, students and community managers earned a total of 10.13 million US dollars.

In addition to the popular Axie Infinity, Yield Guild Games also invested in ZED RUN, Star Atlas, Guild of Guardians and Ember Sword. In addition to the investment chain tour, Yield Guild Games completed three rounds of financing this year, except for the $1.325 million seed round led by Delphi Digital in March this year, and $4 million led by the e-sports fund BITKRAFT in June. In addition to the round of financing, in August this year, Yield Guild Games once again completed a $4.6 million A round of financing led by a16z. Other investors include Kingsway Capital, Infinity Ventures Crypto and Atelier Ventures.


WHALE was founded by WhaleShark, one of the largest individual buyers of NFT. The value dimension of the token is owned by NFT assets such as Gods Unchained and The Sandbox. In addition to being used to purchase NFT works, WHALE tokens can also be used to rent real estate or artwork on the chain, participate in voting, and liquidity mining.



XCarinval is a mortgage lending platform for Metaverse assets, providing mortgage lending services including various NFT assets and long-tail assets, providing effective value release for assets with insufficient liquidity. XCarnival’s first revolutionary limited-time auction clearing mechanism is dedicated to building non-standard asset leasing, pawning, and lending businesses, and it also provides a variety of flexible and adjustable synthetic asset templates to help users quickly create financial products to obtain benefits.

Currently, XCarinval has received four rounds of CertiK security audits, and its mainnet has also been launched.


Aavagotchi is a NFT digital collectible combined with DeFi. Each Aavegotchi NFT token is both a collectible and an asset that can generate income. The attributes of NFT depend on its value and rarity in the Aavegotchi universe.

On November 2, Aavegotchi’s meta-universe game Gotchiverse completed the first round of land auctions, with a bid of approximately 40.6 million GHSTs worth approximately US$100 million.


Vera is an open financial platform that aims to provide decentralized financial functions for NFT assets. Users can use the platform token VERA to obtain financial services such as financing, leasing, financing and asset verification on the NFT application, without having to pass any centralized Intermediaries or intermediaries.

In August of this year, Vera completed a $3 million seed round led by Animoca Brands. Other investment institutions include OKEx Block Dream Fund, Genesis Block Ventures, Krypital Group and Shima Capital.

physical education


Chiliz is a Binance-invested blockchain service provider for the sports and entertainment industry. It aims to help fans and clubs in the traditional sports industry communicate and communicate, and provide fans with economic solutions for sports clubs. At present, Chiliz’s partners Barcelona, ​​Juventus, Paris Saint-Germain, AC Milan, OG, Heretics team, etc., have launched fan tokens. Among them, OG Fan Token (OG), AS Roma Fan Token (ASR), and Atlético de Madrid Fan Token (ATM) have all been listed on Binance.


REVV is a utility token for REVV Motorsport (REV Motorsport), the world’s largest licensed racing game platform. It is used as the game currency for many racing games released by Animoca Brands, including REVV Racing and F1® Delta Time and MotoGP™Ignition, etc.



Opulous is a music financing platform launched by Ditto Music, one of the world’s largest digital distribution and record companies. It helps music artists to bypass banks and other traditional institutions to directly obtain financing. In April and April of this year, British rapper Big Zuu and American musician Taylor Bennett respectively successfully sold most of the shares of unreleased records through the platform; in June, Opulous also cooperated with well-known musicians such as Lil Yachty and Kyle on the currency exchange. An NFT platform distributes music NFT works.

Currently, Opulous has received $6.5 million in financing. Not long ago, Tech Plus (LTP), the blockchain and encryption business unit of the Japanese communications giant LINE, also reached a cooperation with Opulous to jointly develop NFT products.


Audius is a decentralized music sharing and streaming protocol designed to facilitate direct transactions between listeners and creators, so that everyone can freely distribute, commercialize and stream any audio content. Through the native token AUDIO, users can participate in voting weights, value-added services, etc. Currently, Audius owns repertoires from well-known music labels such as deadmau5, 3LAU and Zed’s.

In September of this year, Audius received $5 million in financing. Investors included Katy Perry, The Chainsmokers, Nas, Jason Derulo, Pusha T, Mark Gillespie, and former Sony Music CEO Martin Bandier.

It is worth mentioning that Audius has also reached a cooperation with the short video platform TikTok not long ago, which will allow musicians on the platform to upload and share their works directly to TikTok’s Sound Kit. At the same time, musicians can also refer to follower links on TikTok. Back to Audius.


Rocki is a music streaming service and digital payment ecosystem based on the Binance Smart Chain, which aims to solve the tricky platform playability and participant revenue distribution issues in the music industry. Rocki has launched two unique music NFT ERC 721 “Royalty Income Rights” NFT and ERC 1155 “Exclusive Listening Rights” NFT on the platform.

In October of this year, ROCK cooperated with Binance and 1001 Tracklists to launch a $1 million Artist Relief Fund, which aims to help artists affected by the epidemic to carry out their artistic creations.

Trading platform


Opensea is the largest NFT trading platform, where users can trade NFTs such as collectibles, art, music, and game built-in props. According to data from, as of November 4, Opensea had destroyed more than 94,000 ETH, ranking first. At the same time, Dappradar data shows that Opensea’s total turnover exceeds 10.14 billion U.S. dollars and the total number of users exceeds 620,000.

In July of this year, OpenSea completed a $100 million Series B financing led by a16z, with a post-investment valuation of up to $1.5 billion.


Rarible is an NFT trading platform and minting platform running on Ethereum. Any user can create and sell digital collectibles without coding skills. Users can use Rarible to mint, buy and sell digital collectibles, without any coding skills. The token RARI launched by Rarible can be used for platform upgrade voting, work management and review, etc.

Dappradar data shows that Rarible’s total transaction volume reached 260 million US dollars, and the total number of users exceeded 83,000.

Ethernity Chain

Ethernity Chain is an NFT charity platform chain, dedicated to exploring the world of digital art through NFT, and providing opportunities to participate in charity and social welfare. So far, including ball king Bailey, Muhammad Ali, Lionel Messi, Messi, former NBA player O’Neal, etc. have all issued NFTs on the platform.



Highstreet is a business meta-universe platform created by LumiereVR, a computer vision-based VR retail company. It aims to create a game experience shopify for brands, allowing brands to establish a sense of presence in the MMORP world. Through direct integration with existing e-commerce systems, players can purchase physical products to use in the game, or choose to redeem items purchased in Highstreet in real life.

In August of this year, Highstreet completed a US$5 million financing funded by Mechanism Capital, NGC Ventures, Palm Drive Capital, Cherubic Ventures, Jump Trading, GBV, Panony, and Shima Capital. In October of this year, Highstreet again won Binance Labs and Animoca Brands. The second seed round strategic investment led by the investment.



OVR is committed to building the first AR open source meta-universe platform based on the Ethereum blockchain, known as the “Pokémon Go Evolution Edition”, which aims to become the first AR/VR content for anyone who wants to create or explore geolocation The preferred spatial network reference platform. OVR divides the earth in reality into 1.6 trillion hexagonal land, each hexagon represents 300 square meters, which can be auctioned, traded or leased in a decentralized manner.


Bloktopia is a virtual reality meta-universe project based on Polygon. By using a 3D creation engine to build a 21-story skyscraper in the virtual reality world, the visualization greatly improves the user experience, and people can experience it on different floors. Immersive content, including learning and education, making money, games and content creation, etc. The reason why Bloktopia chose the number “21” is to commemorate 21 million bitcoins .

In September of this year, Bloktopia completed a $4.2 million private equity round led by Animoca Brands. Other investors include Anti Fund, Polygon, Bitboy, Wendy-O, X21, GenBlock, AU21 and Avalanche.



Arweave is a file storage protocol based on the blockchain. It has the characteristics of one-time payment and permanent storage of files. The core principle is redundant and repeated distributed storage to form a snapshot of the contract state.

Viewblock data shows that in October, the storage data of the blockchain storage protocol Arweave reached 7.91 TB, a record high. Compared with September, it increased by more than 79.3% from the previous month. Compared with August’s 708.21 GB, it was a three-month increase of more than 10 Times. At the same time, the number of transfers on the Arweave chain reached 3,792,650 in October, a significant increase of 43% compared to 2,650,759 in September, and simultaneously set a record high.


IPFS is an open source decentralized network protocol designed to provide a decentralized addressing supplement to traditional centralized HTTP. Filecoin is an economic layer on top of IPFS to incentivize nodes to host IPFS data.

Not long ago, Filecoin founder Juan Benet revealed at the Wanxiang Blockchain Summit that Filecoin has reached 12 EiB bytes and there are 3362 nodes worldwide. At the same time, there are currently more than 6,500 customers who have stored more than 6.5 million NFTs in NFT STORAGE.

RNDR Network

RNDR Network is a fully decentralized network owned by the authoritative American cloud rendering company OTOY. It is composed of artists and GPU (graphics processing unit) computing power providers. It aims to become the computing and technological foundation for the new generation of 3D and holographic media to the public. facility. RNDR Network is building two types of infrastructure: the first type is decentralized GPU computing; the second type is technology protocols and products in 3D, holographic media, and NFT.

Since this year, the RNDR network has completed nearly 250,000 rendering tasks, and the creators and artists in the ecosystem have created more than 500 million US dollars in cumulative NFT sales. Among them, RNDR Network’s first batch of RNDR archive projects includes high-quality works such as DC, Marvel legendary cartoonist Alex Ross, famous digital artist Beeple, and “Star Trek” creator Gene Roddenbo.

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