An inventory of Paradigm’s investment distribution in the past six months

The cryptocurrency market is never short of myths.

November 15, 2021, cryptocurrency investment firm 

 Announced to launch a $2.5 billion crypto venture fund, the new fund will invest in crypto companies of all stages and geographies alongside the firm’s flagship fund.

This is the largest cryptocurrency venture fund ever, surpassing the $2.2 billion fund raised by Andreessen Horowitz (A16Z) in June of the same year (the $4.5 billion fund A16Z began to call in January this year has not been updated for the time being).

After half a year, Golden Finance has taken stock of Paradigm’s latest investment.


In the past six months, Paradigm’s investment focus has focused on web3 applications, focusing on chain games: Jambo, LootRush, Mad Realities, Fractal, Sup, etc. and NFT markets such as OpenSea and Blur; in addition, blockchain infrastructure is also a focus of Paradigm, including The latest investment in Bitcoin Lightning Network Lightspark, Aztec Network, Starkware, encrypted payment platform Moonpay, etc.

Of these investments, Paradigm has raised seven seed rounds. Notable among these is Lightspark, the Bitcoin Lightning Network company.

Lightspark was founded in April by David Marcus, head of cryptocurrency at Meta, to explore, build and expand the functionality and utility of Bitcoin. Currently, Lightspark is actively building a team to gain a deep understanding of the Lightning Network. Paradigm co-founder Fred Ehrsam commented: “Cryptocurrencies are the clear settlement layer of the future.”

We also noticed that Paradigm, like a16z (which invested in African gaming startup Carry 1st), is starting to take notice of the African crypto market. Jambo, is Paradigm’s first project in Africa. The cryptocurrency market in Africa has increased by 1200% in the past year. As blockchain and financial investment and enthusiasts, they are very optimistic about the development prospects of web3 in Africa. Jambo aims to introduce young people in Africa into the Web 3 financial ecosystem through P2E games and DeFi services (including currency exchange and remittance), and will use the funds in the future to continue to expand the team and expand the market, enabling African users to trade cryptocurrencies, buy and sell NFT, experience P2E games.


In addition, the project MoonPay, which Paradigm participated in, has now become a star project.

On the whole, Paradigm’s investment in the past six months was relatively conservative, and the frequency of shots was relatively small. The investment targets were mainly the infrastructure of relatively cities, NFT/cryptocurrency trading platforms and the current hot Web3 applications.

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