An inventory of NFTs related to the Ethereum merger

Ethereum is a week away from a merger that will be the largest evolution of the leading smart contract network to date.

This upgrade, which has been years in the making, will make Ethereum significantly more efficient and secure. 

As we can see, several NFT projects are being born to celebrate this moment. 


MERGE is Proof of Beauty’s second installment in the EPICS project: a series of NFT experiences that commemorate a turning point in Ethereum history and pay homage on-chain. This is an on-chain asset construction. Each artwork is generated on-chain at 128×128 pixels.


MERGE is the next epic in ETH history as the final moments of proof-of-work are approaching. Celebrate the arrival of Merge with full-chain pixel art in the style of gods and heroes. EPIC // MERGE NFT has a total of 8296 statues ranging from common statue materials like bronze to rare iridium. Substance mana is contained in each statue. Different rare materials have different inherent mana.

Statue NFTs can accumulate more and more “mana” points as the merger approaches, depending on various multipliers, and then the mana will give way to “channeling” after the merger.

Ethereum Merge Fractals

Created by developer David Ryan, Merge Fractals is fully on-chain generative art, each NFT is an animated SVG image file, generated from within a smart contract. Its profits are all distributed to Ethereum protocol developers through the Protocol Guild. 

The initial minting price is 0.001 ETH, and the minting price increases by 0.0002 ETH for every 50 additional coins. When all 5875 NFTs are sold, 75 ETH will be raised.

As of press time, the project has minted 844.


New Home of The Heart Exhibition + Charity Sale

New Home of the Heart is an NFT exhibition and bazaar to celebrate the upcoming Ethereum merger. Project is a collaboration between Stateful Works and JPG, co-curated with Sofía García (artxcode, Art Blocks).

e7rUCROMZcukXiXTJ76gLBv4p252eJ7H5PFNuOrI.pngThe event is scheduled to take place on Monday, September 12, and the proceeds will be distributed to Ethereum core developers through the Protocol Guild and participating artists. Artists who contributed works to the exhibition include NFT giants such as Sarah Zucker, Shl0ms, Snowfro and more!

New Home of the Heart will feature a 1/1 auction and a “Buy It Now” section, opening the event to more collectors.


ConsenSys is celebrating the arrival of the Ethereum merger with the first green NFTs on the Ethereum mainnet, the Regenesis series of airdrops. Regenesis, which comes in different versions, including an open one, focuses on Merge’s most important benefit: sustainability.


This series of NFTs is free; anyone can mint as many as they want through a personal transaction. The only cost incurred is the gas fee for each coin minted.

On the day of the merger, the link to apply for NFT will be posted at, just link to MetaMask. The event begins around 9AM ET on the day of the merger and will remain open for 72 hours. As part of ConsenSys’ celebration of the merger, there will be an airdrop to members of the Protocol Guild.

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