An in-depth interpretation of the NFT+ game of the economic revolution after DeFi

The field of NFT games has experienced ups and downs in the past five years. Many projects have been actively exploring around “Everything can be NFT”. There are already hundreds of potential use cases. At the same time, it supports FT and NFT multi-token standard ERC1155. Bringing more possibilities, the potential for this kind of future display means that there are huge opportunities.

The cryptocurrency market has recently ushered in a wave of high prices. The growth trend of DeFi has slowed down significantly. With the help of popular games GameFi and JPG represented by PUNK, the performance has ignited the enthusiasm of many investors and has become a potential area that cannot be underestimated. .

JPG summer has become a game for the big guys. Faced with the high-priced avatar retail investors, they can only sigh, but GameFi is closer to the lives of the majority of retail investors. Playing and earning is not only a slogan, but also a kind of slogan. Practice the idea.

As the first field to try NFT, games now have a wider range of application scenarios , most of which are currently used in virtual worlds, online games, collecting games and card games. We believe that the NFT game field will have practical significance for the entire blockchain and DeFi and has unlimited potential.

An in-depth interpretation of the NFT+ game of the economic revolution after DeFi

This article will generate industry reports based on examples and applications in the NFT game field, analyze the current industry pain points, practical significance, and future assumptions, and make a comprehensive judgment based on the most popular game projects at the moment.

Problems facing the NFT game field

Performance impact of network congestion

According DappRadar report, Ethernet Square as a major source of NFT trading, accounting for 61% and 92% share of the game market share, but the Ethernet network congestion Square, GAS high fees have become an important reason for restricting the development of NFT game, while small transactions The users are not friendly, because often they need to pay more expensive fees than transactions, but the launch of Layer 2 and ETH 2.0 is expected to alleviate this problem.

The BSC chain is currently the main choice of GameFi, but the cost of GAS fees is also increasing, and the congestion of the BSC chain also occurs from time to time.

Single game type

Starting from NFT games, we can have a general experience of the current GameFi application scenarios, basically focusing on collectible card games, card turn-based games, item trading, and simulation operations, but they are still incomplete. The application fields and types of games are relatively single, and they all exist in these niche circles, and large-scale applications have not yet been implemented.

Lack of a cohesive NFT game platform

Throughout the entire GameFi track, almost all games tend to be independent. Whether they are of the same type, different types, or between different blockchains, there are separate ecological entrances, and there is a lack of similarity in the industry as a whole. On the NFT game platform such as Steam , a diversified and unified channel of entertainment that can aggregate all different types and gameplays together.

The actual value and equity are difficult to determine, and it is difficult to realize

Since its inception, NFT has attracted a large number of speculators who came to “get rich” instead of collectors who really appreciate works and have the purpose of collecting. Its actual value and rights cannot have a true measurement standard, which makes it difficult for users to realize cash.

GameFi is an interesting exploration, but the specific pricing and liquidity maintenance and other mechanism design will affect whether the model can be sustained for a long time.

No eye-catching phenomenon-level applications appear

In the five years from 2017 to the present, NFT has been actively explored in many aspects by different project parties and has made certain achievements.

NFT games have sprung up like bamboo shoots after a rain, but so far, there have not been projects with stable market value such as UNI , LINK, and MKR in the DeFi field . The lack of innovation and bright technology to attract users, let GameFi continue to make efforts to add haze, even if it is The leading AXIE also has a big gap with DeFi’s leading projects .

Community ecology lacking communication

It is not difficult to find that there are very few real-time communication functions embedded in GameFi games. Game players cannot find like-minded friends to team up and communicate with each other. The game community has not been established, which is not conducive to user gathering and retention.

Only when the NFT game field is combined with the diverse gameplay of the community, can the small city states of NFT connect to the powerful network, and then play the greatest value. At present, only MBOX has embedded chat function.

GameFi examples and applications

There are many types of GameFi, and we only select a few popular gameplays for discussion.

Meta universe + sandbox

In virtual world games, users can buy and sell virtual land and hold virtual meetings. Among them, the most representative project representatives are: Decentraland, Sndbox.

Decentraland is composed of a limited number of “LAND” plots. Users can buy, sell and manage these plots, and they can build their own experience on these plots and earn income from anything they create.

An in-depth interpretation of the NFT+ game of the economic revolution after DeFi

Although the design of Decentraland is dazzling, the overall product is still in a very early stage of polishing. Decentraland tries to allow a single entity to control its own future in the VR field, but it has not yet solved the actual problems and remains to be tested. In it, users can do almost nothing except to stroll around the buildings and check out the exhibitions. There is no competition and no confrontation .

And Sandbox has surpassed Decentraland to become the leader. One Sandbox focuses on creating games in games and is committed to making him an entertainment world. Second, Sandbox has a strong investment institution and is more popular with project parties + retail investors.

Card collection

Card collection and transaction types, the most representative project representatives are: Cryptokitties, NBA Top Shot.

Cryptokitties and NBA Top Shot are both produced by the FLOW team. They were extremely smashing, but they also fully verified the blockage of the Ethereum network. Although the transaction price of the sought-after rare card is very high, the overall transaction volume is not very large, and it is liquid. The problem is serious, and the situation of ordinary cards that no one cares about was once embarrassing.

Gods Unchained is an online card collection game. Players can obtain various types of cards to form a deck. This means that players will have a lot of opportunities to switch, customize and test multiple combinations, and conduct card transactions. Relatively speaking, this is a relatively young game. Compared with Hearthstone, there are fewer types of released cards. There is still room for expansion and more modes can be introduced.

An in-depth interpretation of the NFT+ game of the economic revolution after DeFi

On the contrary, the new game CoPuppy does a better job. It gives each card computing power and collects it to get the mining income. It even later integrates meta-universe, PVP and other gameplay. The fusion of NFT card + DeFi + Game solves NFT. Liquidity issues.

Pet + turn-based

Pet development + turn-based games are the most popular in the GameFi field, and the most representative is AXIE.

AXIE is basically known to everyone in the circle, and has become a well-deserved GameFi leader, not only because of the stable income of its gold trading model, but also because of the fierce AXS pull. However, the explosion of AXIE is more due to its 3 years of accumulation, which has a certain degree of playability, and it exceeds Uniswap’s revenue.

Farm social class

Typical farm social categories are: Townstar, My Neighbor Alice

Townstar has richer gameplay such as growing vegetables, harvesting vegetables, building, etc., and the playability is relatively high, but the mechanism is more complicated, which is a waste of time. At present, apart from the top rewards in the rankings, there is no more incentives, and it feels a bit thankless. . Of course, friends who like to burn their brains and don’t care about the effect of making money can try it.

The version of “Animal Crossing” on the My Neighbor Alice chain focuses more on real estate and social networking, and there are also farms, but so far, it has not been online. Although the popularity is very high, the bigger reason is because of the hype of the token rather than the game itself. .

NFT game distribution platform

At present, the GameFi field is a situation of competition among hundreds of birds. Almost all games tend to be independent. Whether they are of the same type and different types, or between different blockchains, there are separate ecological entrances.

The industry as a whole lacks an NFT game platform similar to Steam, which can integrate all different types and gameplays into a diversified and unified channel of entertainment.

The emergence of GameNFT conforms to the trend of GameFi development to a certain extent, is to fill the vacancy of the Steam platform in the GameFi field, and is determined to create the GameFi game dream factory.

GameNFT is a decentralized pan-entertainment NFT product distribution and trading platform. Users can play blockchain games developed by the platform. They can also cast, import, and trade NFT assets on the platform, and they can also upload their own game works. The platform currency GNFT is used in the entire platform ecosystem and self-developed game system. According to the official plan, the “Dungeon Economy” game will be launched in September and the “Devil Hunter Heroes” game will be launched in October.

Brand new GameFi game platform + game

GameNFT uses rich experience and resources to focus on providing one-stop integrated services for users and developers, and strives to become a compatible open system in the blockchain industry and the game industry.

An in-depth interpretation of the NFT+ game of the economic revolution after DeFi

The project will likely change the existing GameFi distribution model, and the new subdivision of the game platform + games it has developed may become a model, which has great significance and research value for the industry.

Why does GameNFT have the possibility of becoming a Steam platform for games on the chain?

Strong team

The team has been deeply involved in the global game industry for many years and is committed to bringing the concept of gameplay into the platform business model, thereby incubating a large number of blockchain digital games and other entertainment methods.

When the GameNFT ecosystem is gradually established, more related industries and innovative products will continue to join in. At that time, developers will directly face game players and build a vibrant and endless loop ecosystem together to inspire users and achieve spontaneous user growth.

The core members of the team have also participated in the development of many excellent products, including:

The “League Of Angels” series has won many game awards. In 5 months, the global monthly turnover has exceeded $30 million, and the global total monthly turnover in more than two years (including more than a dozen languages) has reached $ 240 million.

“War in Pocket” is the hardest 3D war work in recent years, bringing players immersively into the years of war.

“Ever Quest” is a massively multiplayer MMO game that has been famous all over the world for many years. It is based on the famous Dungeons and Dragons rules and is one of the world’s most popular online role-playing games.

In addition, there are many popular games.

Advantages of GameNF

1) Cover a variety of games

In theory, GameNFT can access all game projects in the industry and support the on-chain transaction of game assets. With its great inclusiveness, it strives to use NFT to connect multiple industries such as games, music, and art, break industry silos, and meet the needs of users for entertainment and circulation of digital assets. A pan-entertainment NFT product distribution and trading platform.

2) The platform independently develops a variety of interesting games

At present, most of the games in the industry are sandbox and pet raising games, but they are generally simple, with no depth and difficulty options. As an “aggregator” in the game industry, GameNFT not only serves as a distribution platform, but also independently develops a variety of mobile games with high playability NFT games, which are more competitive. In the future, we will continue to develop new games and more scenarios.

3) High-quality circulation

Three trading/circulation methods are set up on the GameNFT platform, namely: direct price sale, Dutch auction, and bundled sale. Adapt to different types of digital assets, in particular, users can directly buy and sell any items in the game on the platform, such as props, music, or a digital painting created by you.

4) Build a core player interactive community

GameNFT is committed to creating an interactive community with tens of millions of core players to produce high-quality game-related content, including: game reviews, strategies, videos, topics, and discussions on digital NFT assets. In addition, a large number of game developers and game media people have settled in GameNFT, encouraging them to release the latest information and original content, bringing the most cutting-edge perspective to the community, which is conducive to industry development and ecological creation.

5) Put the platform into the pocket

GameNFT will open web and mobile terminals for users of different carriers, especially focusing on optimizing the mobile terminal experience, and strive to put the platform in their pockets, allowing users to participate in asset management circulation and portable entertainment anytime and anywhere, not just computer web entertainment.


Ecological construction

In the initial stage of infrastructure construction:

As an NFT circulation platform, GameNFT will give priority to the completion of basic function development, allowing players to normally mint, trade, and import NFT assets on the platform. At the same time, it will introduce some mature self-developed game works that have been transformed by blockchain technology and have NFT digital assets. .

In the later stage of incubation change:

To redefine the game, the centralized game development model in the traditional concept will be weakened. Developers and players will gain more voice and autonomy with the support of Game NFT, and use this as the cornerstone to aggregate global high-quality products and accelerate game incubation. Together, build a huge ecosystem and system with unlimited imagination and unlimited growth potential.


Although the size of NFT is far less than DeFi, the energy it contains is huge, especially the infinite vitality shown in the GameFi game field. We believe that the market value of the NFT industry still has a huge room for growth.

The GameFi field has experienced a round of explosions, shuffling, and precipitation, and real behemoths will inevitably be born. In the future, there will eventually be phenomenon-level on-chain game applications, which will trigger huge changes in the traditional game industry.

It is hoped that GameNFT can truly become the Steam platform for on-chain games and make the entire GameFi field more diversified . And the success of YGG (a decentralized game guild composed of 2500 players and investors who believe in and practice the P2E concept, transformed into a giant ship with a market value of 100 billion) tells us that everything is possible in the field of innovation!


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