An era in the education and training industry is over

An era in the education and training industry is over

Today, a complete cycle of k12 online education in China can officially come to an end.

Chat with emotion.

1. K12, the regiment is gone.

It can be said: we have witnessed the end of an era together.

This may be the worst ending we can hope for, but no matter what the ending is, we still have to deal with it.

An era in the education and training industry is over

Next, it is foreseeable that a large wave of layoffs and a large wave of broken arms will occur quickly.

At this time, it is not easy to beat the workers, and it is even more difficult for the boss. Everyone should understand each other.

2. K12 students, listen to my advice-if you continue to do education, try not to do business that is purely driven by traffic and sales.

And, the big companies in this season will become less and less worthwhile, and some reliable small companies are worthy of more consideration.

3. Those who want to continue their education also listen to my advice-if there is a choice, don’t think about getting bigger quickly, you can give priority to long-term stability.

And if there is a choice, in fact, it is good to be a small and beautiful one that has a good reputation and earns money.

4. If you are a worker in the education industry, you have been a bit scared after the past two years, but at the same time you can’t judge the future trend of the industry, then listen to my advice-you give priority to the right person That’s it. For other problems that are not clear, rely on ta first to solve them.

5. Because of the profound impact of the sudden epidemic on a global scale, I said in April to May last year that we may be witnessing some important history.

Now, one year later, looking back again, some historical context and direction may have undergone fundamental changes.

The issues of energy, population, and social class differentiation will be the most fundamental issues in the national strategy. Because it is fundamental enough, everything needs to make way for it, because these things determine the future of the country.

With this understanding, you can better understand the extremely strict “New Education Deal”.

And, this also means that the entire education reform process may be greatly accelerated, much faster than expected.

6. Since then, the education and training industry will have no “outreach” in a few years.

Whether it is quality education or vocational education, they are just things that are more stable and doable in the long-term, which are in line with the direction and trend, but they are certainly not the outlet, and the state cannot allow education to become a “outlet” sought after by capital again.

Therefore, if you still want to continue your career in the education industry, the best choice right now is to find something that you feel you really recognize and like, and you can do it for 10 years, and then do it as a friend of time.

Moreover, it should be the kind of thing you can do, want to do, or want to do, whether you start a business, join a company, or work as a self-employed person. Such a choice is the best choice.

7. If possible, study the German education system. Visually, next, China’s key target for benchmarking will be Germany, and it will definitely no longer be the United States.

8. It must be more than education.

To solve the problems of population and social equity, housing and medical care must not be avoided.

Sometimes, if you live in an era, you have to be able to understand the direction of the era and do more of what this era needs. That’s right.

9. Looking back, I was fortunate to witness the first complete cycle of the entire online education so far.

From the first entrepreneurship and education in 2012 to 2021, there have been more than 9 years so far.

In the past 9 years, I have seen many ups and downs in the education and training industry, and the heroes are proud, and there are all kinds of sighs and sighs.

I remember that around 2013~2014, everyone felt that online education was the future, but at that time everyone didn’t understand what to do with online courses. Nowadays, the popular recording and broadcasting double teacher classes, famous teachers’ big class live classes, AI classes, etc. Wait, at that time there was nothing at all.

At that time, I saw a top teacher in the K12 field came out to start his own business when online education was just emerging. He worked hard and overtime every day to record lessons and live broadcast. After more than 2 years, I still couldn’t find a suitable product form. I had to reluctantly choose to sell the company, and had to watch the brothers around him leave him one by one in order to make a living.

From 2014 to 2015, I also witnessed a boss who was responsible for the entire online school business in the best and most well-known education company in China and an entrepreneur who had many successful entrepreneurial experiences before. After starting his own business, he experienced various difficulties. Shun, after exploring multiple directions back and forth, I finally chose to give up;

In 2014, when GSX was just established, I was fortunate enough to meet Larry once in the GSX office. After talking to him for a long time, I said that O2O might not be reliable.

Then, I saw GSX with his own eyes, spent a few years O2O, and did 2B, and then decided to do a big class live class very decisively and sharply, creating a miracle in a Chinese online education company.

Many people and things like this happen around us.

Then, we also accompany K12 online education through the confusion period, 1V1, big class live class, AI class, as well as the capital entry of the entire teaching and training industry, the flow of money to burn the war, and the salary increase of the entire industry…

Then there is the policy supervision that we are currently experiencing.

After experiencing all of this, you can understand more deeply: the success of a business may be destined to depend on luck for more than 70%.

And, you can also be more determined and less eager for quick success to make some judgments and thinking.

From this point of view, I am very grateful to have the opportunity to witness the full cycle of this industry.

I sincerely pay tribute to all the friends and colleagues who have worked hard in the online education industry in the past 10 years.

I also wish good luck to the practitioners in the K12 industry who have not yet been able to get rid of anxiety.

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