An e-commerce platform focusing on the vertical field of home gardening, UK startup Sproutl has received US$9 million in seed round financing

According to GlobalData’s estimates, consumption related to gardening will increase by 12% compared to last year.

According to foreign media TechCrunch , Sproutl, a startup in the garden market, has received $9 million in seed round financing. This round of financing was led by Index Ventures, and Ada Ventures also participated in the follow-up investment. 

It is reported that this round of financing will be used to expand the size of its strong team, which currently consists of veterans in the gardening industry and senior talents from leading consumer brands, including Soho House Group, ASOS, Selfridges, King and Habitat. 

During the entire blockade in the UK due to the epidemic, the number of searches on the Internet for gardening plants was comparable to the number of searches for masks. And Google search related to gardening more than tripled from May 2020 to May 2021. At the same time, GlobalData estimates that consumption related to gardening will continue to be the hot spot this year, and related consumption is estimated to increase by 12% compared to last year. 

Sproutl was co-founded by Anni Noel-Johnson and Andy Done, and the initial idea was only an inspiration from Anni. At that time, Anni wanted to choose suitable plants for her garden in London, but she found that gardening was full of technical terms, which was extremely unfriendly to beginners. Similarly, there are no e-commerce sites dedicated to gardening, making it difficult for beginners to enter this field. 

An e-commerce platform focusing on the vertical field of home gardening, UK startup Sproutl has received US million in seed round financing

Source: Enterprise’s official website

At the same time, Anni noticed that the market opportunity is considerable. There are millions of gardeners in the UK, as well as quite a few independent garden centers, nurseries and shops, with annual turnover of several million pounds. More importantly, most of their sales are still traditional offline models, and some of them have never even sold anything online. For this reason, Sproutl came into being.

Sproutl is not only an online gardening market, it is also a platform that provides inspiration and advice for a new generation of growers. It uncovers the mystery of gardening and enables new audiences who may have never planted anything before to reach out Go to gardening and have fun. At present, the platform will recommend different planting suggestions according to the user’s home address and seasonal changes, and there are also more unknown and interesting “blind flower boxes” options. 

Sproutl aims to provide consumers with barrier-free shopping, eliminate the pain of online sales for gardening suppliers, and integrate with their systems. Sproutl not only manages logistics, packaging procurement and delivery, but also manages online marketing and customer service. It enables local garden centers, shops and nurseries to develop their online businesses and reach new national audiences, generating incremental sales. 

Currently, the company’s gardening partners include Rosebourne, Polhill and Millbrook. Sproutl announced that it has been discussing with more partners and that more high-quality brands in the gardening direction will join the market in the coming months.

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