An article to understand the bull market dynamics of “Cryptocurrency”

There are three legends in the investment world:  

William Gann traded 286 wheat futures in one month in 1909 and made 264 profits, 80% of which were short orders, making him an investment power like no one before and no one in the future.

In 2007, Warren Buffett shorted PetroChina through Hong Kong stocks, making the A-share super IPO an eternal pain in the hearts of old stock investors, a set of 14 years.

George Soros, the world’s largest investment rogue in the 20th century, swept the British Empire and the entire Southeast Asia by shorting foreign exchange. Only in 1998 he returned home in Hong Kong, which had just returned to the embrace of the motherland.

Why do major investment crocodiles choose to short-selling to make huge profits? Because in the face of a rapidly falling market, most investors will feel extremely fearful, and fear is the best way to control a person’s thinking, and retail funds fled one after another Will give birth to a more rapid decline in the market.

All markets have several characteristics:

1. Falling is always faster than rising.

2. The big Yinxian always appears before the negative.

3. Investors without risk awareness tend to lose the most in falling markets.

Especially in the current hottest digital currency market, yes, the price of BTC has stood up again, making many people forget the frightening nights. The pain caused by the market that dropped by 30% or even cut in half in one night has been forgotten. Adhering to the concept that the blockchain is the greatest and most valuable invention of this century, and dreaming that BTC can reach 100,000 U.S. dollars and 200,000 U.S. dollars, I shouted in my heart, Bitcoin , give me a rush! Haha, it cannot be said that this type of investor is blind, the market is rising, everyone is happy and who doesn’t love it!

But in the capital market, faith alone is not enough. In fact, many investors know in their hearts that digital currency means that someone has made a big cake. After paying the entry fee, everyone wants to come in and share a piece. But the person who ate the crab first has quietly left the table. The bread under the butter is really a cake? Some people regard Musk as a god like Marx, and the old man who doesn’t even know the English alphabet has learned to watch Twitter and does not follow the most basic market characteristics to trade. It is really putting the cart before the horse!

Li Yansong is not an empty sect, but his 18-year investment career has taught me a truth. The rise is for the fall. After the bull market, there is a disaster and a feather. After making a profit, you can only be harvested if you lose your mind! If you don’t want to be harvested in the digital currency market, you must learn short-selling skills. We don’t have so much capital to hit the market, but we can find short-selling opportunities through some historical characteristics.

An article to understand the bull market dynamics of ``Cryptocurrency''

At the daily level, look for two adjacent low points on the RSI indicator (①② in the figure). After connecting the two points into a straight line, wait until the white line of the RSI indicator crosses the straight line to form an intersection ③, the corresponding price level , Is the best short position. (④⑤The determined intersection ⑥ is the same reason)

This is Li Yansong’s own “Trend Explosion Point” short-selling strategy! This is also the most successful case of Li Yansong leading all the students of the “Cangsong Lecture Hall” in 2021 in actual combat this year.

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On April 17, 2021, the short selling signal of “Trend Initiation Point” appeared (③ in the figure). All the trainees were short at 60,800 points, and the smallest 5 times leverage was selected. On April 23, all take profit at 48,000 points. . The profit exceeds 90%.

On May 10, 2021, the “trend initiation point” short signal appeared (⑥ in the figure). All the trainees went short again at 56,300, using the 5 times leverage with the least risk. On May 19, the market crash occurred at 35,000. Point take profit, the profit reached a terrifying 180%.

Some people may ask, can I get so many days for a contract? Whoever stipulates that the contract can only be taken for a few hours, with absolute confidence in the market judgment, let alone 7 days, 9 days, the contract list can be taken in a month, and the profit is absolutely beyond everyone’s imagination. In addition, most of Li Yansong’s short selling is based on the daily level. In this rapidly changing but highly continuous digital currency market, too small a cycle can only make us short a lot of market.

As China’s regulation of digital currency becomes more and more stringent, Chinese currency people can be said to survive in the cracks. Although the normal transactions of individuals have not yet risen to the legal level (the subject of the 9.24 document is the business level of the merchant), the transaction One after another withdraws from the Chinese market, our currency friends have less and less room for survival. It can be said that there is not much time left for our Chinese digital currency investors. It is estimated that hard and fast regulations for personal transactions will be issued before 3.15 next year. Moreover, as China is the main battlefield of digital currencies, as more and more exchanges withdraw from China, the trading volume of digital currencies will be further compressed. The more the trading volume shrinks, the opportunities for short selling will increase.

Therefore, stop holding various so-called decentralized cryptocurrencies for a long time under the guise of value investment. The digital currency bubble is already very serious. We are not program developers. Blockchain has nothing to do with our transactions. We have to figure out the rules of the capital market. The capital market is cruel. Those capitalists are hiding behind the gorgeous numbers and harvesting waves of leeks.

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