An article to learn how to use the NFT platform Zora to cast NFTs

Teach you how to use the NFT platform Zora to cast NFT.

Coin World-Learn how to use the NFT platform Zora to mint NFTs

Written by: William M. Peaster Source: Bankless

In terms of business, NFT trading platforms OpenSea and Rarible have realized their dreams, and these NFT platforms are undoubtedly just getting started.

However, in terms of casting, OpenSea and Rarible’s “shared” ERC1155 contract chose ease of use and accessibility at the expense of 100% irreplaceability (not in the case of 1/1).

Coin World-Learn how to use the NFT platform Zora to mint NFTs

Icon: Rarible’s shared contract option

Different tools are suitable for different occasions. In the NFT ecosystem, these types of sharing contracts certainly have their place. However, there are indeed many NFT enthusiasts who prefer the source and uniqueness guarantee of ERC721 tokens directly provided by their own creators.

In summary, this article will introduce Zora, an open source and decentralized protocol, which “extends the basic ERC721 NFT protocol so that the market can be directly owned by token creators.”

The following will introduce how to start casting your own ERC721 through Zora.

The Zora 101

Just as we call DeFi applications a currency Lego project, you can think of Zora as an encrypted media Lego project.

This is because Zora’s NFT minting and market protocol is open and permissionless, making it an “original protocol that can be combined and constructed,” as the project document points out.

Therefore, you can use Zora to directly cast and manage your own NFT storefront, and builders can create more encrypted media infrastructure on or around it at any time.

How to cast an NFT on Zora

First make sure you have a supported wallet type, such as MetaMask, WalletConnect or Coinbase Wallet.

Prepare some ETH in this wallet to cover your minting cost.

Navigate to and click “Login” in the upper right corner of the page (Note: If this is your first login, this may read as “Connect Wallet”).

Coin World-Learn how to use the NFT platform Zora to mint NFTs

In the “Connect Wallet” prompt that appears, select your wallet option. Your wallet will prompt you to sign the request. Press “Login” to log in with your wallet.

After logging in, you should see a “Create” button in the upper right corner of the page. Click this button, it will jump to this coin interface:

Coin World-Learn how to use the NFT platform Zora to mint NFTs

Upload the files you need via the upload dashboard. When you are ready to continue, press “Continue”.

You will enter detailed information about your NFT on the information page that follows. Check everything over and over, because if anything goes wrong, you have to burn or destroy the NFT and then completely redo it.

On the next page, you will be asked to set the royalty percentage. This is the return you will get when your NFT is sold on the secondary market. Suppose you set the royalty to 10%, and then one day your work will be resold for 1 ETH. Your wallet will automatically receive 0.1 ETH as royalties. Next, enter the amount of royalties you want and press “Continue”.

Coin World-Learn how to use the NFT platform Zora to mint NFTs

Later, you will be asked to “finalize and publish” the work.

Coin World-Learn how to use the NFT platform Zora to mint NFTs

upload completed. Now your wallet will prompt you to complete the minting transaction. When I checked last time, the cost of minting was about 0.023 ETH. Later, you can consider this price when uploading your NFT, so that you can pay the casting fee as needed. Finally, press “Confirm” to complete coinage.

After the transaction is completed, your NFT will be created and displayed on your Zora profile page soon.

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