An article about Mintbase, the economic platform for NFT creators: $0.01 cast NFT, available across ethereum

The current NFT minting platform is the Amazon model, while the creator economy, the creator-driven model, allows creators to build their own brand stores

.01 cast NFT, available across ethereum"/>.01 cast NFT, available across ethereum"/>

Mintbase is a NEAR-based NFT platform that doesn’t get a lot of exposure, but wonderfully enough, the project can be found in many previous research reports.

The progress of this project was not officially launched until last week. The team behind the project is based in the art capital of Lisbon, Portugal, and interestingly, the founder, Nate Geier, is a former firefighter who became a self-taught programmer during the financial crisis in 2008.

After the platform went live, a Twitter user said after experiencing it that its features basically beat any other platform he had tried. audioNFTs are an exciting frontier. audio NFTs are NFTs that fuse audio clips with underlying images or video to achieve a multi-dimensional presentation that can help music and video creators expand a new revenue stream.

Low casting fees make it possible to manufacture NFT in bulk
Ether is really too expensive, in addition to the congestion of Ether also limits the development of NFT, so in the NFT market we see many many projects simply come out to make their own public chain or choose other public chains to build applications.

Mintbase chose NEAR, also known as the last generation public chain, which released a new cross-chain tool called Rainbow Bridge last year, very purposely used to connect Ether and NEAR network. So the Mintbase platform goes live to support both the NEAR test network and Ether, and any wallet that supports NFT (ERC-721) can be used on Mintbase.

Moreover, after creating tokens on Mintbase using the Minting tool, you can also mention platforms like OpenSea to trade them or choose to trade them on Mintbase. This is dictated by the new standard NEP-171 developed by Mintbase and NEAR, where NFT royalties are embedded within the pass-through and creators can earn royalties through multiple different platforms.

Mintbase and NEAR have jointly defined a new pass-through standard, NEP-171, under which NFT royalties are embedded within the pass-through and creators can earn royalties across multiple platforms. Mintbase only charges a 2% fee to develop and run its traditional infrastructure, and no fee if assets are transferred to other platforms for trading.

Mintbase’s entire current UI is driven by TheGraph on IPFS, so Mintbase supports a developer API, meaning that operations that can be done by people in Mintbase can also be done automatically with code as long as the program is deployed …… This brings us back to the “fear” of being ruled by scientists in the DeFi world doesn’t it?

The platform aims to lower the barrier for players to participate in NFT, for example, a ticket minted on Ether with NFT can cost $60-$100, while on Naer it costs less than $0.01.

A creator economy?
Mintbase tweeted that it hopes to drive the creator economy to a new level, allowing creators to enjoy perpetual royalties, revenue sharing and affordable minting fees.

A creator economy? The current NFT minting platform is the Amazon model, while the creator economy is a creator-driven model that allows creators to build their own branded stores (that’s Taobao, right?).

Mintbase’s display board announces the current presence and indeed the emphasis on “stores”. There are currently over 1,000 stores on board, over 40,000 tokens minted, and a cumulative total of over 2,000 NFTs sold, while the total number of Mintbase users is around 15,000.

Mintbase can be sold on the display of a variety of things, can be digital art, can be a musical composition, can also be tickets, etc., almost except for money, can be up for sale, and allows anyone (merchants, authors, agents, and even other creators, etc.) can be sold on a piece of NFT works and royalties (royalties) for a one-time share, the number of people involved in the share of up to 40 people – this mechanism is still unclear, because its auction function is not yet online, we can wait and see.

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