American Chinese company was hacked: demanded 300,000 U.S. dollars in Bitcoin

China Overseas Chinese Network, October 24. According to the US “World Journal” report, several Chinese companies in the San Gabriel Valley in Southern California have been hacked in succession recently, rendering their business computers unusable. Hackers ask for Bitcoin , and some even offer a price of 300,000 US dollars to unlock it. This can be even worse for companies that have just recovered slowly from the epidemic.

American Chinese company was hacked: demanded 300,000 U.S. dollars in Bitcoin

In a Chinese company in San Gabriel, recently employees were unable to open their computers, and all shared data files were encrypted and could not be opened. The owner of the company, Mr. Lin, said that the computer page showed that all documents were encrypted “All You Files Have Been Encrypted.” There are also two email addresses and ID numbers on the page, indicating that if you want to unlock the document, you must reply within 24 hours, and you need to pay Bitcoin as a ransom. The amount depends on the length of their response time.

Mr. Lin said that they are in the travel-related industry, and their business was bleak last year, and they encountered hackers only when they started operations in the second half of this year. Before the epidemic, the company would regularly update its system and maintain it during normal operations. Last year, because the epidemic did not escalate, hackers were given an opportunity. They wanted to call the police, but they felt that the police might not be able to help either. Later, it was found that the company had backups before 2019, and the files locked by the hackers were only information for the first half of the year. Rather than paying unscrupulous hackers, it is better to pay employees overtime and manually re-enter the data for the first half of this year into computers.

However, another small company with more than ten Chinese people in the retail industry, after the computer was locked, hackers demanded Bitcoin, which was equivalent to US$300,000 in cash. The boss of the company said that small businesses have no extra money to ask for maintenance or separate backups, and the company’s transaction data is captured by the other party and destroyed without payment. But the amount of money is huge, they really can’t afford it, they can only report to the police, and the police are still investigating.

Coincidentally, another Chinese company in San Gabriel was also blackmailed by hackers for US$100,000. The owner jumped anxiously. He said that if he knew it, he would make more backups, even if it was written by hand, so as not to be blackmailed by hackers now. It is not easy for small businesses to do business. Hackers get nothing for nothing. What is the difference between them and gangsters.

The US Department of Homeland Security (Homeland Security) website publishes many reports and recommendations for corporate network security, including guidelines and frameworks for protecting critical networks. Every company should take simple and free steps to inform employees of safe online practices. This includes restricting access to personal information of employees and customers to prevent identity theft. The second is to be wary of proactive contacts from seeking internal organization data or personal information. Report any suspicious data or security breaches to the competent and/or authority. (Zhang Hong)

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