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Amazon, the first brother of international e-commerce and cloud computing services. When many international well-known technology companies such as Meta, Apple, Microsoft and Google have announced the layout of Metaverse-related businesses, it seems that Amazon has not done much. In fact, Amazon has begun to deploy Metaverse-related businesses, including launching related services such as Metaverse cloud computing, investing in NFT startups, and more. Amazon even believes that the Metaverse is inseparable from cloud computing, and will start from its own business in the future to enter the Metaverse.

About Amazon, Inc. is a multinational e-commerce company headquartered in Seattle, USA. It is currently one of the world’s largest Internet online retailers, and it is also on the list of the 500 companies selected by the US “Fortune” magazine in 2022. 2nd in .

Amazon has retail sites in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, China, Singapore, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Japan, India, Mexico, Australia and the Netherlands, and some of its products are also shipped internationally. Logistics are sold to other countries.

In February 2020, Amazon’s market value officially reached $1 trillion, second only to Apple, Microsoft, and Alphabet’s Google, and it was the fourth U.S. listed company with a market value of over $1 trillion.

Amazon Web Services (Amazon Web Services, AWS, Amazon Cloud), a cloud computing platform created by Amazon, provides individuals, enterprises and governments with a series of services including information technology infrastructure and applications, such as storage, database, computing , machine learning, and more. Most of the services provided by AWS use a pay-as-you-go charging model, where users are charged according to the level and duration of resource usage. Therefore, users can shut down and delete unused AWS service resources to save money, or add new resources quickly when user requests suddenly increase, avoiding paying for peak system load during normal times.

AWS currently provides more than 175 service products, of which Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, Amazon CloudFront, etc. are the most used services.

The Amazon that conquers the Metaverse from its own business

Compared with giants such as Microsoft and Meta, Amazon’s attitude towards the Metaverse is relatively tepid. This is because Amazon’s main business is in e-commerce and cloud computing AWS. Meta, because of the overall bottleneck in the social field, needs to find the next growth point, so it has great expectations for the Metaverse. Amazon doesn’t have the anxiety of competing for entry to the bottom like Meta.

However, because the technology circle as a whole is blowing the tide of the Metaverse, it is obvious that Amazon is not willing to miss this huge opportunity. So Amazon is also trying to find some business opportunities in the Metaverse. From the perspective of the specific implementation path, Amazon is more focused on exploring the business opportunities of the Metaverse based on its existing business and resources.

Today, e-commerce and retail in Amazon’s business account for the vast majority of revenue; although cloud computing business accounts for a small proportion of revenue, it contributes half of its profits. At present, Amazon’s exploration of the Metaverse is basically an extension of these two major businesses.

Amazon is actively using AR/VR technology to upgrade the retail space, taking the first step in exploring the Metaverse. In August 2020, Amazon launched an AR shopping tool called Room Decorator. Allows users to visualize furniture and other home decorations in their personal space. Users of the Amazon platform can preview the decoration effect in advance before purchasing home decoration.

In addition to the retail field, Amazon has also actively used its advantages in cloud computing to launch a series of cloud service products related to the Metaverse. For example, in the industrial sector, Amazon has launched Amazon IoT TwinMaker. Developers can connect Amazon IoT TwinMaker to data sources such as device sensors, video feeds, and business applications to quickly start building digital twins of equipment, devices, and processes in the cloud. After all, a very important application in the Metaverse is the digital twin.Once the digital twin is created, developers can use the associated plugins to create web-based applications.Factory operators and maintenance engineers can then directly invoke this cloud-based digital twin on their repair equipment.

Amazon’s Metaverse business scenario includes providing related basic services for game platforms. Game platforms need to continuously launch different types of mini-games to enrich the world of the Metaverse. In addition, game platforms also need to provide collaborative development tools and code editing tools for players and developers.

For this reason, Amazon has launched Amazon Lumberyard, an open source, free, and highly scalable 3A-level game engine, which makes it easier for customers to build a developer ecosystem to generate UGC content. There are also examples on Amazon’s official website, such as Epic Games deploying Unreal Engine in the cloud to realize cloud games.

In the Metaverse, the ability to introduce artificial intelligence into the interaction of NPCs with players would greatly increase the player’s immersion. In addition, AI-based content auditing is also particularly important for massive UGC content. Some companies will arrange a security audit team of thousands of people to audit all content on the platform. There are also specific artificial intelligence services on the Amazon cloud (Amazon Rekognition, which realizes the content moderation of pictures and videos to detect unsafe content at a very low cost) to help companies review content.

In order for Metaverse players to have the most realistic experience possible, rendering the virtual world in real time using technologies such as AR/VR is essential. Using Amazon Sumerian, customers can quickly build AR/VR scenes in minutes based on a browser, and the Sumerian editor provides ready-made scene templates and intuitive drag-and-drop tools, enabling content creators, designers, and developers alike Build interactive scenes. Developers with existing HTML, CSS and JavaScript expertise can also write custom scripts to support more complex interactions.

Internationally renowned game makers such as Ubisoft, CAPCOM and Epic Games are now using Amazon’s Metaverse cloud service.

Metaverse is inseparable from cloud computing

On November 30, 2021, the 2021 Amazon Cloud Technology re:Invent global conference will be held. At the conference, Amazon Cloud Technology not only launched many new services and functions, but also announced a series of cooperation, including Meta’s announcement of deepening cooperation with Amazon Cloud Technology, and using Amazon Cloud as its strategic cloud service provider, etc.

Amazon Cloud Technology said that Meta will use Amazon Cloud’s reliable infrastructure and comprehensive capabilities to supplement its existing on-premises infrastructure, and will use more of Amazon Cloud’s computing, storage, database and security services to gain cloud-based capabilities. Good privacy protection, reliability and scalability. In addition, Meta will use the Amazon cloud to accelerate the research and development of its artificial intelligence projects.

Zhang Wenyi, Amazon’s global vice president, said that the Metaverse is an area where cloud computing can empower a lot. What the Metaverse itself needs is computing, storage, machine learning, etc., all of which are inseparable from cloud computing. For example, the internationally renowned game manufacturer Epic Games has developed the Metaverse game Fortnite. Currently, Fortnite has 350 million users worldwide, and almost all of Fortnite’s workloads run on Amazon’s cloud.

Gu Fan, general manager of Amazon Cloud Technology Greater China Product Department, said that the Metaverse incorporates a large number of well-known technologies, and behind these technologies is cloud computing. Whether modeling in the digital world or interacting with it, it is inseparable from the support of machine learning. The world of the Metaverse will inevitably generate a huge amount of data, which cannot be separated from the underlying platform, and cloud computing must be the best platform.

Invest in NFT startups

In October 2021, Amazon was reported to have participated in Dibbs’ up to $16 million Series A round.Investors in this round of financing also include well-known NBA stars Chris Paul and Kevin Love.

Dibbs is an NFT trading platform that allows users to create and trade NFTs on the platform, similar to the Opensea platform. Dibbs was established in 2020 with the main goal of lowering the high barriers to entry for the general public to enter traditional sports collectibles (NFTs). At present, the main business content of Dibbs is to fragment the athlete card NFT and provide a simple, convenient and price-transparent trading platform for the public to use. During the transaction process, Dibbs will charge a fixed fee of 2.9% for each transaction.

The services of the Dibbs platform are built on the Wax blockchain. Wax Blockchain focuses on developing games and NFT projects.

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