Amazon: The essence of the Metaverse is still cloud computing

Recently, the 2021 Yamaha Cloud Technology re: Invent Global Conference was held, which coincides with the tenth anniversary of re: Invent. At this conference, Amazon Cloud Technology released several new services and functions covering computing, Internet of Things, 5G, serverless data analysis, mainframe migration, and machine learning.

These services and functions include the release of computing instances based on a new generation of self-developed chip Amazon Graviton3, Amazon Mainframe Modernization to help large-scale customers migrate to the cloud, Amazon Private 5G to help companies build mobile private networks, and four Amazon cloud technology analysis service suites Serverless and on-demand options and cloud services and solutions built for vertical industries.

In addition, Amazon Cloud Technology also announced a series of cooperation, such as the Nasdaq trading market will be migrated to Amazon Cloud Technology in 2022; Goldman Sachs Financial and Amazon Cloud Technology Commission financial services organization to create a new data management and analysis solution. Not only that, but Meta Universe Enterprise Meta also stated that it has chosen Amazon Cloud Technology as a long-term strategic cloud service provider.

Is cloud computing still in its early days?

Adam Selipsky, the new CEO of Amazon Cloud Technology, made his first appearance at the re: Invent global conference and delivered a two-hour keynote speech.

In his speech, Adam Selipsky first reviewed the N wonderful milestones of Amazon Cloud Technology leading the history of cloud computing innovation. In the past fifteen years, cloud computing has gone from being questioned to becoming a new generation of IT standards and has evolved into innovations and revolutions affecting the entire ICT industry.

However, Adam believes that cloud computing is still at a very early stage. He quoted analysts’ estimates that currently cloud spending only accounts for 5% to 15% of total IT spending. In the future, a large number of workloads will be migrated to the cloud, and a large number of innovations will be carried out on the cloud. The cloud industry has a huge prospect.

Adam Selipsky cited early Amazon cloud technology’s well-known customers such as Netflix, NASA, NTT DOCOMO, and praised these cloud pioneer customers as pathfinders.

During the conference, Amazon Cloud Technology also released a series of new services and functions. For example, three new Amazon EC2s supported by self-developed chips; the launch of a new service Amazon Mainframe Modernization, which can shorten the time to migrate core mainframe workloads to the cloud by 2/3; the newly launched Amazon Private 5G, which allows enterprises to easily deploy And expand 5G private network, configure on-demand.

In addition, the Amazon Cloud Technology Analysis Service Suite has newly introduced three serverless options and an on-demand option, as well as Amazon SageMaker Canvas, which allows business personnel and data analysts to use a visual point-and-click interface to generate highly accurate machine learning. Forecast, no need to write program code, and so on.

Amazon Cloud Technology also provides solutions for vertical fields, covering fields from healthcare to financial services, manufacturing, automobiles, and so on. For example, financial cloud for financial institutions; Amazon IoT FleetWise, which solves the problems of data collection, management, and cloud access for automakers, and digital twins that allow developers to create real-world digital twins, such as buildings, factories, industrial equipment, and production lines more easily and quickly Amazon IoT TwinMaker service.

“Meta universe cannot do without cloud computing”

During the 2021 Yamaha Cloud Technology re: Invent global conference, Amazon Cloud Technology not only launched many new services and functions but also announced a series of cooperation, including Meta Universe company Meta announced the deepening of cooperation with Amazon Cloud Technology, Amazon Cloud Technology as Its strategic cloud service provider.

According to reports, Meta uses Amazon Cloud Technology’s reliable infrastructure and comprehensive functions to supplement its existing local infrastructure and will use more Amazon Cloud Technology’s computing, storage, database, and security services to obtain better privacy in the cloud. Protection, reliability, and scalability.

Meta will run third-party cooperative applications on Amazon Cloud Technology and use cloud services to support the companies it has acquired that are already using Amazon Cloud Technology.

Meta will also use the computing services of Amazon Cloud Technology to accelerate the research and development of the artificial intelligence project of the Meta AI department. In addition, Amazon Cloud Technology and Meta will also cooperate to help customers improve the performance of the deep learning computing framework PyTorch running on Amazon Cloud Technology, and help developers accelerate the construction, training, deployment, and operation of artificial intelligence and machine learning models.

As we all know, the original name of Meta is Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg hopes to transform Facebook from a social media network into a “metaverse company” in the next 5 years, even changing the name to “Meta” (Metaverse). This move pushed the already popular meta-universe concept to the pinnacle, causing a break in the circle.

For the current hot meta-universe, Zhang Wenyi, Amazon’s global vice president and executive director of Amazon Cloud Technology Greater China, believes that this is an area where cloud computing can be empowered in a large amount. She said: “We think Metaverse must be a field where cloud computing can be massively empowered. What Metaverse itself needs is computing, storage, machine learning, etc., which are inseparable from cloud computing. For example, Epic Games is a development of metaverse games. The Fortnite (Fortnite) company has 350 million users worldwide, and almost all of its workloads are run on Amazon Cloud Technology.”

Gu Fan, General Manager of Amazon Cloud Technology Greater China Product Department, sees the fiery meta-universe concept in this way: “Meta-universe incorporates a large number of well-known technologies, and behind these technologies is cloud computing. Whether it is modeling in the digital world, Or interacting with it, is inseparable from the support behind machine learning. At the same time, the world of the meta-universe will inevitably generate a huge amount of data, and these data are inseparable from the underlying platform, and the cloud must be the best platform .”

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