Alternatives: Another Possibility for the Metaverse

In the blink of an eye, it was the year before, and the epidemic in Vancouver began to get serious. In order to prevent possible infection, I let my mother live downstairs, eat and live separately from the children.

Human society has never been more segregated at home on a global scale than it is today. I did a thought experiment, what would happen to the world if the virus continued to evolve and the isolation of human beings was carried out on an individual basis.

Replacing people is an interesting idea that combines feasibility and cost advantages. I have hardly read science fiction, so I was able to build a logical framework for a society that replaces people like a child who doesn’t know it’s stupid.

Looking at this idea again today, it seems to be another possibility for the recently popular “metaverse” concept:

Use androids to map real people in real time.

The philosophical and ethical issues of replacing human beings are more subtle than those of AI, cyberhumans, and consciousness uploading. In a sense, everyone today has a smartphone, which has actually locked themselves in a box.

The following is slightly changed, if you have read it, you don’t need to scroll down.

The soul cannot be replaced,

Life and death can be.


If you recall in the future, the part about me, I hope, starts here.

It was the eve of our first meeting, in an underground casino, and people will still talk about it years later.

The legendary protagonist defeated all opponents with his courage and wisdom. People say he’s as cool as an old, homeless cowboy who walks into a bar alone without the slightest bit of cowardice.

That’s not the case, I was sitting at the “parallel universe roulette”, scared to death.

This is a variation of the prehistoric game “Russian Roulette”, where prehistoric people put a bullet in a revolver, and six people took turns pulling the trigger on their heads until someone was shot and the rest split his money.

“Parallel Universe Roulette” mixes physical and virtual worlds of play and wagering, with players using a network-controlled silver needle. These needles are so sharp that they can easily pierce the palm of a person and are called “silver bullets”.

The original players did not play the game with “realistic wagers”. Everyone will bet on virtual items, or directly bet on alliance coins, and use the game program to simulate a revolver.

Later, a young kid peeked at a banned film called “The Deer Hunter” and quietly designed a real “silver bullet” that imitated the real bullet in a revolver.

Underground gamblers have discovered that once randomness is connected to reality, a completely different physiological response occurs, with sweaty palms, raised hairs, and tremors.

No matter how powerful virtual games are, this feeling cannot be replaced.

Obviously, in a world where randomness is recycled, this is illegal.

The Global Alliance encourages games, but opposes “true randomness” games, especially “realistic randomness games.”

Every player in “Parallel Universe Roulette” can add money on the way, and if your bet is not called, they will leave the money on the table and leave.

This is a game where you can bluff.

Younger kids will bet on their latest gaming glove, sometimes specifically asking for a limited edition. People place bets online, pull the trigger, and the unlucky guy will see his favorite toy physically punctured by a “silver bullet.”

Sometimes the guys who go overboard will actually put their finger on it until someone gets bloody.

Why risk the physical body when a game that can be completed virtually can be played? The logic is the same as those of the prehistoric extreme sports guys.

That night was all-or-nothing for me. When hope, fear, and despair come together, it often becomes an unforgettable moment in your memory, and all three are indispensable.

The next day, your spaceship will take off. The ticket price is still 30 million yuan. I have no more options.

That night, I picked a roulette wheel with more beginners.

After several rounds of betting, there were more chips on the table than I wanted.

When it was my turn to bet, I had used up all my chips.

“Hey, what else are you going to bet on? Fingers?” asked a boy with gauze wrapped around his left hand.

The crowd laughed together.

I said, “Eyes.”

The nine people were stunned.

No one ever puts his eyes on him.

I rotated the direction of the “silver bullet” and aimed it at my right eye. I have a 1 in 10 chance of being one-eyed.

I’m left-handed, and if I can only have one eye, it’d be the left eye.

Next, I turned the roulette wheel in the game.

In fact, 90% is a very high win rate.

In prehistoric days, there were not many things people encountered in their lives that were 90% certain.

The point is the bet, a bet with an unbearably large loss that can scare off opponents.

Even if I am desperate, I will not go against the law of large numbers. If I use the regular routine, even if I play all night, it is very difficult for me to make any money.

I can only use bluffs.

The roulette wheel slowly stopped, and the “silver bullet” in front of my eyes clattered–

It’s an empty bomb.

The kid behind me didn’t follow, and neither did the guy behind me.

I was so lucky that there was only one lunatic at the table.

I took the entire stack at the table, just over 30 million.

Beneath cowardice is courage, and there is opportunity when there is uncertainty.


After that night, it will be the best day of my life.

We will “really meet” for the first and last time.

It seems unfair to say that for our 18 years together.

From your birth to your adulthood, we have been together almost all the time, and I am closer to you than your parents are.

Although some people are slightly skeptical of the “replacement plan”, people have fully adapted to this new world.

From doctors to psychologists, and even philosophers, the New World is indistinguishable from the prehistory.

Whether psychologically, physically, or even spiritually.

Indeed, when I took you (albeit your surrogate) from your mother’s (actually her surrogate) arms, the baby was almost 100% real, soft, and hot, as if it could melt everything .

However, no matter how perfect the “substitute world” is, some people are destined to flee.

You have been different since you were born, and I know this day will come sooner or later.

You told me that you would leave at the age of 18.

“I will leave quietly. The three substitutes in the box of you, father and mother who are exactly the same as me will continue to be with you, and you will not notice it at all. In this way, I will not feel too guilty.” You Seriously speak to me.

Despite the fact that you speak to me through the “you” that is mapped in my box.

Seeing the words and meeting, not to mention that the replacement who is exactly like you is too realistic, even more realistic than what I saw in the mirror.

I said: On the day you come of age, whatever you want, I will give you the same gift. I just beg you, never leave silently.

Sometimes, looking at you, it feels like you might be a kid who will never grow up.

Sometimes, you are like a snapshot of time, 18 years have gone by in a flash.

Today, the time has come.

I put on a pair of running shoes without chips, put on a pure mechanical watch from the black market, and set the time.

I opened the window on the south side of the living room, to be precise, smashed the monitor that displayed the 30-year-old jujube tree in a false way. The urgent alarm sounded immediately.

Here’s the first step: I dash out of the box.

In the second step, I will pick you up in Houston.

In the third step, we flew to the Gulf of Mexico to catch the last rockets of the night.

The plan is not complicated, the biggest problem is: hack the alarm system of the box you live in, and then connect you.

One box, one life, this is the first design principle of the box.

As soon as you leave your box, the system senses quickly and we will be apprehended by robotic security.


The box is a genius idea.

In 2050, 20 years have passed since the full implementation of the “Global Individual Isolation Plan”.

Twenty-three years ago, Gates, CEO of the Global Alliance, firmly believed that humanity could not defend itself against a sixth wave of the virus. He thinks the only way is:

Upgrade the quarantine plan to have everyone individually enclosed in a nanoscale clean space.

After 13 years of arduous struggle, the home-based quarantine program has completely failed, and the rapidly evolving virus has become as ubiquitous in the air as pollen.

After trying to temporarily block the fifth attack of the virus with technologies such as quantum computing and genetic recombination, the Global Alliance launched the Last Fortress Project:

Isolate everyone in the world individually.

Production and living materials are no longer a problem. Quantum computing has accelerated the advent of the singularity, and AI has surpassed humans in most fields.

It is technically possible to let everyone live alone in a box.

Human society replaces itself with intelligent robots, and humans hide in almost dust-free boxes. Robots produce all kinds of plentiful supplies, food, toys, coffee, tissues…then deliver to boxes, renew batteries, and remove rubbish.

The “Global Individual Isolation Program” is by no means a cruel one-person prison. Because of one of the most important and extremely clever inventions – “substitute people”, the world has become a better place.

In fact, after years of isolation, humans have become accustomed to living in the family unit.

From home isolation to individual isolation, the biggest challenge is the separation of family members.

The AI ​​Lab of the Earth Alliance has developed a robot that replaces the fake with the real, and can establish a mapping relationship with the real person.

For example, a family of four, parents, siblings, each is isolated in a separate space, and then equipped with three other “family” substitutes.

In the case of a father, the Global Alliance has prepared for him a surrogate wife, a surrogate daughter, and a surrogate son.

And his real wife, in another separate isolation space, has a surrogate husband, a surrogate daughter, and a surrogate son.

There are four separate spaces in the family, and each box has a real person and three substitutes.

Instead of simply simulating a real person, the replacement robot completely establishes a real-time “mapping” with the real person.

Therefore, in the four different isolation spaces, the exact same things are happening. Whether theoretically or empirically, parents, sisters and brothers are almost living together.

At the same time, the transmission of the virus from person to person is completely blocked.

Before people understood the mysteries of time and space, the surrogate was a genius idea:

Along the same time axis, the same space is divided into several pieces, and then integrated into the same story axis through the mapping relationship.

It’s seamless and at a very low cost.

According to a survey by a research institute composed of real people and super AI, human happiness has increased instead.

One reason is that there is a second or so of “chaos tuners” between the mapping of the real person and the surrogate person to buffer the uncertainty that might arise. For example, occasional emotional out-of-control and quarrel between family members.

Since everything about humanity happens in a separate box, superintelligence has taken over human affairs in a safe and orderly manner. War, crime, greed, and filth all seem to disappear overnight.

The Global Alliance has therefore made a decision: Humanity no longer needs randomness.

In a world of extreme stability and beauty, the possible randomness of people, and the desires that arise from them, can destroy those unbreakable boxes of individual isolation.

The Global Alliance Committee believes that only by establishing a new ethical system can human beings survive this most urgent life subversion in history.

After a complete revolution in civilization, randomness, as a concept, was eliminated.

The randomness required by technological progress can be simulated by super AI, and human trial and error in the jungle age is no longer needed.

The Global Alliance recycles most of the unnecessary randomness.

What followed was an enlightenment movement to “eliminate uncertainty”, where people proudly claimed to have removed randomness, unpleasant things like car accidents, lightning strikes, and unpleasant things like someone else winning the jackpot, all became history.

Individuals live in deterministic boxes, and harmless “pseudo-randomness” is only allowed in virtual games.

2040 is the new year of mankind.

Previously, it was classified as a prehistoric civilization.


In the whole escape plan, the most exciting part for me will happen in the second step.

Then I’ll be on the “roof” of your box and pull you out.

Maybe only 3 seconds before and after. Never in my long life have I looked forward to such a brief moment.

Do you remember the night we watched the stars together on the roof?

That night, the Milky Way was like a lantern with unstable voltage on a Christmas tree, flickering on and off, as if a life was breathing in the boundless darkness.

I hummed “Lucy in the Diamond Sky”.

You heard me tell the story of the Australopithecus “Lucy” and asked:

“Grandpa, why did Homo sapiens eat up the Neanderthals in the end?”

I said, “Neanderthals just went extinct.”

You shake your head: “No, it must have been eaten. It’s easy for people to use other species as food.”

You, a boy who has been different from others since childhood, will always have his own ideas.

I said, “Because of faith, common faith, that brings and connects humanity together.”

You ask: “Did Neanderthals have no faith?”

I replied, “Yes. But they don’t tell stories.”

You put your legs up and put your hands behind your neck and say, “Maybe this explanation is part of the story.”

I asked, “Then what do you think is the reason?”

You say: “There’s a book that says the Neanderthals died out because their eyes were too big and they needed too much brain space to process visual information, which put them at an evolutionary disadvantage. But I think the reason is only One……”

You paused, leaned over to look at me, and said:

“Because Homo sapiens are more cruel.”

I don’t know if the boy who just came of age in front of me is saying this because of his rebellious adolescence or something else. It’s not the same as what the school teaches, and it’s not the same as what I’m trying to influence you.

I sat up and said to you, “I want to tell you a story.”

“The story takes place in ancient times. The protagonists are two extremely intelligent human beings, one is called Keynes and the other is called Hayek. They are both economists. By the way, economists are an extinct ancient profession. You can Think of them as philosophers, or the greatest masters in the game you play.”

You turn your head to the side.

“It was 1942 and there was a terrible war going on in the world. The good guys bombed the old city of the bad guys, and the bad guys bombed the old city of the good guys. One of them was King’s College, Cambridge.

Bad guys’ bombers aim at ancient buildings and drop incendiary bombs, turning those gorgeous Gothic churches into a sea of ​​fire. Fortunately, incendiary bombs sometimes don’t explode right away, so they can be thrown over walls to minimize damage.

So, the professors and students of King’s College took turns patrolling the roof of the church, using shovels as weapons, looking up to the sky, waiting for the bad guys’ bombers to come.

Among them, there are Keynes and Hayek, the two most valuable minds of all mankind. Keynes was nearly 60 at the time, and Hayek was 41. They had shovels in hand, ready to charge when the Molotov cocktails landed on the roof. “

You are very interested in this story, and you sit up and say:

“But there will be no such stupid designs in the game, the best masters will only appear at the last minute, and will not risk their lives for ancient buildings that only have symbolic value. And virtual technology can restore any ancient building of all ages. “

I look at you and say, “There will always be someone willing to sacrifice for someone else. That’s probably why Homo sapiens have survived.”

You stared at me and said seriously: “I don’t want you to sacrifice for me, otherwise I’d rather be in this box for the rest of my life.”

You ask again, “Is the story you tell true?”

I said: “Humans not only tell stories, but also create these stories themselves. Those two Masters really once stood on the ancient roof, trying to defend the values ​​they care about with their lives. They are real, living lives. Not the kind that can be repeated in the game.”

You look at me and say, “So, what is a real roof?”

I turned off the galaxy simulation and the white ceiling and crystal lights in the family room were back.

We’re not really on the roof. The whole house is surrounded by screens, they can simulate any scene vividly, starry sky, grass, forest, lake, sea, street, school, back alley, zoo…

But more often, the display simulates the house itself.


We will meet on a real “roof”, even if you and I have no time to look up at the stars at that moment.

Few children ask “what is a real roof”, just as few children care what the real starry sky looks like.

They were born in an omnipotent box where they could get all the necessary supplies with certainty, including being with their closest family members.

To be exact, it is a substitute for the family. However, if the child is born in such a world, they will not be surprised at all.

Instead, ask “what is a real roof” like you do, which is weird.

Children’s world is different from ours. To me, everything seems to be happening slowly.

Like when you watch the video of the tsunami in Japan, the waves don’t seem to be that high and the speed is not that fast, everything seems to be in slow motion, vehicles seem to have a chance to run down the road, and pedestrians seem to have time to climb to the building high.

But this is not the case. The slow waves washed ashore, quietly engulfing everything like a boa constrictor, and people, cars, and houses disappeared into the small waves without a sound.

The global individual isolation plan is as slow and decisive as the tsunami.

At first, a Nordic country began to implement “vertical isolation”, under the age of 40 can work and live freely, semi-isolation between the age of 40 and 60, and full isolation for those over 60.

The box is designed for the elderly.

Previously, during the long years of home isolation, people were accustomed to living in a family unit. For safety, the elderly usually live in the basement, as far as possible away from children. Even if they live together, they rarely meet each other.

The surrogate is a great invention, the old man who is alone in the box can finally play with his grandkids, eat with his family and watch TV. Although not a real person, thanks to technology, everything is so real, and it seems to be better than real.

The last technical difficulty is the eye contact between the real person and the substitute person. Theoretically speaking, as long as it can 100% replicate the eyeballs of real people to replace human eyeballs, it can be achieved.

However, the eyes seem to be the shadow of “consciousness”. The real person can always read something from the real eyes, but the substitute person cannot. Later, an experimenter who worked as a photographer in prehistoric suggested that the lumens of the projector that replaced the simulated luster in the human eyeballs were increased, and the value reached nearly twice the real value of the luster of the real eyeballs, and it was barely passed the test.

Replacing the real-time and precise mapping relationship between humans and real people, combining the advantages of technology, human nature and commercial costs, companies developing robots have more room for manoeuvre in the design of artificial intelligence.

Previously, no matter how smart the robot was designed, or how powerful the intelligent model was, it just couldn’t be like a real person.

Humans are very self-deceiving animals. When the substitutes around you look exactly like your relatives, behave in the same way, and speak the same way, you will gradually feel that you are with them.

Few people doubted that a real person, mirrored by a replicant, was no longer “himself”. If so, a real person can map several replicas at the same time. If these replicas communicate with different opposite sexes, how to understand the uniqueness of self-consciousness?

The objector said that, first of all, the mapping is technically a complete copy of a person’s state, so it is impossible for several replicators to communicate with different people of the opposite sex in different words and deeds.

However, if there is an idea, there will be an implementer. There is an underground hacking company that provides “non-instant” mapping services for some people with split personality.

For example, there is a playboy who uses three different replicas in three time zones to associate with women in three countries. He uses the time difference, as well as his strong energy, to successfully achieve body and soul with the help of an underground hacking company. split.

The vast majority accepted (or got used to) the “substitute program.”

We usually say that the time and space of this world are unique, and the “Replacement Project” seems to be splitting the space along the same time line, but in the end, the story lines of each space still overlap.

What a perfect idea!

The isolation of households actually reduces the cost of space splitting. For example, if you want to break up a school, it’s too hard. If a school has n people, it needs n spaces, and each person needs (n-1) replicas.

Some theories are more perfect and mathematical expressions are more precise, such as “parallel universes”, but the “cost” is too high.

Moreover, the family is the basic unit of a person’s existence in this world. During the long years of home isolation, people on earth have long been accustomed to doing everything at home.

With the continuous evolution of the virus, “individual isolation”, which is more intense than “home isolation”, is imperative. The replacement plan, which is gradually promoted, is so gentle that you can’t feel it.

Like a calm tsunami, it started from a small corner and eventually covered the entire land.

Most people even forget that their real relatives are living alone in another faraway box.

When your generation came into the world, the boxes for individual isolation were already a factory setting.

You were born in a box, never stepped out of the box, and may be in this box all your life.


In the third step of the plan, we flew to the Gulf of Mexico to catch the last smuggling rockets tonight.

Every year, more than a thousand young people smuggle across the world.

Their destination is Mars. The smuggling group launched a rocket from a remote island in the Pacific Ocean to the moon. After a month of quarantine treatment, go to Mars.

The Martian colony has long been established, however, the people of Earth are arguing about the value and meaning of colonizing Mars.

Opponents argue that the cost of immigrating to Mars is too high, and that even on Mars, people are likely to be locked in glass houses.

Proponents believe that transiting through the moon and then flying to Mars can completely free humanity from the virus that has actually taken over the earth.

Opponents also designed a game of landing on Mars. People fully experienced the whole process in a realistic virtual game. 90% of the players chose to enter a box exactly like on Earth within a week after pretending to land on Mars. .

There is an ad at the end of the game: “Every kid who goes on an adventure has to go home at the end.”

You don’t believe this ad.

I asked why you want to go to Mars and you said:

“I want to climb on real roofs and roll on the surface of Mars. Most importantly, I want to be with the real you.”

“The real me?” I was in a trance for a while. As a regular visitor to the random black market, a cranky thinker obsessed with prehistoric civilization, I couldn’t confirm:

What is the “real me”?

You said seriously: “The real starry sky, the real earth, the real you.”

Why did you choose to be with your grandfather instead of your biological parents?

Although your parents made love with each other’s surrogate and then gave birth to you, you were indeed fertilized by your father’s sperm and your mother’s egg.

Is it just because you were born in an incubator rather than a mother’s fetus? Is it because a truly sensitive human child like you can perceive that the hands that truly touch your parents cannot be transmitted by a substitute person, even if those hands, those strengths, those temperatures are not bad at all?

Or is it because my genes were miraculously awakened in you after a generational interval?

In short, you have had a special sense of melancholy and nihilism since childhood. Even across the surrogate, when I hold you in my arms and look up at the stars, I can feel this.

We play together, play games together, and daze together, like two brothers.

You say, “Grandpa, I want to be with you. Let’s go to Mars together. To a world of out-of-the-box uncertainty.”

You kept your promise and opened your heart to me.

Now, it’s my turn to honor your bar mitzvah.

It was that night that I pressed my right eye to get you a ticket and see you the next day.


Step 1: I leave the box.

“One box, one life.” This is also my shackle.

However, I have solved this step.

In “Tian Long Ba Bu”, Xu Zhu solves the Zhenlong chess game by killing his own pieces.

My solution is to smash open the box without wearing a protective mask.

Even stowaways don’t do that.

Because, according to the medical paper, the virus outside the broken box would invade my body within thirty minutes.

My subcutaneous monitoring sensor will notify the control center in advance, and the system will treat this as a leak, urgent, but not serious.

The emergency robot in the area will arrive within five minutes, stuff me into a protective suit, put me in an isolation chamber, and transport me to the emergency center.

At the same time, the “mapping” between me and the surrogate was temporarily interrupted, and the surrogate entered an autonomous driving state to simulate my daily words and deeds. Except for my grandson, my family will not notice.

This is exactly what I want.

About twenty minutes later, an underground hacker group would send a robbery robot to hijack the first aid robot that was transporting me on the way.

Hacking a box is a felony.

Hijacking an ambulance robot is much easier and less expensive.

Forgive me for not telling you that I will do the first step in such a simple and crude way.

Afterwards, the kidnapped emergency robot took me all the way from the west coast of North America to Houston.

The second step, takes you out of the box.

Your box, on a base on the west side of Houston, lives with your mom and dad and my three surrogates.

You don’t have to risk breaking open the box. As a computer genius, you found the loophole: the box is located on top of the cloakroom of the master bedroom on the second floor, with a hidden activity structure, and only the super AI cloud has permission to control this emergency backdoor.

“The only trouble,” you say, “is that when I climb up to the roof from this open tunnel, the sensor in the box will immediately sense that the only organic life in it is gone, and the alarm system will go off immediately.”

I said, “Let me take care of this trouble.”

You say: “I can also remotely open the hidden exit of your box for you.”

“No.” I shook my head, “I already have better arrangements.”

We have to have an emergency robot, otherwise, even out of the box, it won’t go anywhere.

I have calculated countless times that infecting myself is the best solution.

The first step is for the second and third steps.

Forty-five minutes later, the rescue robot and I flew to the base in Houston, once a field of farmland, densely packed with boxes covered in solar cells.

I vaguely felt that the virus was entering my lungs and took a deep breath.

The flying ambulance hovers over that box of yours, blowing up a cloud of dust.

A lid opens on the box, I jump out of the ambulance and pull you up.

Three seconds, two seconds, one second.

The moment of my life.

Then I pushed you into the ambulance, kicked the lid, climbed back into the ambulance, and led us off as swiftly as a robber robot racer.

You are wearing the protective suit you have prepared for a long time, staring at me behind the hood and saying:

“Hey, the real you!”

Yes, just now, the real me, in a fog, pulled up you, the real boy.

In the past 18 years, I have stroked your delicate face countless times, held your palm from childhood to adulthood, and kissed your soft lips, but it has never been as real as before, even through thick clothes, even if Dusty.

“Good job!” I gave you a high five.

You stretched out your index finger, thought for a moment, and said, “The alarm didn’t go off, and the box would alarm in three seconds. How did you do that?”

I said, “Soon you’ll know.”

The third step is to catch the last rocket tonight.

The corresponding submarine will wait on the edge of a cliff in the Gulf of Mexico.

The robber robot put us two kilometers away from the sea, which is a warning area. Two quiet people are much safer than flying cars.

By the sea in the evening, the yellow grass is covered with purple wild chrysanthemums.

I, my real little boy, ran side by side, like two playful boys, you chased me, happy as if you were running away.

on the real earth.

“Hey, are you saying we’re going to jump off a cliff later?” you ask as you run.

“Yes, we have to jump into the sea to be rescued,” I answered breathlessly.

“There is a problem. Our sprint speed is about 13 seconds for 100 meters. I have calculated the height of the cliff and the size of the reef. We may fall to death on the stone.”

“You missed a number. I have seen the weather forecast. There is a 70% probability of strong winds of Category 6 tonight, with a wind speed of 12 meters per second!”

“Hey, 70%? You old gambler!”

“So, do you believe me?”


30 meters from the cliff, we stopped, gasped for a while, smiled at each other, and then dashed forward together, leaping up on the edge of the huge rock.


I lied.

The wind speed that night was not level 6, and the 70% probability was not on our side.

Randomness is not always on our side.

You’re right, we’d land on the reef and get smashed if we went parabolic.

But what you didn’t calculate is that when we jumped together, I would give you a hard shove on the back in the air.

According to Newton’s third law of motion, remember, I taught you that there will be equal and opposite action and reaction forces between you and me.

The force isn’t huge, but it’s just enough to send you into the water.

When you fall into the water, you will be afraid, will be shocked, and the people in the submarine will rescue you and tell you that the other person has fallen hard on the stone and will not have any chance of survival.

You’ll be sad for a while, heart-piercing, more painful than a “silver bullet” piercing your finger, something you’ve never felt in your life.

Soon you will see the little note I left you, and be even more stunned.

I lied.

No one can hack the alarm system of the box you live in, one box, one life, that’s the first design principle of the box.

When I pulled you out, I quickly jumped into the box and pushed the “my surrogate” out of your box.

No more, no less, exactly three seconds.

The hacking service I purchased included an additional identity spoofing program. The alarm system of the box not only sensed a living person, but also did not feel that it was a different person.

It’s funny how the “real me” becomes a replacement for the “real you” in the box.

Afterwards, my surrogate lifts you into the aircraft, kicks the lid on, and gallops away with you.

However, I didn’t miss the moment of high with you at all.

Although I stay in your box, through an emulator, I control my surrogate and stay with you all the time.

do you know? I really ran with you on the real ground covered with purple wild chrysanthemums, as if I could run like this forever.

At that moment, my palms sweated, my hair stood up, my body trembled slightly, and I almost believed that my soul could be replaced.

I didn’t miss jumping under the stars with you, I didn’t miss my heroic moment.

When I shoved you with all my strength, I felt like I was on a church roof more than 100 years ago, raising my shovel and dashing for a Molotov cocktail about to explode.

Don’t feel guilty. The one who fell on the rock was just my replacement.

The real me, in your box, was also hit hard by the realistic analog mapping system in that instant, and it hurt like hell.

Even from the submarine to the rocket launch base, you still won’t calm yourself down. You will remember this moment for the rest of your life, I hope so.

I was going to climb the roof again at three in the morning, it was so hard, and I had to lie down.

There is a 60% chance that it will be sunny tonight. If I’m lucky enough (well, I’ve had enough luck today), I’ll see the rockets taking you and the other young men take off in the southeast, towards the real stars.

I wish you were on Mars and used to seeing pictures of me at the bedside, not my surrogate.

I am your past substitute and you are my future substitute.

Children, in the future you may know how worth life is when you have someone you want to protect.

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