All staff were dispatched to take stock of 9 central media background data collection platforms

With the official launch of the digital collection platform “Yangshuzang” incubated by on September 16, almost all members of the domestic central media have entered the digital collection market, which is very important for the development of this domestic market!

As the most influential media that exists like a wind vane, participating in the development of Shuzang, on the one hand, affirms that the potential of this field is constantly showing, and on the other hand, it is expected to lead the industry to develop more healthily and sustainably.

Up to now, there are 9 digital collection platforms with the background of Central Media, namely: Lingjing People’s Art Museum, Shizang, Xinhua Digital Collection, Leopard and Leopard Youth Universe, China Net Art Cloud, Guangming Art, People’s Science and Technology Digital Collection, Guangming. The number of Tibetans, the central number of Tibetans.

All staff were dispatched to take stock of 9 central media background data collection platforms

In May of this year, the “Opinions on Promoting the Implementation of the National Cultural Digital Strategy” issued by the General Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the General Office of the State Council put forward 8 key tasks, such as consolidating cultural digital infrastructure and developing new scenarios of digital cultural consumption.

Among them, it is mentioned to speed up the digital layout of the cultural industry, cultivate a group of new cultural enterprises in the fields of cultural data collection, processing, trading, distribution, presentation, etc., and lead the direction of digital construction of the cultural industry.

Digital collections will play an effective role in undertaking the digital development of culture, and will continue to empower the in-depth and comprehensive development of the digital economy.

In the future, driven by major leading platforms, the digital collection market is expected to show more highlights and growth points!

All staff were dispatched to take stock of 9 central media background data collection platforms

The background data collection platforms of the 9 central media are as follows (a long picture is attached at the end of the article):

Lingjing People’s Art Museum

Launch time: January 25, 2022

Background: People’s Daily Online

On-chain information: People’s Chain (Alliance Chain)

Entrance: Official account menu, “People’s Daily Online +” APP search


Launch Date: March 17, 2022

Background: China Search (under Xinhua News Agency, People’s Daily, etc.)

On-chain information: Media Fusion Chain (Consortium Chain)

Entrance: Shizang APP, official account menu

Xinhua Digital Collection

Launch time: April 5, 2022

Background: Xinhuanet

On-chain information: Xinhua · Spark Chain (Alliance Chain)

Entrance: Xinhuanet App Search, Official Account Menu

Leopard Leopard Youth Universe

Launch time: June 6, 2022

Background: China Youth Daily

On-chain information: treemap chain (public chain)

Entrance: Official Account Menu

Bright art

Launch time: June 15, 2022

Background: Guangming Daily

On-chain information: BSN (Consortium Chain)

Entrance: Guangming Art APP, official account menu

People’s Technology Digital Collection

Launch time: June 19, 2022

Background: People’s Technology (under People’s Daily Online)

On-chain information: BSN (Consortium Chain)

Entrance: “People’s Wisdom” Official Account Menu

China Net Art Cloud

Launch time: July 22, 2022

Background: China Net

On-chain information: Baidu Super Chain (Consortium Chain)

Entrance: Official Account Menu

Bright Data Collection

Launch time: September 9, 2022

Background: Bright Network

On-chain information: Spark · Chain Network (Consortium Chain)

Entrance: Official Account Menu

Central Data Collection

Launch time: September 16, 2022

Background: CCTV

On-chain information: Spark Chain (Alliance Chain)

Entrance: CCTV Video App Search

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