Algorithm artists have debuted on NA (Nirvana) Chain to consolidate the foundation of NFT ecology

When a tweet sold for millions of dollars

When a picture of a stone was auctioned for 500,000 U.S. dollars

Do you think this is a dream, right?

Undoubtedly, since the start of the skyrocketing popularity of NFT, various types of transactions as described above have begun to appear on the Internet, causing many netizens to subvert the original value perception. Is it hype, or is it the next frontier? In fact, this is a trend, a trend that covers the original business structure under the new ecological economic model brought about by NFT.


Traditional creators transform algorithmic artists

With the beginning of the second half of the year, the popularity of the NFT market, which has continued to “climax” for several months, has not decreased but increased. For a time, NFT once again swept the global trading market as a king, and this time the wave was not only in the world of encrypted digital currency, but also in the traditional cultural and technological circles. This means that NFT has stepped out of the native blockchain community and has rapidly developed into fields outside the cryptographic circle with a more compatible attitude.

As more and more people, companies, and institutions continue to accept the concepts created by the crypto world, they are also gradually trying to participate in the production and trading of themselves, and this is the reason why NFTs are so popular.

In the past few years of development, NFT has harvested a variety of celebrities in traditional circles ranging from artists, designers, game developers, musicians to writers, and they have been enthusiastically sought after.

The well-known cryptocurrency leader on the entire network, Tesla global president Musk once wore  Cybertruck virtual cyber car model shoes  , which is the NFT passion platform.


In March of the same year, artist Beeple composed 5,000 paintings into an NFT work < Everydays:The First 5000 Day > and sold a sky-high price of US$69.37 million at Christie’s, allowing algorithm artists to emerge;


Audi’s water art work ” Fantasy Speed  “, inspired by the new A8L 60 TFSle  , also made a shocking appearance in the form of NFT encrypted art;


Compared with the West, Eastern artists are also active in the forefront of new fields. Not long ago, the famous musician Hu Yanbin released his first NFT music album, which made NFT a big step towards mainstream popular culture; artist Cai Guoqiang used gunpowder to detonate Created the NFT work “Moment of Eternity”, which cost US$2.5 million; of course, modern art will not miss the NFT. The Xiamen artist Dabei Universe (Lin) created a virtual butterfly based on algorithms, which is called the No. 1 Cyberge in the East. .


More and more creators are transforming to embrace the world of NFT and become algorithm artists. In fact, behind this also shows people’s desire for blockchain applications. Putting aside the fog of human nature, blockchain, as a great initiative, will subvert many real-life possibilities, and even change the blockchain + effect. Perhaps one day the feat of applying blockchain to everything will be realized.

The cornerstone of the public chain under the digital tower

The concept of the blockchain is no longer unfamiliar to everyone. However, the misleading of the mass media under the traffic heat has caused ordinary people to have a lot of prejudice against the blockchain, and even simply and roughly equate the blockchain with the currency circle. A series of eye-catching topics such as currency speculation, scams, thunderstorms, getting rich, money-making, dream-making, etc. are all media traffic swarming the feast, but the real value of this technology is rarely popularized in the public eye, more It is the lonely feast of the technical experts and ideal dreammakers in the small circle.

Looking at the current blockchain technology is still in a relatively early stage, but when we look at this technology and its applications from the perspective of the next 50 or even 100 years, you will open the door to a new world. All applications, including NFT, need to be circulated on the public chain. NFT, as a digital ecology, requires the public chain as a carrier, and the public chain is the cornerstone guarantee for the smooth application of blockchain technology.

The difficulty of blockchain application lies in the immaturity of its technology. In the early development stage of the infancy, it was brutally encircled by bloodthirsty speculators and media, creating a rich bubble and pursuing short-term and fast instant benefits. This short-sightedness is a long-term impact on an emerging technology. Development is absolutely unfavorable.

However, for the early arrival of the digital world in the future, more and more top technical teams have invested in the research and development and improvement of blockchain technology. The shortcomings in the traditional public chain have gradually been solved by technological innovation at the cost of time.

NA (Nirvana) Chain is one of them, a commercial-grade public chain born for applications.

Consolidate the cornerstone of the public chain to meet the digital future

A new-generation smart public chain built for speed, safety, and efficiency


In order to meet the explosive NFT market, NA (Nirvana) Chain, with the technical support of the original Web3.0 technology platform, upgraded the ecological application NFT trading mall, and launched internal linkage with multiple NFT platforms, breaking the single NFT mall. The status quo, allows users to easily purchase the latest NFT works of high-quality digital artists around the world in a market dominated by NA Mall and interconnected with multiple NFT trading platforms, realizing a high level of NFT circulation.

At the same time, NA (Nirvana) Chain’s new combined consensus mechanism, Pow Flow +DPoS+DAG, brings a huge TPS throughput, which fully meets the market demand of future cross-chain forms, and makes the NFT application scenarios linked to NA (Nirvana) Chain more Rich and huge.

In a business environment where environmental protection is king, NA (Nirvana) Chain has become a model of a low-energy green public chain for network transactions. In the process of continuous improvement of the NA (Nirvana) Chain ecosystem, it is actually reshaping the market value of NFT. . NA (Nirvana) Chain allows NFT assets to interact between different types of nodes. The nodes complement and modify the attributes of NFT assets, and position NFT projects through non-zero sum games, so that better trading mechanisms can bring many NFTs The creator has better liquidity.

As more and more traditional artists transform and join the ranks of digital artists, the future prospects of the NFT project market are unimaginable; NA (Nirvana) Chain has the opportunity to provide transaction services for more NFT users, thereby expanding its Transaction size.

In short, NA (Nirvana) Chain hopes to use its advanced technology concepts to improve the public chain market ecology and help the application chain of the traditional technology ecology to be implemented. Through its own escalating governance path, it adopts the hybrid mechanism of the heterogeneous composite chain framework to perfectly realize the efficient community, and promotes the consensus of all miners and communities to reach consensus under the combined effect of the three types of consensus. Efforts will be made to empower NFT to transform real-world assets into digital assets. At that time, NFT will represent the ownership of the digital world of assets, and any owner can conduct valuation or transaction in NA (Nirvana) Chain’s blockchain network.

Message from NA Lovers

NFT is in an era of rapid development of the digital economy. In the future, the pattern of the NFT trillion blue ocean market has emerged. In this upcoming wealth feast, the NA (Nirvana) Chain public chain is destined to be a witness in history. Creators and owners, the foundation of their development will become an innate competitive advantage ahead of other public chains. As the NFT market gradually enters the mainstream vision, NA (Nirvana) Chain will be one of the galloping horses, and will deliver a satisfactory result at the end of the NFT track.


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