Ai’s Circle-Breaking Journey: How Offline Crypto Art Exhibitions Empower the NFT Market

The significance of the offline NFT crypto art exhibition is to bridge the medium between the digital virtual world and the real world, to build a bridge of communication, and to bring NFT crypto art to the public in a bump.

Ai's Circle-Breaking Journey: How Offline Crypto Art Exhibitions Empower the NFT Market

NFT digital artwork “Everydays – The First 5000 Days” by digital artist Beeple

How much the market is after NFT is quite magical realism to those outside the circle. From the famous artist Banksy’s painting “Morons” being burned live by the holder online and then auctioned off on OpenSea for 4 times the price of the digital version of his NFT, to Beeple’s NFT collection “Everydays – The First 5000 Days” which took 5000 days to create and was auctioned at Christie’s for 69,346,000 U.S. dollars, creating the highest price of NFT artwork, all highlighting the rapid momentum of the NFT market.

The NFT market has been repeatedly favored by investors and is becoming the hottest investment track of the moment. nft’s full name is non-fungible token, also known as non-homogeneous tokens, using blockchain technology, nft has a unique and unique identity, non-interchangeable, the smallest unit of 1 and inseparable, due to its block of metadata can not be replaced and tampered with, nft on the digital signature can become a digital certificate and proof of authenticity of the collection, which can effectively protect the authenticity of the collection.

According to a report by, a website that tracks NFT transactions and marketplaces, the total size of global NFT asset transactions reached a scale of $2 billion in the first quarter of this year.

However, from the current perspective, NFT is still some distance away from the public life, and how to make the public understand the crypto art market more quickly is an issue that practitioners need to consider.

Offline collision: NFT comes to life
Ai Shanghai’s first global NFT crypto art exhibition was held in Shanghai a few days ago with the theme of “The Impact of Indeed”, bringing NFT into the public’s view, showing the visual shock brought by crypto art hitting reality and building a bridge between the real world and the virtual world for the public.

Ai Shanghai’s first global NFT crypto art exhibition adopts three major charters in the curatorial aspect: double wing, analogy and singularity.

In the double-wing session, the curators compared and elaborated on the concepts of “new media art” and “digital art” since the 1990s, and used new media art and digital art curator and researcher-curator Christiane Paul’s comments on new media art and digital art. Christiane Paul, a researcher and curator of new media art and digital art, traces the beginning of digital art back to computer art.

The revolving staircase carries the spiral of the evolution of digital art, stepping into the exhibition hall of the digital art era with the passage of time.

Ai's Circle-Breaking Journey: How Offline Crypto Art Exhibitions Empower the NFT Market

VJ Elephant immersive experience work “2001

The VJ Elephant immersive experience “2001” uses the mysterious Black Stone from the 2001 Space Odyssey movie to deconstruct an immersive virtual space for us. When you walk into the dream universe created on the screen, the most famous black stone in the history of science fiction stands in the middle of the screen, the laws of physics of the universe run around the black stone, and as your distance from the black stone changes, the physical coordinates mapped on the space-time universe fluctuate. This is undoubtedly full of 2001 explored the Black Stone to drive the wisdom of enlightenment and philosophical thinking, true into the world built by Kubrick.

On the huge dome of the exhibition hall, through the immersive experience unique to multimedia art, works endowed with dynamics surge and jump on the big screen, accompanied by booming electronic music and flickering projectors, the oil tank dome flashes with Emmer Young’s work “Consciousness Antibodies 2021”, the changing dome, like a binary universe unfolding on the dome, eternal and everlasting, revolving, then extinguishing, then reborn, the Gorgeous and colorful.

Ai's Circle-Breaking Journey: How Offline Crypto Art Exhibitions Empower the NFT Market

Aimer Young’s work “Consciousness Antibodies 2021

And the big screen in the center of the whole exhibition hall exhibits the most crowning product of the crypto art world at present: Beeple’s work “Everydays -The First 5000 Days”, which is exhibited for the first time in the world through a huge screen of 16 square meters. For the first time, it came into the view of the mainstream public.

It is said that Beeple started creating on May 1, 2007 and created a digital image every day, sustaining it uninterruptedly for 13 and a half years, and finally their collection is the famous “Everydays – The first 5000 days”.

Ai's Circle-Breaking Journey: How Offline Crypto Art Exhibitions Empower the NFT Market

Beeple’s “Everydays – The First 5000 Days

Meanwhile, many of the exhibits on display are endowed with the significance of the picture of the times, with the cyberpunk-inspired “Attack of the Crustaceans”, the animated “NASA Data Gate”, and Nash’s surrealist digital works – a clever interaction of anthropomorphic operations in a virtual world carried out through clustered ipads.

And the third part of the singularity is the visual and emotional impact shown by the top international blockchain artworks. Andreas’ “Kissing” series of works showcases the simple emotions of the author’s childhood with exaggerated artistic sentiments to show his sincere love for his mother; Wang Ke’s “Swimming Pool” received the likes of David Hockney himself on social software; Cai Gu’s “Immortal Mountain Pavilion Scroll” combines the spiritual and ethereal poetry of ancient Chinese mountains and seas It perfectly blends with modern urban landmarks, embodying the cosmopolitan ideal of the same path and culture of ancient and modern times.

Ai's Circle-Breaking Journey: How Offline Crypto Art Exhibitions Empower the NFT Market

Wang Ke’s “Swimming Pool

Just like the meta-universe we are keen to explore nowadays, when the code goes into the dream world, the journey of art enters the straight path of reality, and we seem to glimpse a super digital scene under the virtual space-time in the parallel world.

There is no doubt that the current way of breaking the next-dimensional wall through the NFT exhibition, allowing the collision between the products on the chain and the reality, the positive meaning is far more than the actual meaning of an art exhibition.

Behind the NFT crypto art exhibition, it is also leading the audience to think about the meaning and key of the future digital world. The diversification of NFT in the preservation and presentation methods has to a certain extent widened the artists’ vision and pushed them to break through the unknown boundaries of artistic imagination and to think about how the boundaries of the world will be expanded in the process of migration to the chain in the future.

Ai is currently the largest decentralized NFT crypto digital art trading platform in Asia, and CryptoArt.Ai has been committed to promoting China’s outstanding NFT crypto artworks to the global market. Ai is based on the Ether ERC-721 protocol and integrates casting, selling, auctioning, collecting and transferring.

Ai platform, artists can cast their own NFTs with one click, and then auction or transfer them. Through strict audit mechanism for artists, CryptoArt.

Ai platform will also launch sections for music, film and photography, as well as innovative models such as bid rebate, DeFi+NFT mining, community co-branding, Dao governance, etc. It is understood that in the future, CryptoArt. The platform currently has more than 700 artists in residence, and the data of artwork turnover rate and artwork turnover amount are ranked first within Asia.

NFT market shallow talk: the future development path
From the perspective of the development of technology, the empowerment and integration of blockchain technology for the art market has become a trend. The emergence of NFT has not only changed the copyright flow model, but also further promoted the conversion rate of the secondary market, solved the contradiction between the dissemination and ownership of artworks, and NFT can also solve the problem of scarcity of digital art.

So, is NFT limited to the art market as a track? The answer is definitely no, the boundary of NFT value is much more than that, from NBA Top Shot, Uniswap launched a limited release of socks UNISOCKS or Twitter CEO Jack’s first tweet “just set my tweet” was cast NFT, the current circulation of NFT assets all have strong IP attributes, and the items in the game of digital collectibles, the ownership of assets to confirm the right and circulation and so on link, in the future, will be NFT can be a great use of the scene.

The future of NFT’s large-scale business prospects must be the value of the commercial applications derived from copyright validation and digital assets, as well as the visible prospects in the DeFi field.

DeFi lending agreements require pledges, and NFT’s asset corroboration can be linked to more diverse value targets, which will not only enable a more efficient flow of asset utilization for NFT holders, but also enable diversified value scales to anchor behind DeFi liquidity mining, and NFT-enabled DeFi can enable the uplinking of commodities to achieve more asset interactions.

In this regard, CryptoArt.Ai has also innovatively launched the mechanism of DeFi+NFT to achieve value flow through liquidity mining, as the characteristics of NFT can confirm the user’s authority to allocate asset equity for them.

In any case, the ladder of progress has arrived at our feet, NFT is the future token of the information world, and DeFi+NFT will be the next window of the blockchain world. For the present moment, it is significant to promote offline NFT exhibition by way of making more people truly embrace the charm of crypto art, which has a more positive significance for the breaking circle and spreading of NFT.

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