“Airdrop effect” helps ENS to reach the top of the list

In the past week, the focus of users’ attention still revolved around chain games, NFT and meta universe. At the same time, the concept of Web3.0 and products aiming at Web3.0 gradually entered the circle of users’ attention. It is worth mentioning that the announcement of the Ethereum domain name system ENS’s release of governance tokens and the large-scale airdrop has aroused great market attention. “ENS” also reached the top when it first appeared on the list this week.

"Airdrop effect" helps ENS to reach the top of the list

Data cycle: October 30-November 5, 2021

According to the token distribution plan announced by the ENS team, the ENS airdrop claim will be officially opened on November 8, and users must claim the tokens before May 4, 2022. The total amount of ENS is 100 million, and 25% of the total supply will be airdropped to users holding .ETH addresses, and there are more than 137,000 eligible addresses; in addition, 25% of the tokens will be allocated to ENS contributors (more than 100 individuals and teams, and hundreds of Discord users), the other 50% will be given to the DAO community vault. ENS is also recruiting governance representatives from ENS DAO, and Coinbase has already submitted an application.

The meta-universe sector, which has been heating up rapidly since last month, has attracted more users’ attention with the surge of MANA and SAND. On November 2, the sandbox game The Sandbox also completed a US$93 million financing led by SoftBank’s Vision Fund 2. It can be predicted that in the future, with the joint development of Metaverse, games and NFT sectors, DAO organizations with a more sense of community, more cohesiveness, and better management incentive mechanisms will also have a lot to do.

"Airdrop effect" helps ENS to reach the top of the list

MANA price changes in the past 14 days

"Airdrop effect" helps ENS to reach the top of the list

SAND price changes in the last 14 days

In terms of Web3.0, people have shown continued high attention to Alchemy, which was led by a16z and focused on building the Ethereum infrastructure WEB API. Alchemy provides developers with a fast, reliable, and scalable way to access the Ethereum network, which can increase the network speed by 12 times. At the same time, it is worth noting that on the 5th of this month, Syndica, a development company focused on expanding the Solana ecosystem and other blockchain infrastructure, also completed a seed round of financing of 8 million US dollars. Alchemy and Syndica have a certain competitive relationship in products, but the relationship between the two becomes more interesting due to the different ecology and development stage. It is worth mentioning that Chamath Palihapitiya, one of Syndica’s lead investors, is a top investor focusing on cutting-edge technology investment. It can be seen that the Silicon Valley venture capital company Social Capital he founded has also begun to develop in the field of encryption and blockchain. force.

In terms of public chain, Polygon has been very frequent in NFT and Metaverse recently. According to official sources from Polygon Studio, former Amazon Studio chief strategy officer Matthew Ball and former New York Times senior vice president of product and technology Jonathan Glick became Polygon Studio consultants this week to guide the fast-growing Web3.0 world. At the same time, Polygon also held a series of activities in NFT NYC from November 1st to November 4th. Solana’s total market capitalization recently ranked fourth with $73 billion. The number of active users of the ecological wallet Phantom exceeded 1 million. It is also continuing to make efforts in the game field. Solana Ecological Fund Solana Ventures, FTX, and Lightspeed Ventures jointly launched $100 million Chain game fund, used to invest in studios and start-up companies that make chain games. Terra’s lock-up volume has grown rapidly, with an increase of 13.12% in the past seven days. At present, the top five public chains by lock-up volume are Ethereum, BSC, Solana, Terra, and Avalanche.

"Airdrop effect" helps ENS to reach the top of the list

Top five public chain lock-ups, data source: defillama

In other respects, the Boba Network, the second-tier expansion network of Ethereum, will take a snapshot on November 12 to airdrop BOBA tokens 1:1 to OMG holders. In terms of Polkadot’s ecology, the parachain crowd-lending module has been launched, and the project parties participating in the auction have also introduced different forms of reward mechanisms. What’s more eye- catching is the news that Axie Infinity launched the token RON on its dedicated Ethereum sidechain Ronin to pay for gas fees, which caused a good data performance. In addition, the Meme coin has remained popular among investors in the secondary market, and its hype atmosphere is far greater than its actual application value.

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