Agricultural Bank of China released the 2021 Financial Technology Innovation Report to introduce its progress and planning in a panoramic manner

Mobile Payment Network News , the Agricultural Bank of China recently released the Agricultural Bank of China Financial Technology Innovation Annual Report (2021) (hereinafter referred to as the “Report”).

In the report, ABC emphasized that 2021 is the first year of the “comprehensive reconstruction phase” of its digital transformation strategy, and the report was completed for the first time with the participation of the “one bureau and two centers” of the head office, ABC Finance and various branches. Bank-level fintech innovation report.

Through the report, ABC introduced its progress in the application of innovative technologies, as well as the development layout of various technical supports, and put forward its vision for the future development of financial technology.

Breakthroughs in 5G messaging, VR/AR, privacy computing, satellite remote sensing, and edge computing

ABC introduced that it has initially established an innovative technology system based on emerging information technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, mobile Internet, cloud computing, Internet of Things, blockchain, and virtualization. In 2021, it will carry out research, exploration and application pilots of a number of new technologies in terms of business application and technological support, and use technological innovation to lead business development.

In terms of business applications, ABC has made breakthroughs in five fields: 5G messaging, VR/AR technology, privacy computing, satellite remote sensing, and edge computing. 

Agricultural Bank of China officially launched the 5G messaging application pilot in 2021, and has completed the basic capability building of the 5G messaging self-developed platform to expand customer channels. Customers can handle balance inquiry, credit card activation, receiving new guest gifts, discount discovery and other services at the entrance of the SMS channel. By clicking on the card, the whole process of business such as discovery and interaction can be completed.

ABC introduced AR (Augmented Reality) technology in “Marketing Treasure”. Account managers can use the AR scan function of Marketingbao to scan a specific identification map to interact with the virtual customer service that appears on the mobile phone screen, improving customer experience and marketing capabilities. In the future, ABC will devote itself to the construction of VR/AR platform, realize the Metaverse economic forms such as mortgage of off-chain assets, on-chain existing assets, and the creation of digital collectibles, as well as applications such as virtual outlets, smart services, and e-commerce development.

Privacy computing technology is applied to pilot applications in business fields such as marketing and risk control. In the special governance of telecommunication fraud, based on federated learning technology, a risk monitoring model for telecommunication network fraud accounts is constructed; in cross-border credit management, real-time credit general ledger business of domestic and overseas branches is realized based on multi-party secure computing technology. In the future, ABC will strengthen data cooperation with the government, credit reporting agencies and subsidiaries, and gradually promote the business application of privacy computing in risk control, marketing and other fields.

Satellite remote sensing is mainly used in the field of farmer credit. Agricultural Bank of China will realize the application of satellite remote sensing technology in 2021, and apply it to farmers’ information filing and special credit granting links, which have been piloted in many branches. In the future, ABC will introduce more external high-quality image data, build a remote sensing intelligent analysis platform, and conduct three-dimensional risk management and control in all aspects of pre-loan, loan, and post-loan from the perspective of space and time; Explore more application scenarios of satellite remote sensing technology in other fields, and strengthen the analysis capabilities of satellite remote sensing data through self-research or procurement models. 

Edge computing is mainly used to meet the needs of industry digitalization in terms of agile connection, real-time business, application intelligence, security and privacy protection. In October 2021, the Agricultural Bank of China will realize the smart outlet scenario based on edge computing, using existing security cameras, and introducing edge computing and artificial intelligence technology to perform video recognition and analysis on outlets and vaults to improve the level of smart management of outlets and vaults. At present, ABC has applied edge computing to over-counter valet operation, vacant post at No. 1, special customer care, treasury illegal addition of banknotes, and fraudulent treasury staff from four aspects: smart risk control, smart management, smart service, and smart treasury. More than 10 application scenario functions such as job rotation. In the future, we will continue to explore the application scenarios of edge computing in the fields of marketing, security, smart outlets, internal control compliance, and treasury management.

In terms of technology support, ABC has tried to use new technologies to enhance its financial technology capabilities in five areas: cloud native, stream-batch integration, low-code development, chaos engineering and AIOps. In terms of cloud native, a new type of PaaS cloud is introduced, and more applications are promoted to the cloud to strengthen the underlying support; for the first time, stream-batch integrated computing has been implemented on the “Beacon Platform”, which saves development and operation and maintenance costs, and has a wider range of real-time computing applications; Low-code development, chaos engineering and AIOps, through a series of pilot work such as new tool development and new platform construction, empower the three important system research and development links of development, testing, and operation and maintenance, and technology lines can respond to business needs faster.

AI application: Detailed explanation of ABC’s various technical applications in perceptual intelligence and cognitive intelligence

In core technology fields such as big data, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, Internet of Things, and blockchain, ABC has formed a platform-based innovative technology capability.

Among them, artificial intelligence uses machines to simulate human cognition and thinking process, and ABC has formed AI technical capabilities to support and lead business in the two dimensions of perceptual intelligence and cognitive intelligence. 

Perceptual intelligence technology represented by biometrics (face, fingerprint, voice, etc.) has been applied in various business fields such as Internet finance, operations, customer service, risk control, etc. The core is to assist banks with intuitive perception with the help of smart devices equipped with sensors Characteristics and changes of customers and environments, and incorporate the perception results into business processes.

Voiceprint recognition is used in mobile banking, telephone banking, customer service and other fields. The ABC voiceprint feature recognition platform is in the construction stage. In 2021, ABC will complete the technical solutions for data confidentiality and information management of the voiceprint platform.

Micro-expression recognition can be used in financial scenarios such as customer satisfaction evaluation, customer service and product marketing, and remote credit face-to-face risk control. ABC’s practice includes: online credit interviews, online video interviews, and real-time analysis of customers’ emotional changes and basic facial expressions when responding to key questions with the help of micro-expression recognition technology, providing risk judgment, and combining with big data analysis Divide business risk levels; in internal operation and management, take counter service or video customer service as an example, realize counter satisfaction or video customer service satisfaction survey through micro-expression technology; in product precision marketing, use micro-expression technology to dynamically perceive customer emotional changes , identify customers’ interest and psychological emotions in financial management, funds and other marketing products, and recommend products in a targeted manner.

At present, the technical focus of AI is gradually shifting from perceptual intelligence to cognitive intelligence. Cognitive intelligence aims to empower machines with data understanding, knowledge expression, logical reasoning, and autonomous learning. Cognitive intelligence technologies that are widely used in the banking industry include intelligent recommendation, knowledge graph, and natural language processing.

In 2021, ABC will complete the construction of the RPA operation management platform. In the scenario of RPA intelligent reporting for public accounts, the use of RPA technology breaks through the data exchange barriers between the intra-bank system and the pedestrian system, replacing manual and automatic business operations; in the scenario of credit card applicant information identification, the use of RPA+OCR technology, Automatically complete the quality inspection of credit card materials at the head office, and assist the business to carry out review and approval work; as of October 2021, RPA technology has been implemented in business fields such as credit card, financial accounting, regulatory submission, operation management, human resources, investment and wealth management.

The recommendation engine solves the problem of how users can passively and efficiently obtain the information they are interested in under the condition of information overload. It is mainly used in scenarios such as personalized recommendation, precision marketing, and personalized scoring and rating. In terms of real-time recommendation, the offline recommendation calculation results and real-time calculation results are integrated to provide low-latency, stateful real-time services; in terms of online recommendation, reinforcement learning algorithms are introduced to collect data based on real-time user behavior to achieve more accurate user status updates, The more lasting user status accumulation, the more accurate the recommendation is.

Knowledge graph identifies, discovers and infers complex relationships between things and concepts from data, which can help AI models recognize the knowledge framework of the world and become truly intelligent. In 2021, ABC will focus on promoting the construction of knowledge graph platform, asset center construction, deepening technology application and exploration of graph neural network. 

In addition, ABC is also strengthening its platform-based service capabilities in the fields of big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things, and blockchain.

Future: Focus on new technologies such as quantum computing, DataOps, Metaverse, explainable AI

The report also emphasizes that in the future digital economy, technological breakthroughs in data computing (quantum computing), data applications (DataOps), digital interaction (Metaverse) and trusted intelligence (explainable AI) related to the operation of the digital society will It has a huge impact on financial technology and financial business innovation.

Among them, quantum computing can provide basic support for financial technology through super computing power, and it will also pose a threat to the security system based on classical cryptography theory; DataOps is a process-oriented automation method, which will become the engine supporting bank data applications , combined with the data middle platform, can improve the quality and efficiency of data analysis; Metaverse will change the interaction mode between banks and users from two to three, and the meaning of open banking will be richer; interpretable AI can provide users with a better understanding of The establishment of cognitive-level trust in artificial intelligence services will become an important development direction of artificial intelligence technology in the financial field. 

In the future, ABC will pay more attention to new technology fields.

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