After twelve years of betting on a green sea, Du Hua, the “Idol Sister”, should wake up

The draft is limited, what about Leroy who does not have a “lou”?

After twelve years of betting on a green sea, Du Hua, the "Idol Sister", should wake up

Du Hua and her Lehua Empire have recently ushered in two “happy events”.

One is the Leroy main company ushered in Bytedance and Ali Pictures entered the venue one after another, and the other is the Leroy 12th Anniversary Family Concert successfully concluded in Suzhou.

It is a pity that the two surprises that Du Hua carefully prepared did not achieve the hot search dominance due to the recent too much food.

Even for the family concert, 23 groups of artists including Han Geng, Wang Yibo, Li Wenhan, Zhou Yixuan, NEXT Group, Meng Meiqi, Wu Xuanyi, Cheng Xiao, etc. all participated. Only Wang Yibo can stay on Weibo hot search until the next day. Stage fragment.

Twelve years ago, Du Hua saw the prospect of idols and founded Lehua. At that time, she didn’t know that she would be jokingly called the “first sister” of the domestic leading idol company if she gave up her star dream .

7 years ago, when UNIQ formed a group, Du Hua said that UNIQ would be popular, and made a bold statement, “I bet with you 100 million , and I lost and quit the entertainment circle.” No one could have expected the relationship between China and South Korea. The changes have severely damaged Du Hua’s vision for UNIQ, but fortunately, there is also Wang Yibo, and Du Hua can barely say that he won the bet.

Now that a cycle has passed, has Du Hua’s ideals been realized?

The Lehua family only exists in Du Ma’s mind

“Currently we have 5 flower walls, a helicopter, 13 support buses, and countless support items.”

Before the opening of the concert, a fan of Wang Yibo posted such content on Weibo. This family concert is also destined to become an arms battle between fans of Lehua artists.

From the first day the concert poster was announced, the scolding war among fans began, perhaps because Wang Yibo’s “top-tier” position was still stable, and he was ahead of everyone else in terms of popularity and qualifications. Brother Lehua There is no doubt about his identity. Although on the concert poster, Han Geng came first, followed by Wang Yibo. But fans understand that this is more due to seniority and Han Geng’s special status as a shareholder of the company. Wang Yibo’s fans have no complaints.

After twelve years of betting on a green sea, Du Hua, the "Idol Sister", should wake up

Leroy 12th Anniversary Family Concert Poster

When it came to the concert, almost all of the audience was Wang Yibo’s support party. Whether it was banners or shouts, it embarrassed other idol artists in the same company.

The fierce battlefield for fans is still in the area of ​​female artists. Due to popularity, there is not much difference in debut time. Fans of Cheng Xiao, Meng Meiqi, and Wu Xuanyi think that their idols are worthy of Du Hua’s sister. Therefore, when the first female artist on the poster is Cheng Xiao, Cheng Xiao Fans of Xiao and Meng Meiqi broke out in a scolding war. However, Wu Xuanyi gave a perfect answer in the promotional video recorded for the family concert: Du Hua is the real sister of Lehua.

The concept of “family” is not uncommon among idol companies in Japan and South Korea. The most typical is the representative of Japanese idols, Japan’s Dennis Idol Company. In the golden age of Jennis, the annual Jennis concert was staged at the same time as the “Red and White Songs” known as the Spring Festival Gala in Japan, so that the popular combination even needed to be transferred between the two gala.

The South Korean SM Entertainment, which Leroy imitated, has held an SMtown concert every year since 2002. There are also frequent interactions among SM’s portfolios, so there are also so-called fans eating “family love” settings. But whether it is Genesis or SM, the debut time of the subordinate groups has a certain interval, and each combination also has different packaging and route planning, and there is also a tradition of predecessors helping younger generations. Take Genesis as an example. Genesis’ groups usually have their own groups, and each group often plays with each other directly and performs songs from other groups.

After twelve years of betting on a green sea, Du Hua, the "Idol Sister", should wake up

2018 SMtown concert

But even so, the fans between the various groups often broke out conflicts. For example, Girls’ Generation has experienced two “Black Seas” in SMtown’s performances. The so-called Black Sea means that all fans jointly extinguish the glow sticks in their hands to express their resistance to Girls’ Generation.

In contrast, the artists under Lehua do not have much interaction with each other, the generational division between group members is not clear, the route separation is not high, and there is a competitive relationship between each other , and they usually keep an eye on whether Du Hua has it. If you are partial to other artists, whether you give your idols the treatment they deserve, the only moment of unity is when you denounce Lehua.

Therefore, Lehua’s “family fan” obviously only exists in Du Hua’s mind. This can also be seen from the attitude of fans towards tickets.

Once the ticket price was made public, it caused heated discussions among fans. The main reason was one word: expensive. Leroy’s 12th anniversary family concert tickets are divided into 5 levels, the lowest level is 680 yuan, and the highest level reaches 2380. The ticket price of Cai Xukun’s first solo concert held in Beijing at the same time is basically the same.

But Lehua’s concert is, in the final analysis, a platter show. Even if the concert will be more than most about 50 minutes long, but take 150 minutes of performance time allocated to 23 groups of artists, 26 songs, each love beans you can think of playing time and cicadas . Although, Lehua concert tickets were sold out in just 8 seconds. However, consumers of offline concerts are the core fan group of artists. It is no exaggeration to say that Wang Yibo’s fan alone is enough to swallow all the tickets. At the performance site, the green light stick supporting Wang Yibo also occupies an overwhelming advantage, and the scene is almost a sea of ​​green.

After twelve years of betting on a green sea, Du Hua, the "Idol Sister", should wake up

Lehua 12th Anniversary Family Concert

The tickets for online performances are more for fans who cannot reach the scene due to various reasons and the masses of passersby fans, and most of these people are instantly incarnate in “human soberness” in the face of the 88 yuan ticket price. Spend 88 yuan to watch idol play for 5 minutes, the price is too low. In fact, just as fans expected, dedicated and professional station sisters will provide multi-camera, high-definition live videos. In the early morning of the next day, the blogger’s “Wang Yibo Seven Views Full Cut Tonight (61 minutes)” was freshly released. Many people in the comments said: “Isn’t this better than 88?”

The first year of idol 2018: Lehua has been deeply plowing for many years, and once harvested

In Leroy’s 12-year history, 2016 is the first critical time node.

Before 2016, Lehua had successfully pulled Han Geng into the game, and with the help of Han Geng’s resources in South Korea, Lehua became one of the most closely related brokerage companies in the domestic and Korean entertainment circles. On the one hand, Leroy has cooperated with well-known entertainment companies such as StarShip and YG in South Korea to cultivate idol groups oriented to the Asian market through South Korea’s mature trainee system, and directly established a brokerage company in South Korea, following the ideas of EXO, and successively launched Two idol groups with both Chinese and Korean members, UNIQ and Cosmic Girls.

Since the domestic idol market was still immature at that time, UNIQ and Cosmic Girls were more active in South Korea, and the ultimate goal was to blossom between China and South Korea.

After twelve years of betting on a green sea, Du Hua, the "Idol Sister", should wake up

UNIQ combination

When the time came to 2016, UNIQ had just improved, but it was restricted by Han Ling and disrupted Lehua’s plan. On the other hand, it also left a vast mainland market for Lehua. Korean idol groups cannot come to China for activities, but the acceptance of Korean idol culture by mainland fans has been cultivated, and the demand for Korean idols urgently needs to be filled.

Lehua, who entered the game first, naturally did her part.

2018 is a harvest year for Lehua. The success of “Idol Trainee” and “Creation 101” made this year the “first year of idols” in the media. In the two programs, Lehua played a total of 14 contestants, and finally won five debut positions, accounting for a quarter of the total debut positions, and also contributed two dance instructors, Cheng Xiao and Wang Yibo. Especially for Wang Yibo, the opportunity for his big explosion was “Chen Qing Ling”, but the fans and popularity accumulated in the early stage with “Creation 101” contributed a lot.

In the two programs, Lehua fully demonstrated his first-mover advantage. The idol artists cultivated under the Korean industrial system have outstanding singing and jumping ability among the contestants.

In the first year of idols, half of the country was returned to Lehua.

Although in “Creation 101”, Lehua’s Meng Meiqi and Wu Xuanyi won first and second places respectively, but Yang Chaoyue, who won the third place after singing and dancing, is even more anomalies that cannot be ignored. Compared with Korean idols with strong business capabilities, Yang Chaoyue is close to “growing” Japanese idols. Her appearance has made platforms and production companies realize that a considerable number of people will be attracted by so-called personal traits. It is unclear.

After twelve years of betting on a green sea, Du Hua, the "Idol Sister", should wake up

Meng Meiqi and Wu Xuanyi under “Creation 101” Lehua ranked first and second

Since then, countless companies have tried to copy or find another “Yang Chao”, but they have not succeeded, and there will only be more companies that want to copy Wang Yibo. Not only because Wang Yibo has shown higher commercial value, but more importantly, compared to Yang Chaoyue who grows naturally, Wang Yibo’s growth trajectory is more traceable, as if it is easier to find a hand.

According to an interview by “Benban Finance”, a brokerage company that has 12 dance classrooms in Wangjing, Beijing alone has more than 100 trainees trained in accordance with Wang Yibo’s route. The director of the company said, “Countless brokerage companies are eager to train a second Wang Yibo, but found that this is almost impossible.” But she still decided to take a gamble, “What if.”

As for some Internet companies that dismantled Wang Yibo as “products”, they are more confident. They believe that “find precise market segments (hit the pain points of vertical market segments) + polish products (idol expertise and capabilities) + traffic king “, you can create another Wang Yibo. But just as Shi Fengjun did not appear the second Yi Yan Qianxi, Du Hua , who once confidently felt that she held the methodology of starmaking, has also been shaken in recent years . In the interview, she began to admit: “He (Wang Yibo) can To get to where he is today is related to some of his own characteristics.”

The draft is limited, what about Leroy who does not have a “lou”?

Acquired third place when “the creation of 101” Young surpass also as a metaphor – Le Huawei representative of the Department of Korean idol love beans can not be swallowed whole market cake. Idol products such as the Siba girl group, Times Fengjun’s TF family, and hawaii limited groups are constantly approaching.

Since 2018, there have been talent shows every year, but Lehua has never achieved the same results as in 18 years.

In 2019, the overall idol draft was lost. Let alone in 2020, although “Youth With You 2” can vaguely see the grand occasion of “Creation 101”, the Jinhan Han that Leroy has won unexpectedly failed to make his debut. In 2021, Tencent Video and iQiyi competed head-to-head. “Creation Camp 2021” and “Youth Have You 3” were broadcast at the same time. Lehua abandoned this front-end water strategy and all bet on iQiyi, but “Youth Have You 3” “Finally ended in a hasty.

After twelve years of betting on a green sea, Du Hua, the "Idol Sister", should wake up

Jin Jinhan participates in “Youth Have You 2”

The folks say that the natal year is a year of disasters and disasters. This year, Leroy’s luck was indeed not very good, but thinking about the constant haggling of the collapsed house next door, Du Hua might be a little relieved.

Even setting aside various objective reasons and the market environment, the situation of Leroy Idol’s stock suspension is obvious enough.

After 2018, the number of players sent by Lehua to participate in the draft has decreased year by year. Compared with the players selected by other companies in ability and popularity, there is no longer a cliff-like gap. The final result is not ideal.

After all, a sufficient and necessary condition for the high level of trainees produced by Korean industrial assembly lines is a large amount of high-intensity training.

Right now, it may be the second key intersection that Lehua faces after 2016.

As mentioned earlier, Korean idols cannot dominate the entire Chinese idol market. As the market matures and grows, it will inevitably be accompanied by an influx of more players. Just like the Japanese idol world, in addition to Genesis, there are Nogizaka, AKB and a large number of Hallyu audiences.

However, the biggest difference between the Japanese and Korean teams, the “Seine” SNH system of the Siba girl group, and Li Fei’s Times Fengjun and Lehua, is not the difference in artist style, but in their own gameplay. Siba Media is based in offline theaters, on the one hand, it stabilizes its core fans, on the other hand, it expands outward through variety shows such as talent shows. Li Fei cannot recreate an “empire” myth like TFboys, but he can play quite well without going out of the 18th floor Lively, the Times Youth League has a tendency to go out of the circle, and at the same time it has become the target of cooperation on all platforms.

After twelve years of betting on a green sea, Du Hua, the "Idol Sister", should wake up

Times Youth League

In other words, they all have their own stage. Compared with Leroy, their reliance on the platform is not so strong.

Wow haw wow, although it also depends on the platform, but in the streaming media era, the gameplay of Long Danni and Mango TV’s deep binding in the TV era was moved over by her unchanged, but the target was changed to Tencent.

Not only did Lehua fail to establish such an alliance with any platform, but also because of taking Meng Meiqi and Wu Xuanyi away, and insisting on letting Lehua Seven and NINE PERCENT run in parallel, they had conflicts with Tencent Video and iQiyi.

And their artists are the ones who need the stage most.

In South Korea, due to the high degree of professionalism of idol groups, special attention is paid to creating stage charm during the training process. But in China, the dilemma of no stage after idol debut still exists.

Many fans of Wang Yibo entered the pit precisely because of his stage charm, but there are few opportunities to provide a high-quality stage for him to show in a year.

After twelve years of betting on a green sea, Du Hua, the "Idol Sister", should wake up

Leroy’s artist Wang Yibo

The lack of the industrial chain makes idols only develop into the fields of film and television and variety shows after their debut. After resource-based companies such as Huace and Jiaxing set foot in the idol industry, idols who debuted through variety shows can smoothly connect to their own film and television projects. A typical case is Huace’s artist Yu Shuxin, although he has already participated as an actor before. She has acted in some dramas, but after the fire with “Youth Has You 2”, she played the leading role in the idol drama “Moonlight Variations” produced by Huace. Leroy does not possess such resources and capabilities.

In fact, Du Hua has also made some efforts, whether it is launching the virtual idol girl group A-SOUL, expanding the new category of idols, or cooperating with iQiyi to launch the Leroy internal audition program “The Glowing Name” to recreate the stage for its newcomers. But they all stagnated for various reasons. Du Hua’s new experiment did not usher in good luck.

Artists luck is not enough, Du Hua Ben people to join in, with a “wind and waves sister” in the “Mandarin Chinese words,” Hua Du hang himself in hot search frequency than most of its artists, “Huahua Zi” also successfully Completed her dream of debut. And the debut of “Hua Huazi” naturally gave the platform more opportunities for cooperation, and she can also save the country and give her own artists.

At this time of byte beating, Alibaba Pictures expressed their favor to Du Hua, and perhaps Lehua can find more new possibilities.

But for Du Hua, the top priority is that the dumped milk has extinguished the heat of the talent show. All kinds of talents have to die first. After that, how can Lehua, who has no buildings and no theaters, introduce newcomers? How to operate mature artists? Where is the stage that fans have been calling for for so many years?

Twelve-year-old Lehua, although already a mature company, still has many questions to answer. Perhaps Du Hua is still willing to spend another twelve years to realize her “China SM”, but in the face of the domestic idol industry that is undergoing a rapid turnaround and the development of it is difficult to improve, she should wake up at this moment.

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