After the introduction of the first special support policy for the Metaverse in the Greater Bay Area, is the “Metaverse” becoming the “darling” of the policy?

In early April, Guangzhou Huangpu District and Guangzhou Development Zone held a press conference to release the “Measures for Promoting the Innovation and Development of the Metaverse”, which is also referred to as the “10 Metaverse Measures” because of the total of 10 items. It is reported that this measure is the first Metaverse special support policy in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

“The government’s positive statement is obviously beneficial to the future industry of the Metaverse. It can dispel the concerns of many people and give practitioners a reassurance.” Zhao Guodong, secretary-general of the Zhongguancun Big Data Industry Alliance, said that despite the Metaverse It has gained a lot of attention, but in addition to public attention, the affirmation and support of the government is of great significance to the development of the industry.

According to incomplete statistics, since the beginning of this year, Xiamen, Shanghai Hongkou, Beijing Tongzhou, Wuxi Binhu and other places have also issued special support policies for the Metaverse, and Shandong, Zhejiang, Hainan Haikou, Hebei Baoding and other places have clearly mentioned in government documents that they support Metaverse development of the universe.

Although the term Metaverse has been around for a long time, people tend to refer to the year 2021, which attracted public attention, as “the first year of the Metaverse”. In 2021, the concept of the Metaverse exploded, and the term “Metaverse” was also selected for multiple selections. Selected as the 2021 Hot Word of the Year. However, even now, the public’s understanding of the Metaverse is still not unified. Some people think that it will lead the future trend of technology and profoundly change human society. Some people think that it is too far away. Some people also denounced the Metaverse as a “big fudge”. In the stock market, Metaverse stocks have also experienced ups and downs.

So why is the government willing to support the Metaverse? From what perspectives are they supporting the Metaverse?

Huangpu District “Electric Shock” Metaverse

Judging from the content of the “Measures for Promoting the Innovation and Development of Metaverse” issued by Guangzhou Huangpu District and Guangzhou Development Zone, the local government promotes the development of Metaverse from seven aspects.

The first is to promote innovation agglomeration, and encourage Metaverse-related enterprises to develop in the direction of “specialization, specialization and innovation” and “high-end, sophisticated and advanced”;

The second is to support technological leadership, encourage enterprises and institutions to strengthen the research and development of Metaverse-related technologies and the formulation of standards, and solve the technical problem of “stuck neck” in the field of Metaverse;

The third is to encourage application demonstrations, and encourage enterprises to explore the iconic scenes of the Metaverse with local characteristics, such as industrial Metaverse, digital Lingnan style, digital creativity, digital cultural tourism, digital art trading, and talent exchange, so that Metaverse technology can be integrated with the real economy. social integration;

Fourth, strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights, support the construction of the Metaverse intellectual property public service platform and carry out intellectual property custody;

The fifth is to increase talent drainage, and provide tens of millions of yuan in entrepreneurial funding and direct equity investment support for innovation and entrepreneurship leading talent projects in the Metaverse field;

The sixth is to expand the influence of the industry and encourage the hosting of major exchange activities related to the Metaverse, such as digital twins, human-computer interaction, brain-computer interface, AR/VR/MR, etc. For holding high-level summits, forums, innovation competitions, academic exchange activities, etc., The government is willing to give subsidies after being identified;

Seventh, innovation fund support, encourage the establishment of Metaverse Industrial Fund, attract social capital to form a capital supply effect, and provide multi-level services such as angel investment, equity investment, and post-investment value-added services to Metaverse-related enterprises.

According to the introduction of Huangpu District in Guangzhou, the number of companies related to the Metaverse industrial chain in the district has exceeded 100. In Guangzhou, Huangpu District has the title of “Metaverse City of the Future”. In December 2021, the first Metaverse Research Institute in the Greater Bay Area will also land in Huangpu District. Create a space-incubator-accelerator-science park” full-chain incubation and incubation system to provide one-stop incubation services for settled Metaverse enterprises.

“The Industrial Metaverse is the key entry point for the development of the Metaverse in Huangpu District, and it is also an innovation test field.” Ma Tianyi, chief analyst of the Communication Metaverse of the Minsheng Securities Research Institute, commented on the “10 Metaverse Items” issued by Huangpu District, Guangzhou.

According to the introduction of Huangpu District of Guangzhou, the total industrial output value of the district’s regulated industry will reach 877.1 billion yuan in 2021, and it has now settled in the top node of industrial Internet identification analysis (Guangzhou). It has carried out 24 demonstration projects of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, including Xiangxue Pharmaceutical and Risong, accounting for 37% of the province’s total. In recent years, enterprises in the zone have applied Metaverse core technologies such as digital twins to industrial digital transformation.

Outsiders are not necessarily familiar with Huangpu District, but Huangpu District is active in innovation. The slogan of the local promotional video is “Go to Huangpu, go to the place closest to success”. According to the information on the official website of the Huangpu District People’s Government, Huangpu District currently ranks first in the five major economic indicators of the national economic development zone, and its comprehensive strength ranks second in the national economic development zone. “Innovation Demonstration Zone.

The Metaverse in the Policy Spotlight

After the concept of Metaverse exploded, the first companies willing to ride on Dongfeng were enterprises. Companies from all walks of life labeled themselves “Metaverse” in various ways – game companies launched Metaverse games, and beverage companies launched Metaverse virtual space , the sports brand launched the Metaverse digital collection…

In Ma Tianyi’s view, the government also needs to pay attention to the development of the Metaverse, he said: “Whether it is the previous smart city or the current Metaverse, the core is to improve people’s living and office efficiency. This is the government’s emphasis on the development of the Metaverse. main reason.”

Ma Tianyi believes that for cities, infrastructure is very important, and local governments have been increasing investment in computing, storage and communication transmission links. With the increase of network nodes, it is necessary to increase investment in servers in the future. Cosmic Star Enterprise can help local enterprises change the traditional business model, so that individuals can have a better platform for personal value realization in life and work, and may bring a qualitative leap to the city.

Zhao Guodong does not believe that there is uncertainty in the development of the Metaverse, “This is the inevitable trend of technological development and industrial upgrading, and it is also the general trend of the development of our human society.” Zhao Guodong said. In his view, from a microscopic point of view, the Metaverse can change human communication, transactions and other behaviors, and from a macroscopic point of view, it changes society, and the government can now think about the governance of the Metaverse.

Entering 2022, policies to support the development of Metaverse have been introduced in many places, and the topic of Metaverse has also been brought to the National Two Sessions by deputies to the National People’s Congress and members of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference.

On New Year’s Day this year, Wuxi Binhu released the “Taihu Bay Science and Technology Innovation Belt Leading Area Metaverse Ecological Industry Development Plan”; in February, Beijing Tongzhou issued “Several Measures to Accelerate the Innovation-led Development of Beijing Sub-center Metaverse”, Shanghai Hongkou released ” Metaverse Industry Development Action Plan”; in March, Xiamen released the “Xiamen City Metaverse Industry Development Three-Year Action Plan (2022-2024)”.

At the two sessions this year, Gao Yu, a representative of the National People’s Congress, suggested strengthening the supervision of the Metaverse industry. Kong Falong, a representative of the National People’s Congress, suggested establishing a national-level Metaverse R&D institution. Liu Wei, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, suggested creating a government-led “Metaverse China” digital economy. , to introduce the top-level design plan of “Metaverse China” as soon as possible.

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