After talking with 100 people after 00, I understand why there are still 600 million people who don’t give up QQ

The financial report for the first quarter of 2021 released by Tencent some time ago showed that the combined monthly activity of WeChat and WeChat was 1.24 billion, while the monthly activity of QQ was 606 million. In other words, the monthly active users of QQ are less than half of WeChat.

From 2016 to the first quarter of 2019, more than 800 million monthly livelihoods, to the current level, it can be seen that QQ users are gradually losing, and the decline seems to be difficult to recover.

However, if we look at it from a different perspective, with a monthly activity exceeding 600 million, it is still an extremely successful social software. What is the level of QQ in today’s mobile communication social world?

It is only second to WeChat.

After talking with 100 people after 00, I understand why there are still 600 million people who don’t give up QQ


More importantly, QQ is already a 22-year-old Internet “fossil-grade” product, facing Zhihu, Douban, Momo, Xiaohongshu, Tantan, Soul, Yipei, etc. that have a place in a certain segment. Social newcomers still have considerable competitiveness.

This can’t help but make people wonder, who is using this “outdated” product to make this PC-era product long-standing in the mobile Internet era?

First of all, it should be the post-95s who temporarily escaped from the status of “community animal” and post-00s who escaped from the adult world.

Although it is difficult for us to find the most direct evidence on the Internet, we can see clues from some scattered data:

The “2019 Tencent Post-00s Research Report” shows that 64.3% of post-00s use QQ to obtain celebrity information;

The “Report on Social Behavior Data of Post-00 Users in 2019” shows that half of the QQ members are post-00s, and 67% of the talks released every day are from post-00s;

The post-95s, who are gradually entering the workplace, although forced to use WeChat, they also have a deep attachment to QQ. According to Analysys’ data, the post-95s QQ users account for more than 25% of the QQ users, and the active penetration rate is TGI (a certain Compared with all groups, a group is more interested in a certain APP than all groups. More than 100 means higher than the whole group. The higher the value, the higher the degree of interest of the group is higher than WeChat.

After talking with 100 people after 00, I understand why there are still 600 million people who don’t give up QQ

In addition, there are a huge number of post-80s and post-90s who like to use QQ for office work. According to data, QQ is the largest file transfer tool in China, transferring 180 million files every day.

More than 20 years have passed, why is QQ still so attractive to young people? Why do many professionals like to use QQ for office?

The Shangyin team recently collected the opinions of nearly 150 young people on this issue through different methods, including 100 post-00s. Because post-00s love to talk about this topic too much, one person has a dormitory view. Some even speak a bit like a joke.

From this we have summarized 60 reasons why young people love QQ. These are their most real feelings. We can see that they have subtle or strong psychological feelings when they come into contact with a product. We want to use this to give those who want ” The product manager who seizes the hearts of young people provides some reference.

One, login entrance

In this link of login, WeChat caused crazy complaints. In contrast, QQ seems to be much easier to use.

1. QQ login does not require mobile phone confirmation

One day in my freshman year, I went to self-study at night to find materials and write plans. At that time, I was relatively strict when I was in college. I couldn’t use my mobile phone during my self-study at night. I turned on the mobile phone hotspot and handed it in. Connected to my hotspot on the computer. Log on to QQ.

Then I still want to find someone, and that classmate I only added WeChat, so I want to also log on WeChat. The download of WeChat on the computer is very fast. After I input the account password, this interface pops up: weixin.qq .com/x/…… (Automatic identification of QR code) , it felt too inhuman at the time, and now you usually use QQ to add friends.

2. QQ multi-device login is not restricted

I usually use a computer to write papers and use a tablet to check information.

If you use WeChat to send data, I have to log in to WeChat with a tablet, confirm with the phone, and then log out of WeChat with the computer; log in to WeChat with the computer, confirm with the phone, and log out of WeChat with the tablet…

The most important thing is that when using WeChat, the data sent to the file transfer assistant must be re-sent with the mobile phone after changing the device, otherwise there is no message record.

Writing something will be annoying to death by cutting equipment, QQ is the eternal god!

3. QQ can log in automatically, which is very convenient

As a person who has obsessive-compulsive disorder and does not shut down the computer often, QQ automatic login is too cool, and WeChat has to open the phone every time to confirm the login. If you do not want to turn off the computer after logging in, the phone will always display: Windows WeChat is logged in . This is true, looking at the phone will kill me.

2. Account and Retrieve

Accounts and complaints after loss have also become a point of comparison for many young people.

4. QQ account is more independent

No one will know my QQ through my mobile phone number, nor will I know my mobile phone number through QQ, and WeChat is bound to the mobile phone number. If I want to add a stranger, I have to tell him the phone number when adding WeChat, QQ No need, I add a netizen and don’t want to tell each other the phone numbers. Moreover, if the WeChat ID is not set, it will be long and difficult to remember.

5. Easy to retrieve QQ account

Some time ago WeChat and QQ were stolen together, and bank cards, ID cards, mobile phone numbers and so on were all unbound. QQ was stolen in the morning, and the appeal was successfully retrieved in the evening. As for WeChat, haha, follow me every day for half a month Said that the appeal was unsuccessful.

3. Interface design and internal optimization

The interface design is the overall design of the software’s human-computer interaction, operation logic, and beautiful interface. Good interface design generally requires accurate style positioning, sufficient attractiveness, good user experience, and rich design details.

The overall style of WeChat is more concise, reducing user confusion, and the threshold for use is relatively low, but it also loses some interest and liveliness, while QQ is more diverse through a more comprehensive and rich interface design. The lively style makes QQ more popular with young people.

6. QQ’s interface layout is more reasonable

QQ’s picture sending button is in the lower right corner, just press it with your hand, while WeChat is in the upper right corner. My fingers are not that long.

7. QQ looks more vigorous

WeChat feels too rigid, or because WeChat has a lower barrier to use, simple operation, and more middle-aged and elderly people. Compared with QQ, it is more open, lively and energetic.

In addition, WeChat came out relatively late. At that time, the post-00s were already used to using QQ, and there was no need to shift positions. WeChat did not have enough appeal for us to shift positions. That’s it.

The current situation is actually that if a young man wants to call a classmate to go out and play together, how fast is the call: QQ>WeChat>Phone>SMS.

In addition, young people nowadays have been exposed to computers very early, like I basically use computers for a long time as long as I’m not in class, and the convenience of the QQ computer terminal is obvious. I’m the kind of person who can’t play mobile phones with a computer, except when waiting for the game to load or something.

8. QQ is more lively

I am a person who is old-fashioned, so I have a deeper feeling for QQ, which has been used for many years, and I always feel that the style of QQ is much more lively than WeChat. That penguin will make me feel so cute and the farm in my memory. , Flower Vine, QQ pets and the like (although I haven’t played for 800 years) , it will give me the impression that QQ is very colorful and very sunny. But WeChat gave me a rather dull and boring feeling.

9. Better optimization of QQ

Every time you open the QQ message, it will be refreshed automatically. Wait two or three seconds at most and it will be OK. Moreover, when the network is not good, QQ will arrange the messages sent by itself and the messages received by others in chronological order, which makes people look comfortable.

But every time I open WeChat, I have to wait for a long time, keep refreshing, and the small circle keeps turning. Then various messages will not be sorted in chronological order by WeChat. Obviously I saw that A sent me a message and I wanted to reply, but it was refreshing all the time, which caused the message I sent to be displayed at the top of A message, which made me such an obsessive-compulsive patient feel very uncomfortable.

10. QQ operation experience is better

Sometimes you will see that there are ten or twenty service accounts on WeChat to push messages, you must click in one by one to eliminate the red dots, and QQ directly slides and all is OK. The gap!

11. QQ takes up less space

QQ has been used for a long time, all kinds of files, emoticons, videos, 1.99G;

WeChat is basically not used, 3G.

Wechat’s caching mechanism really doesn’t work. When we volunteered, we helped the elderly to clean up the phone memory. The QQ that I have used for so long has not cached more than 5GB. The elderly brought it, good guys, Wechat 13GB, it is said that they still see you Ever more.

What makes me most unbearable is that every time WeChat reminds me that the memory is insufficient, which affects the operation of WeChat. I wonder if other apps have no opinion. What are you making?

Fourth, the community atmosphere

When the main positions of most adults shifted to WeChat, QQ has become a place for young people to reserve. What you say on QQ is not worried about being seen by the elders, you can say it boldly, and the cognition of young people is similar. It is easy to get recognition, and the rewards expressed are relatively large.

In addition, QQ’s popularity among young people is also because of the social relationship chain —social products have high user loyalty. Unlike O2O products, and Meituan, users do not have loyalty. Whoever is cheaper will use whoever is cheaper. All the relationships are on QQ, and I can’t get away from it.

QQ has accompanied the growth of many post-95s and post-00s elementary schools and middle schools. After college, most of the freshman groups and community groups are also built on QQ. Compared with WeChat, QQ is an open platform that can satisfy interests, social interactions, and social interactions. Young people who are passionate and like to explore the unknown, this has become an ecology invisibly.

Even if the product can be copied, the ecology cannot be copied. This is the most unique feature of QQ.

12. QQ rarely has a phone

During the break, if the QQ message is not answered in time, it seems that there is no problem, and no one will give you a QQ voice call. Really anxious, I will call.

However, if you don’t reply to WeChat, there may be a WeChat voice call soon! I really hate people who make WeChat calls, especially if there is nothing serious about the call, it may be just a sentence “I just tell you”, tell me, isn’t it good to leave a comment?

There are also people who always speak during working hours. I have to switch seamlessly between mobile phones and computers at any time. WeChat makes work occupy more of my personal time, and I also persuade me that I can’t resist because of that poor salary.

Isn’t it good for everyone to use QQ?

13. QQ can delete friends in both directions

Is it the only one who hates WeChat’s single delete friend function? It’s really anti-human!

After work, you will always add some messy people, but you don’t know if the other party has deleted you, and you are too lazy to ask, some have deleted you long ago, you don’t know yet, and then send a message, the result is “I’m sorry, please add friends “.

I really don’t understand why WeChat can’t delete friends in both directions like QQ. Since the other party doesn’t want to keep a friend relationship with me, there is still the other party in my list. Every time I send a message, I find that the thief is really embarrassed to be deleted.

14. The atmosphere of QQ is very humane

I recently bought a digital tablet in a store. In order to facilitate the after-sales service, the store asked me to join a after-sales + learning QQ group (there are learning resources in the group) .

Many WeChat files will be cleaned up if they are not downloaded in time, but the “live period” of QQ files is much longer, and regardless of whether you are logged in when you send the file or not, whether you are already in the group or not, you can download it on your mobile phone or computer.

After the software was downloaded, the brush couldn’t be imported. Then I asked in the group. After a while, someone chatted with me privately. I thought it was the customer service lady, and I thought this store had a very good after-sales service.

She patiently taught me, but the problem has not been solved, I think it is too much trouble for her, after all, it is relatively late, I want to try again another day. She said, it’s okay, I used to trouble others to help me.

My body was shocked: Huh? This person is not the customer service lady, but after looking at the information, she is a little sister!

She said that she bought the same product with me and encountered problems before, thinking that my problem was the same, and finally found out that it was a very simple but unsolvable problem. After the failure, she enthusiastically recommended people to me to ask.

I feel that this kind of human touch is not available on WeChat.

15. Memories are all in QQ

I was born in 2001. I started using QQ since I was a child. Many friends from elementary school, junior high school, high school, university, etc. are on it. QQ’s “That Year Today” will pop up a lot of my memories, let me know how naive I was back then, which is still very interesting.

When I was in high school, I confessed to the boy I liked through “QQ Whispering”. My heartbeat accelerated. Later, he saw it through and became a boyfriend. Now I am an ex-boyfriend.

I met a few netizens, and now they are still in my QQ list, and I have been in contact occasionally. They have been watching each other’s wonderful lives through the QQ window for five or six years.

I also quarreled with others on QQ. I forgot what I said, and the other party scolded me for forgetting everything. Anyway, my hands tremble when typing. It’s amazing to think about it. Afterwards, almost all of them were still friends and time can really dilute everything.

I like to flip through the message board, with more than 2,000 messages, it seems that I am looking at myself through the corridor of time, very warm. Sometimes I find that I am no longer good friends with the other party, and I don’t even know who it is, but the sentence left seems to be very intimate, and I will feel a little disappointed.

16. QQ has the feelings of young people

As a post-00 post who insists on QQ and WeChat use on June 4th, I only like QQ: feelings .

In contrast, WeChat Pay and Mini Programs are doing well, but chatting with people on WeChat really lacks the kind of warm atmosphere. Needless to say, QQ can crush the audience with a single bubble. …

17. QQ content can be more free

I separated WeChat and QQ. WeChat is my family and QQ is my classmate and friend. I don’t want to be sent a cordial greeting from the third dimension after the seventh and eighth aunts sent me a very sad thing for a day.

For example, at 11 o’clock in the evening one day, you sent a note on QQ and WeChat at the same time: I really want to eat chestnut.

Then, the friends in QQ will comment below, some comfort you, some agree, and some are more skinny, specifically looking for pictures of chestnut or replying with some paragraphs. You laughed and didn’t think so. , Pack up and sleep.

And in WeChat, dad replied, playing on the phone so late and not sleeping? Then in two days, the circle of friends will be full of articles like “Surprised! A woman often stays up late…” or “The old Chinese doctor tells you that eating chestnut like this will be fatal.”

18. Missed the rapid rise of WeChat

I think the biggest reason is that some people have missed the high-speed rise of WeChat because of their studies. For example, when I came into contact with WeChat in a real sense, I found that it was almost the same as QQ. It seemed to be out of touch with the growth of WeChat, so QQ was still kind.

19. QQ feels more real

I think it’s because QQ is mostly true and ordinary expressions, young people can record their lives and share happiness, but the circle of friends is very impetuous, especially if you add some so-called “entrepreneurs” and “adults.” In addition, young people like liveliness and have a weak sense of privacy. This is how QQ space is. Whenever you want to make friends, go to any platform.

20. QQ is more “cleaner”

The post-00s around me started a QQ group together, called “To our about to lose childhood”. It was fun to be together every day. One day I would ask them, why do you have such a QQ group? Why not use WeChat?

The answer is: QQ is clean. My parents always post some spam messages on WeChat. I hope that my childhood social software is clean. It is used by classmates to communicate and communicate.

Five, basic functions

Many functions are the most basic functions shared by WeChat and QQ, such as sending messages, voice/video calls, voice-to-text, contact grouping, etc. However, many post-95s and post-00s interviewed still feel that, in contrast, QQ is better to use.

21. QQ voice call is more stable

At first, our screenwriter needed to hold a phone conference, because the group was built on WeChat, so they all started from WeChat.

It’s okay when there are few people on the call, but if more than five people hold a two-hour meeting, it will start to collapse.

First of all, at the beginning, some people must not be able to connect, so wait, after five minutes, all the talents have successfully entered the group voice.

Immediately afterwards, someone dropped the connection, otherwise the voice of the speaker could not be heard clearly, so he could only retreat and re-enter. During this process, other people can only wait, and then continue to talk.

In the end, there must be someone who can’t join the group, and can only disband and re-launch one, and then repeat the above things countless times.

It can be said to be in a group for 2 hours, talk for 5 minutes, and chat for a long time and you will be pissed off.

After moving to QQ, I really discovered the New World. First of all, we tried 16 people chatting online for 4~5 hours and no one was disconnected, and the voice was very clear from beginning to end, and there was no disconnection.

22. QQ’s voice-to-text function is more advanced

WeChat is equivalent to the software I use for work and study. Schools, clubs, and activities all use WeChat, so I will receive various notification voices…

As a result, WeChat’s text-to-text function was always up and down, and I couldn’t do it at every turn. I listened to the voice for 50 or 60 seconds.

Not only can QQ transfer text, but also the double-speed progress bar. Unlike WeChat, you can’t do anything after you click on the voice, just listen to it. Once I accidentally clicked on another window, the voice of more than fifty seconds was almost heard, and then I had to start again… I was sulking with myself for a long time.

23. QQ’s video phone function is more abundant

QQ video calls can be opened by a single party, and WeChat hangs up as soon as they refuse. For example, when I chat with my sister, I sometimes like to chat with her on a video. She is afraid that I will take screenshots or she refuses to turn on the camera when she thinks it is not good to be on the camera. When I chat with her, I can also enjoy the beauty of QQ. It feels quite fun.

24. Easy to find files in QQ

I think QQ is more like a social platform in the public domain, with more powerful functions. This is one of the reasons why QQ is still alive and alive after WeChat became popular. After all, for a group of young people who are struggling at work and experiment dogs like me, they quickly find files and don’t crawl. Seeing the notice in the floor may be as important as eating.

25. QQ grouping is clearer

Wechat grouping is too troublesome. Your circle of friends is your second face. Many people who are bound to one side are lying on the list. At the end, I didn’t bother to scan the circle of friends because I found that I gradually treated the people in it right or wrong. I’m on the number, who is this? Who has a cat again?

Believe me, more young people are using QQ.

Six, unique features

In the eyes of many young people, WeChat is used for work and QQ is used for entertainment. QQ, which targets users at young people, can be regarded as the app that understands young people best. It has achieved the ultimate in social entertainment for young people. It has fully met the delicate needs of young people through some personality, interesting, and insightful small designs.

For example, to capture the careful thinking of young people who have strong perception and like tortuous expressions, they have designed features such as anonymous speaking, chatting “little flames”, centimeter show, and stealing capsules.

In addition, the “extended column” function, personalized online status, etc. have captured the young people’s curiosity and the pursuit of personalized and interesting needs.

“Playing with young people” is something WeChat can’t do.

26. QQ has members to satisfy vanity

QQ can charge members. Many young people who have QQ members around me think they are cool and look up to the magical QQ members.

27. Various red envelope functions unique to QQ

Can WeChat group red envelopes be specially designated to receive them? Can you send a red envelope with a password? And QQ can.

28. Watch some stars through QQ

I didn’t use QQ before, because I started using QQ space because of the QQ highlights. I also find it strange that I am an old man born in the 90s, how can I use QQ, but the fact is that the celebrity section of QQ is very attractive to me. Although I am already an old aunt, I still have a girlish heart. Zhu Yilong, there are too many Zhu Yilong’s dynamics and information in the highlights, and I can’t stop it.

29. More ways to play QQ sports

QQ sports are much more fun than WeChat sports. Three months is a season. The number of steps you take each day can accumulate stars, and you can PK with your friends. If you accumulate stars to a certain number, you can reach a certain rank. The WeChat campaign can only look at the ranking for one day.

30. QQ emoticons will not be compressed

When I first started using WeChat, I smoothly adjusted a few expressions commonly used by QQ. It was the cute little yellow chicken and little yellow dog series in the size of a square. Then I cried when it was posted on WeChat. Why is it so big? All of them were deformed.

The maliciously enlarged electronic patina pattern ruined the cuteness of this kind of emoji. How do I use WeChat?

And then some picture packs will become smaller inexplicably, anyway, it’s disharmony, and the emojis I can receive on WeChat are mostly the kind of honey animated pictures that are packaged and made, which are either too old or unable to complete the electronic package. , The latter is critical.

In addition, there are a lot of points to save emoticons on WeChat, and emoticons sent by others cannot be saved as pictures. And QQ save emoticons can be done in one step, and you can also delete and save in batches.

31. QQ’s ecological content is richer

Tell a story that just happened a few days ago. A friend of mine found out that her boyfriend seemed to cheat on her girlfriend.

How did you find it?

I posted her boyfriend’s QQ and found that the chat records between him and her girlfriends were empty, but some of them were withdrawn. So I turned on the little spark (her boyfriend turned off) and found him and her best friend little spark for 13 days.

OK, the case is solved.

7. Work and study

If you simply accompany young people to play, in fact, many social software on the market can be satisfied, but QQ can not only play, but also provide convenience for young people’s learning, convenient cross-terminal management experience, perfect file management, and fast synchronous roaming , Extremely convenient groups and discussion groups, and QQ mailboxes are all good tools for young people to learn.

These tools have also formed a strong attraction for post-80s and post-90s professionals. Before Ding Ding and corporate WeChat were born, the phenomenon of working with QQ was very common. After the two appeared, QQ’s monthly life had a certain degree. The degree has declined, but there is still a strong user stickiness in the workplace. Today, QQ is the largest file transfer tool in China, transferring 180 million files every day.

Therefore, even if the “Generation Z” young people are less than 300 million, but with a huge workforce, it can still support QQ’s monthly life of nearly 600 million.

32. QQ can share the screen, the function is convenient and practical

I used to have classes with my mother who was a teacher who was thousands of miles away, and I also followed another teacher to take online classes. I used WeChat to take English online class with another teacher, and I watched her hold her mobile phone to face her exercises with difficulty.

In the QQ used in biology (my mother’s class) , she directly shared the screen to show me her screen, courseware and handwriting tablet, which is much more convenient than WeChat.

I think QQ might be better.

33. QQ’s eye protection mode is very comfortable

I signed up for WeChat when I was young in the early years, and the things in it were neither QQ fun nor ugly.

I am a night owl, and I found that there is no night mode when playing WeChat in the middle of the night ( no night mode until now) , the interface is white, and I don’t protect my eyes at all. And QQ’s night mode is the kind of navy blue that looks very comfortable, close to black but not black interface. This is what I care most about.

34. QQ can assist remotely

For people like me who use computers all the year round, I still use QQ. WeChat on PC is similar to chicken ribs.

QQ can assist remotely! Helped me solve all kinds of strange problems raised by novice customers who don’t use Team Viewer and Vnc.

35. QQ’s online documentation is particularly convenient

QQ’s “online documents” are simply “save the common people” for those of us who write things. We no longer have to send WORD back and forth. We only need to write things in online documents, which can be viewed simultaneously. Other people can ask questions at any time. This solution is much more convenient.

36. English in QQ pictures can be extracted and read aloud

QQ has a particularly useful function, but none of my classmates! know! Dao!

We are studying at home recently. Some English compositions need to be memorized, but it will be miserable (the parent group warns) , but with QQ in hand, English is not a problem.

If you want to memorize the composition, first take a screenshot, and then send it to any contact on the QQ interface. Long press the picture and select the text area you need to extract the text in the picture. After extracting it, send it to any contact in the form of text People, you can read aloud by pressing and holding it again.

This English rookie really likes this feature, and then you can also highlight the key points, you can choose the sentence you need to translate, and it can be segmented, which is easier to memorize.

37. QQ file transfer is more convenient

When I just graduated from university, my basic job was to draw drawings, and the first drafts were basically sent to Party A using QQ.

But some customers only use WeChat, forcing me to compress each design drawing into 5 volumes, and then send them to the other party.

Then I listened to the other party speaking in Cantonese Mandarin: “Liu Sheng, if you are anxious about something, you can’t hit WeChat quickly.”

I had a black line at the time, how convenient it is to upload files via QQ, and there is basically no problem of opening it, even without compression!

Now basically those who have QQ will ask Party A for a QQ or TIM. Of course, if the other party really doesn’t need it, I can only give in.

38. QQ file transfer function is more perfect

At least for me personally, the biggest advantage of QQ over WeChat lies in its mature and complete file transfer, cloud storage, and sharing mechanisms.

All the team projects that I lead require the use of QQ groups and prohibit the use of WeChat groups to send files.

39. There is no limit to the upload size of QQ files

Thinking of an article I had read, there was a crime that made me laugh to death:

“Classmate XX, 20 years old, spreading obscene materials for profit”

Several bad videos were sold on WeChat. Due to the size limit of the files sent by WeChat, it divided the videos into more than 20 small files and sold them, earning a total of less than 10 yuan. According to relevant laws and regulations, it can be sentenced to reach 20 obscene videos through the Internet. The number of parts is calculated according to the number of files, so if one part is divided into 20 parts for transmission, it will be counted as 20 parts. In the end, the student was sentenced to 4 months in detention.

That’s it. Due to WeChat upload file size limitations, several videos were split into more than 20 small files and uploaded, which violated the law, and the judgment was also very interesting. Originally, it was just a few videos and would not violate the law. The result was that he was divided into more than 20 parts and uploaded in batches. The court decided according to the number of documents, and finally received four months of detention.

I am actually very curious about how people who use WeChat can upload a video of about 300M at a time. For a photographer, the limitation of QQ and G for each file transfer is not enough for us (because we have to transfer the original video file) . How does WeChat’s 100M satisfy us?

40. QQ files are sent very fast

For example, several video files were used in the project, and the total compressed size is 106MB, which needs to be sent to the seniors in the group via WeChat. In normal times, I just tolerated it. It was divided into several files and sent out one by one, but today I encountered an extreme situation that directly broke my mentality.

How long does it take to send a 106MB compressed package using WeChat without wifi and using a 4G network? It’s been 4 hours and I haven’t posted it yet. Even WeChat said that I have sent too many files, and I can’t send any more files today.

My approach:

(1) Use zip to divide the file into 2 volumes, one is 60M and the other is 46M.

(2) Send 2 files separately.

As a result, I changed several compression formats and different sub-volume sizes, but I couldn’t send them out. The most ironic thing is that using QQ, I even sent a file of up to 106MB in just 1 minute! This is hard to imagine, this is completely impossible for WeChat with 1.2 billion a month’s livelihood!

41. QQ files can always be saved

What happened the day before yesterday, the classmate group and the WeChat group suddenly wanted a list. Nobody had it, and they couldn’t find it in their home office. Then, I found a list of 2008 from the QQ group.

More than 10 years.

You can find a WeChat group and try it. It is estimated that you can find it in the Moments of Friends 3 years ago. By the way, there are files from 2004 in the QQ group.

42. QQ chat records are roaming synchronously

Someone sent me a file from WeChat, I opened the computer version of WeChat (not to mention that the computer must log in to WeChat, but the phone must scan the code) , and then there is nothing. I have to forward the file to the “File Transfer Assistant” on the phone to access it. Computer download? I really took it. QQ is not so troublesome. The chat records are all synchronized. You can directly log in to the computer to find the files that others have just posted.

And if it’s a file in a WeChat group, it’s hard to find out if it’s been uploaded. The QQ group file is many times better than WeChat.

43. Files sent by QQ will not be compressed

I work as a new media organization in school. A few days ago, the minister asked me to make a few posters for people to fight the epidemic. After I finished it, I sent him the original picture. He was silent, and then asked me to post QQ, saying that it was not clear in WeChat. I sent him QQ, and it became clear all at once.

44. Important information will be backed up by QQ

WeChat data backup to the computer must be connected to WiFi, and QQ can be backed up at will.

45. QQ can send the installation package directly

A very anti-human point of WeChat is that the apk file you upload will automatically add “.1” to the suffix every time it is uploaded, so after changing hands, my installation package has changed from xxx.apk to “xxx.apk.1”, “Xxx.apk.1.1”, “xxx.apk.1.1.1”.

Colleagues asked me why I can’t use what I posted. I researched that if you want to successfully open the apk on WeChat, you need the following steps:

(1) Select file

(2) Send

(3) Can’t open

(4) Baidu “Physical Location of WeChat Received Documents”

(5) Enter the file manager to find the file at the first level (sometimes it can’t be found, the location is different depending on the phone model)

(6) Modify the file name (remove “.1”)

(7) Successful installation

The operation on QQ is much simpler, select the apk installation package-send, it’s over.

8. Comparison of important functions

Groups, spaces/circle of friends are all important parts of QQ and WeChat. The groups, spaces/circle of friends of the two have basically continued their respective positioning and styles. Many interviewed young people talked about groups using QQ and WeChat. The feeling of space/friend circle, and the QQ group and space with diversified content, lively and interesting, are also more popular with most young people.

QQ Space VS WeChat Moments:

46. ​​QQ space is better to use

A large part of the reason why I play QQ is QQ space. QQ space is getting more and more likes. I occasionally write a few times in the log book. If others see your space and like the comment, I will be very happy. The colors can also be changed, which looks pleasing to the eye. And the WeChat Moments are nothing except changing the top album cover.

47. QQ space album function

The QQ space photo album is one of my greatest inventions. What kind of photos I want to save and I think it takes up memory and I can send them directly to the album. Then I can download them with one click on the computer, and even if I only want that one, there is a timeline next to each album. Just pull any date past, the same is true for space dynamics.

WeChat Moments is not good. I remember one time when I was looking for a photo in Moments for three months, it made me want to die.

Moreover, the timing of QQ space and automatic deletion after 24 hours are true, and it is good if you use it.

One more thing in WeChat Moments is likes. After you like or comment, you can still receive the likes and comments of your mutual friends, and you can’t see the likes of non-friends.

The most important thing is that for people who are in a specific circle, not having QQ space is like losing their lives. (There may be a little exaggeration)

48. QQ space can add various “walls”

I added a variety of fun wall, health wall, art gallery, book abstract and essay wall, plus the dynamics of my list of friends, the QQ space is really super rich… Although there are many things launched by QQ It’s a little bit, but you can use it on your own. It’s super awesome and saves a Weibo.

49. After the QQ space is dynamically sent, it can be modified at will

As a senior Internet addiction girl, Q is 11 years old and registered on WeChat around 2012. I feel that it is not as easy to use as QQ. Up to now, I have discovered that WeChat has some functions that make me feel that I am living in the era of key presses.

Moments of friends is particularly worthy of complaining. I didn’t know how to post only text until last year. There is no one-click forwarding function. Occasionally, my parents ask me to help send some notices about missing objects and people. I really don’t know how to forward them. I found out later that I couldn’t forward them.

There is also setting to be visible for 3 days, and invisible after three days. QQ space can be restricted to every one, and every time point of blockade can be as recently as the previous month, perfectly retaining the black history for yourself and leaving perfection. Of yourself to others.

Moreover, after the QQ space is dynamically posted, you can edit it again, and then change the picture, and the Moments can only accept the fate or delete it and resend it.

QQ group VS WeChat group

50. In the QQ group, you can start a temporary conversation if you find someone in the QQ group, and you can see the group announcement if you join the group

There is a feature in the QQ group is a temporary dialog. If you are in a group, you can initiate a temporary dialog with him. If the other party feels disturbed, you can also block it. This is very convenient, because sometimes you just want to say a word or two. Then, there is no need to add friends. But on WeChat, if you want to chat privately with someone in a group, you must add it before you can speak.

I have a deep understanding of this. During the winter vacation, I worked as a part-time head teacher in a tuition institution. There was a parent group with 45 parents. Some parents didn’t read WeChat very much, and they couldn’t directly call names in the group, so they had to chat privately. Some parents would also ask me about the students’ situation, and I suddenly found 45 more friends. It’s not good to delete it after finishing talking, nor is it good not to delete it.

And why the WeChat group can’t @ all members, only by modifying the group announcement, I really don’t understand. Every time a new group is created, the group announcement tells everyone what rules need to be followed. This is the case with QQ. Even if the last one enters the group, you can see the group announcement when you enter. But wechat @ all members have to modify the group announcement every time, only the latest one, which is too inconvenient.

51. QQ can build a group of 2000 people, which is more active and lively

For the first time after the college entrance examination, I can formally own a smart phone, as well as my own QQ and WeChat. Currently, QQ is the most used.

Because QQ is very convenient to upload and find files, an official group has been established in the class to send school messages and question banks. There is also a group for small talk. One of the daily fun is to watch a few active members in the class fight in the group. Figure.

Once I was in an experimental class, I found an experimental textbook in the drawer. It had the name, class, and major. So I asked if there were any classmates in the school’s largest group of 2,000 people on QQ, and someone responded immediately. The book was returned, and it took less than ten minutes.

52. QQ group is more convenient, message notification is more reasonable

When walking on the road, the phone vibrates to tell you that someone has sent a message on WeChat. You casually turn on the message notification and find that the teacher sent a courseware in the WeChat group chat. You crossed out the message at will. The moment the file was crossed out, the file was returned. No download, where did the group chat go? Look for it quickly, find no results, and wait for the teacher to send a message again to call up the group chat window.

But QQ is different. If you turn off the message reminder, no one can bother you (WeChat turn off the message reminder to remind missed notifications, while QQ notifications are almost all members of Aite) , and the message will not be automatically deleted because you delete the notification bar. Delete, when I remember that I didn’t download the courseware, just go to the group file to download it.

I really can’t think of a reason for the generation who is still in school to use WeChat.

53. QQ group is also easy to use for non-administrators

I am a student. If there is something in the department, I am reluctant to post messages in the WeChat group, because I am not an administrator, @ all members, but the administrator in QQ can set a few, I can @ all members. In addition, QQ, as a work group, is much more convenient than WeChat. It’s easy to upload files and everything. If you want to chat privately, you don’t need to add people. You only need to create an album for any photos you need to upload for work. The reason for using WeChat is that people around you are using it and paying money.

54. QQ can be blocked in the group

The QQ group can completely block the annoying people in the group, but the WeChat group cannot block the annoying people. The annoying person can be seen as soon as he speaks, and the mood will plummet.

55. QQ groups are more entertaining

I like various QQ groups of water: gentleman group, light novel group, language C group…

In the light novel group, everyone has to post various documents and post their own articles to exchange writing experience, but WeChat can’t do it.

WeChat is a communication tool for me, and it is all people I know in three dimensions. And QQ is more entertaining for me. There are many friends who have never met before.

56. QQ group can be found at any time without saving

A buddy of mine chose an elective course, and no one in the class knew him. This class uses WeChat to group homework and send notifications. This is the premise. Then the buddy’s phone broke and changed to a new phone, and found that the WeChat group could not be found. The group had to send a message to display this group, and finally reduced to publishing a white wall for the older brother in the group to send a message.

57. QQ group information is more extensive

Tell me something about QQ that is particularly useful.

I am preparing for the postgraduate entrance examination this year. I know that the most important thing for the postgraduate entrance examination is data collection. In this regard, the QQ group can be said to slap other social apps. Just search directly.

With a slightly larger number of college entrance examination groups, the actual questions and the number of admissions in the past years can be easily found, and it is also easy to find relevant seniors. Finding information helped a lot.

As for WeChat, I don’t want to vomit, delete the chat box information directly.

58. QQ group reply is very convenient

QQ group has a +1 function, you don’t want to type, just +1 directly when you send it and you’re done.

59. QQ can disband the group directly

The logic of WeChat operation is simply…I don’t know how to complain.

To disband the group, you need to delete the group members one by one. The message “You have been removed from the group xxx by the group owner” received by the group members has been misunderstood more than once.

60. QQ groups can be muted

If the QQ group scolds the group frame:

Administrator: Turn on the group’s mute, whoever scolds others to mute for one day!

Group owner: The administrator is right

If the WeChat group scolds the group frame:

Group leader: Stop arguing, stop arguing

Everyone: I didn’t see it because the message was swiped

In the end, the group owner was forced to kick people slowly and helplessly.

From these 60 reasons, we can see that QQ is not only the social software that most understands young people in China, but also a great software for differentiation.

When the mobile Internet era came and WeChat was born, QQ developed a mobile version of QQ to adapt to the inevitable trend of mobile Internet, and chose a differentiation strategy while balancing product competition and maximizing the company’s interests.

In general, WeChat is simple and portable at any functional level, while QQ pays more attention to personalization and fun, and is rich and powerful. It also compares WeChat with WeChat in terms of youthful and entertaining routes, and continuous optimization of office scenes. Differentiated competition has been carried out, so so far not only can there be a huge number of monthly livelihoods, but also a group of “die loyal fans” represented by young people.

On the other hand,, which used to have an extraordinary status on the PC side, did not find a suitable position on the mobile side. Today’s ending is embarrassing.

This article comes from WeChat public account: Shangyinshe (ID: shangyinshecj) , author: Wanye

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Coinyuppie is an open information publishing platform, all information provided is not related to the views and positions of coinyuppie, and does not constitute any investment and financial advice. Users are expected to carefully screen and prevent risks.

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