After spending more than one million to buy an avatar, I finally started to understand it

Halloween, New York Manhattan. The staff of Bright Moments Art Gallery were preparing nervously for the next day’s activities, when they suddenly heard a lot of howling apes.

It was 15 “apes” who had just got off the plane, and it was the Halloween event the next day, but they couldn’t wait to express their inner restlessness.

At 7 o’clock the next morning, they came back again. This time there were more than 15 people, and 700 people lined up three blocks. They are all members of the Boring Ape Yacht Club, come to collect tickets for a real yacht party. This is the grand opening ceremony of the week-long ape carnival and the highlight of the NFT.NYC conference. A total of 5,000 people poured into New York during the epidemic to participate in this conference-an NFT-themed carnival.

After spending more than one million to buy an avatar, I finally started to understand it

After spending more than one million to buy an avatar, I finally started to understand it

NFT has been very hot in the past year, whether it is at the conceptual level, project innovation level or market level. But I still don’t understand why someone spends so much money on an avatar, especially when it is often ugly. I often say that I don’t understand art. This is a fact. It is the reason why I have some prejudice against these avatars. It is also a guilty concealment of my ignorance of art-like NFTs.

I saw an article from Coinbase a few weeks ago. The article recommends the Boring Monkey Yacht Club as the head DAO in the social category. Why can a group of people who bought monkey heads be listed as the top DAO? This ignited my interest. Another fuse was that Adidas purchased a monkey and made a big Metaverse plan based on the monkey IP it bought.

These also make me reflect: Prejudice is a burden, it confuses the past, threatens the future, and makes people unable to grasp the present. Maybe I should give up prejudice and take a closer look at the community and the logic behind these leading NFT projects. Even if he has a bubble, he should at least understand how the bubble comes.

NFT is a very large technical concept that can extend to countless scenarios. This article discusses only a small part of the NFT scenario. NFT is more than just an avatar or an artwork on the chain.

I have been checking it for two days and learned a lot of background information, but I always feel that there is a layer of difference. After thinking about it, this layer is probably-I don’t really own this monkey, so I always look at it from the outside. Observing from the outside and participating in the experience while in the midst of the situation, and grow up together with everyone, the views may be completely different. In order to be in the game, I decided to buy one. Monkeys are expensive. This is a bit risky, but it is not that risky, because after a period of understanding, I have a certain understanding and recognition of the value of monkeys. I should lose too much, but I can’t lose too much, so I comfort myself. In the end, I spent almost 1.4 million, which is almost the lowest price of Monkey NFT available on the market.There is no doubt that the monkey at this price range is ugly and has no special features, otherwise it will definitely be more than this price. The expensive one was not easy to see, so I comforted myself again.

There are not a few friends who have monkeys in the circle of friends, and there are five or six monkeys that still use monkeys as their avatars. However, based on my aesthetics, I always think that this group of monkeys is not very good-looking, but they are all bought with a lot of money. I am too embarrassed to mention this. When someone asks, I don’t understand it, and it is indeed true. do not know. However, since I also spent money, I can see a bit pleasing to the eye from the monkey head that didn’t look good. This is probably the difference between being in the game and out of the game.

Many people regard NFT as an investment, but I even regard it as consumption. This monkey has become my learning material, the ticket to participate in the club, the support of my identity in the monkey community, and it is also the ownership of a commercial IP that I can use without restrictions. I can use its image to open a cafe, make a set of dolls to sell, or license it to other brands for commercial use. This is a very expensive consumption.

Boring Monkey Club

Bored Ape Yacht Club-Bored Ape Yacht Club, referred to as BAYC. Launched at the end of April 2021, this is a NFT combination of 10,000 monkeys with different characteristics and attributes. These monkeys have different clothing features, but all have a boring expression. The price when it goes live is about $200 each.

After spending more than one million to buy an avatar, I finally started to understand it

Four ordinary people founded the Boring Monkey Club. They founded a company called Yuga Labs as the operating entity behind the Boring Monkey. According to the test, these four should come from a university. Two of them have some art skills, and the other two know some techniques. How common are they? Normally, after one of the friends made a sum of money because of the monkey, the first reaction was to change a car for himself, which was an ordinary Volvo. And when he told his mother that he finally made some money, the mother’s reaction was-crying.

It may be that the boring expression touches everyone, it may be that his style of painting is loved by some groups, or it may be that certain groups have bought goods in advance and are in rhythm. In short, this group of apes was on fire, and the fire was caught off guard.

Open-the new paradigm of the brand

The monkey became angry with some accidents, but there are also some inevitability. Boring Ape almost used his own power to create a new era of open branding.

How to understand the open brand? To put it simply, when a person purchases Boring Ape’s NFT, it not only buys a pair of works, but also obtains tickets to a vibrant club, and at the same time obtains all the commercial use rights of his own monkey IP.

After spending more than one million to buy an avatar, I finally started to understand it

Boring Ape’s Ownership Description and Terms of Rights

The core sentence is translated as follows: “Yuga Labs LLC grants you an unlimited global license, allowing you to use, copy and display the purchased artwork, and to create derivative works based on the artwork (“commercial use”).”

This means that when a person purchases a work, he can use the image on the NFT to be used in any commercial scene, and can be used for external authorization, secondary creation, and so on. Although each monkey image is unique, everyone is in the same community and shares a large underlying IP. Consumers are no longer consumers, but have become participants and owners.

For most cultural brands, Supreme, Marvel, and popular music, the free circulation of intellectual property rights is not allowed. In contrast, boring apes regard their openness as an asset. “Anything people create with apes will only grow the brand” founder Goner.

So a large number of extended works were soon born. Apes Jacket, Apes Skateboard, Apes Magazine, Apes TV, a virtual band with apes image. For a considerable proportion of entrepreneurs who use Ape IP, the Ape team will also provide funding to allow them to unleash their creativity and expand their brand influence. Because everyone who uses the image of apes to make their own commercial products is participating in the construction of this brand. Other community members are also empowering this community and brand in various ways. This is like a community version of SuperMe. They combine the image of apes with everything to create their own culture.

After spending more than one million to buy an avatar, I finally started to understand it

Various derivatives

I have not been able to verify whether Boring Ape is the first NFT work that fully assigns the brand IP to the holder, but one thing is certain, before Boring Ape appeared, no one had passed this gameplay. Not only did it get through this time. , And still play a lot. Behind his success is everyone’s love for the brand’s carrying culture, recognition of the community, and a high degree of consensus and value recognition.

The gameplay of the open brand is easy to replicate from the model. After the success of Boring Ape, everyone has learned it, but few can replicate its success. The reason is simple. Only when a strong community and cultural consensus can be gathered, an open brand has value.

From this perspective, Yuga Labs’ products may not be this set of NFTs at all, but a powerful community with common culture, values ​​and a strong sense of self-identity. Ape NFT is just the cause of bringing everyone together and their external output.

Culture and community

What is the culture of the Boring Ape Club? I’ve been asking myself since the first day, but until now I can’t answer this question well.

People like boring apes for many reasons. Some people think it is cool, and some people think that this boring represents a kind of rebellion. Some people think that the founding team are ordinary people like you and me, who have seen their shadows, while others think that this kind of openness represents a new world, and some people think that the boring ape is the Metaverse. Boring ape attracted many young and rebellious people at the beginning of its establishment, especially street culture circles, sports circles, and music circles. And people in this circle often have good ideas and external output capabilities and have indeed formed a huge spread. In other words, everyone is quite good at making things right.

The founding team is the same. Yoga labs has embodied an open attitude in the continuous operation process, continued to empower the brand, and gradually created many innovative gameplay.

Initially, only a co-creation space called the “toilet” was allowed for club members to interact and play. Only those with monkeys can open it after verification to enjoy paintings or participate in creation. One pixel can be added every 15 minutes. The reason for the name toilet is because the idea of ​​boring ape came out when squatting in the toilet.

After spending more than one million to buy an avatar, I finally started to understand it

This is a picture that took me more than 1 million to log in and look at it

With the development of the community, more and more gameplay has been developed. Airdrop dogs, mutant monkeys, monkey-monkey duels, etc. and a more ambitious 2022 roadmap. In the process of writing this article, my computer browser is always open with dozens of windows, which contain all kinds of information about bored apes. But in the end, I gave up integrating all the information into the article. It was too much, too long, and I couldn’t write it. I guess everyone can’t move it.

However, what makes me more valuable than these roadmaps is the formation of a friendly community. The central members of the community have a strong sense of common identity (of course, the proportion of external investors and speculators is also quite large), and they work together to support each other and help each other.

Although Coinbase lists Boring Ape as a DAO, other communities have not yet formed a narrow DAO, there is no smart contract, no governance mechanism, and no voting. The community itself acknowledged this and stated on the roadmap that it would become a DAO in 2022. But from a broader perspective, Boring Ape is already a DAO, and everyone has already begun to collaborate without a central management party, and his founding team Yoga labs is just a member of this community. Countless apes are working hard for a common goal.

And when the apes all work in the same community, reputation becomes an extremely important thing. People can use it to create great value for themselves. The establishment of this reputation takes a long time. However, if there is trust from community members, then this trust can actually be used, and people expect you to use it. This kind of trust is of great value to the individual. The importance of this kind of credibility is also of great value to the community. Under this circumstance, every community member is trying to help the boring apes become stronger, and the boring apes are helping every community member.

Twitter and celebrity effect

I have seen many communities, but none of them have reached the level of boring ape from the communication level.How did all this happen, I have no conclusion. But it is easy to observe that the apes are sweeping the Twitter space, and they use twitter as the main battlefield for spreading brand and culture. What hashtags like #apefollowape #apetogetherstrong are emerging on Twitter, and they are very popular. Since members who support the apes are scattered in all walks of life, rather than limited to the encryption industry, their spread can reach many people. People will wonder why they have been seeing this ugly monkey recently.

In the last few days, a lot of monkeys have spontaneously posted a “proud to join the monkey club” spread on Twitter.

After spending more than one million to buy an avatar, I finally started to understand it

 The queue is neat and uniform

I even saw a young guy who spends almost all of his time every day to help friends with apes and monkeys make a TwitterBanner for free to expand this spread.

And the celebrity effect undoubtedly gave this kind of communication more than a fire. With the expansion of influence and culture, NBA superstar Curry came. The NBC king-level host is also here, and the legendary superstar Eminem in the music circle is also here. There are at least 20 other first-line celebrities who have come over. There are more small and medium-sized network KOLs with twitter followers ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands.

They all took the monkey as their avatar.

With just the three people mentioned above, the number of Twitter followers is close to 100 million. If we can’t imagine the impact of this kind of transmission, we might as well make an analogy. If one day you saw Yao Ming, Wang Han, and Li Zongsheng on Weibo and changed their avatars to a cartoon at the same time, what would you think?

The organization is not idle, and the Rolling Stone Records, known for its rebellion, is here. Universal Music Group invested in a virtual band composed of boring monkeys.

After spending more than one million to buy an avatar, I finally started to understand it

And the newest member on this list is Adidas.

Adidas and the Boring Yuanyuan Universe

Adidas purchased a Boring Ape with the number 8774 in November and automatically obtained the corresponding IP authorization. Adidas named the monkey Indigo Hertz and made a picture of wearing sportswear. And on Twitter, this 8774 monkey in Adi sportswear was used as the avatar of the Adadis Orginals series.

After spending more than one million to buy an avatar, I finally started to understand it

But this is obviously just the beginning.

In December, Adidas announced the launch of its own NFT series, called Entering the Metaverse. In the process of making this series, Adidas and the three NFT communities have cooperated and a certain degree of brand integration, of which the deepest degree of integration is undoubtedly Boring Ape. This group of Adidas NFTs is limited to 30,000, of which 20,000 whitelists (that is, can be purchased in advance before the public sale, and to ensure eligibility) are given to three communities including Boring Monkey, and the remaining part is publicly sold.

All NFTs are sold out in a few seconds.

After spending more than one million to buy an avatar, I finally started to understand it

Adidas Originals team

What can this set of NFT do? First of all, it can be redeemed in three limited editions in 2022, corresponding to three kinds of clothing. (It can be expected that a large number of people will show off after getting the clothes).

After spending more than one million to buy an avatar, I finally started to understand it

Adidas has also made a big construction plan in a Metaverse application. This group of NFTs are still tickets to participate in Adidas universe in advance. Not only can they visit, but also participate in joint construction.

There is no doubt that Adidas understands the fundamentals of Metaverse, users and communities. In this way, he expressed his understanding and attitude of standing with the community.

Metaverse has created countless possibilities in terms of user connection, creation and ownership of works. Especially the part of belonging that we initially focused on. Working with communities like Boring Apes is a huge learning journey for Adidas. These communities are firmly betting on the future, and I think we can learn something from it. As a brand, when our members want to join such a space, can we become trusted friends around them? How can we help, educate, guide and tell them the way forward?

 -Tareq Nazlawy Adidas Senior Director of Digital Business

What Adidas wants to build is the Adidas Metaverse, but this is also part of the boring monkey element universe. Again, anything that people create with apes will only make the brand grow.

But the monkey Metaverse is much more than that.

The monkey NFT game, cooperating with Animoca Brands, the early layout of the Metaverse, will be launched in 2022.(The parent company of Sandbox, a well-known Metaverse project, has also invested in a large number of Metaverse and NFT-type projects and has a large amount of preliminary intellectual property rights) The 3D bored ape image used in the Metaverse is already in full swing.

And more innovations and plans are constantly emerging.

Write at the end

Boring Ape has created a new paradigm of brand operation, and it is likely to be a brand model widely used by a large number of commercial organizations around the world for many years to come. It has formed a strong community, excellent culture, and an IP with great commercial value. And this IP has risen to the level of a cultural phenomenon in the United States and many other regions. There is a certain inevitability in the success of Boring Ape, but it also has a huge chance. And all kinds of botched imitations of bored apes that emerged in the later period are basically liars and speculators. However, the success of Boring Ape is by no means unique, it is reproducible to a certain extent, but it is extremely difficult.

My understanding of the boring ape is still very shallow, after all, I just went in to play for two weeks. The study is far from over, and I am just a member who wanders on the edge of the community, and there is still a distance from truly understanding this community and his culture.

There may be a big bubble in the price of Ape, and there must be speculators behind his explosion. But I vaguely saw the infinite possibilities of boring apes in the future. Is his value overestimated or underestimated, and what kind of commercial value can the IP I own bring me in the future? What exactly will this brand evolve into in the Metaverse era? Whether everyone will get together and do something better, I can’t tell.

I put more focus on the community itself. Throwing away a considerable proportion of speculators and investors, I saw a large number of super friendly, super active people with diverse backgrounds and rich knowledge in the center of the Boring Ape community. I can learn a lot from them, which makes me hope to participate in the community more deeply, learn, grow, help everyone when I can, or accept everyone’s help when encountering difficulties. This may also become a very important part of my social capital in the future.

We’re both a part of ecosystem whereeveryone creates value adds more value to everyone else. I know the work you’redoing will help me the work I’m doing will help you. And together, we’ll beable to build this future Metaverse into a better place than existing realitylooks like.

– Ohhshine, Community Capitalist

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