After Shib and lowb, value investing is turned upside down, will you still stick to it?

The market is wildly elusive these days, and many air coins that were previously considered air and useless by the mainstream have turned out to be the coins with the biggest gains. Following various about the cat and dog coins, shib, lowb such coins also on stage, really let some people can not understand.

After Shib and lowb, value investing is turned upside down, will you still stick to it?

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market. When I asked why this coin was chosen, the answer given was surprisingly because it was cheap.

At that time, the author still did not think, and repeatedly told this coin is not good, may cut leeks, the results of people simply do not care, when recommended him to buy bitcoin or ethereum, also did not listen. This is how the author himself does not care about this matter. After two days, one night when I was working late, I happened to meet up with that friend, and I was told that the IQ in his hand had doubled, and at that time I was not impressed, and then he sold the IQ and bought another very cheap coin, and after a few days, I was told that it had doubled again, and I had mixed feelings.

Previously the author also discussed about the impact of icons and names of digital currencies on newcomers buying coins, many people may not think so, in fact a good name and coin logo can really make the coin price get good, there is a reason for this. When newcomers enter the market, they do generally see the downside of high bitcoin prices and low rises, which is why they embrace cottage coins. As someone who came through the last bull market, I still have some experience.

In 16 to the first half of 17 years, once the digital currency market is also very crazy, there are many coins have been born, and some low-priced coins are also a wide range, the author 16 years although bought some coins, but because of the price reason later did not pay attention to the coin circle, in early 17 years, only began to pay attention to the big casino of poly coins, of course, at that time the popularity of the big casino is still very strong, but also appeared a lot of such low-priced coins.

The dog coin needless to say, like the earth coin, infinite coin, and other coins low price, trading accuracy is also relatively poor, such as from 0.0005 up to 0.0006 may rise very high, but you can not go to the order 0.00055 such a buy and sell orders, this is the exchange system decided, so the author first began to play in such coins, many times is in the The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into. Although there is also the risk of selling fly, but the probability of making money is still relatively large.

The result of the script later how to play it? The first section rotation, a wave of pullback, making the author set, and then the market hype bitcoin segwit and fork, and a wave of decline, of course, near the time of the fork, bitcoin prices began to rise, so the author sold a part of the cottage, bought a little bit of bitcoin, only to make some money.
The story after that might come to mind for many people, that is, in August, the market ICO is more active, in September, the regulation came, all kinds of retreat coins, the author’s hands of those cottages basically went to zero, the price is low at the end not even on the new exchange, only to smash in their own hands. The same year in October bottom adjustment, November bitcoin prices rose, cottage second hype, new hotspots have replaced the previous low-priced coin hotspots, the market changed, fork bitcoin began to be popular, all kinds of fork bitcoin story began to play, so the hype also became more hot, a wave of bear market came, those bitcoin fork coins are basically dead, now I every time I open the coin exchange, see The money bar has a little SBTC inside, neither to mention the coin, nor to trade, so it has been left to warn the author of that crazy time.

The main reason for saying so much is actually to express what? In fact, in the cryptocurrency world, the bear market is much longer than the bull market, even in the bull market, a coin up only a small part of the time, most of the time is in the retracement or shock, we often say tolerate loneliness, keep the prosperity is actually this meaning. The market has speculative behavior, which we understand, but speculation is not durable, it has not experienced the test of time, it is easy to finally be reduced to a tool for cutting leeks, which is terrible for the participants, so when you feel that you miss the wave of shit market, then it is more important to adhere to their original intention, so that they can really obtain the wealth belonging to their own perception.

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