After Nike opened a “Metaverse” flagship store for in-depth experience: “This is it?”

After Nike opened a "Metaverse" flagship store for in-depth experience: "This is it?"

When it comes to hot spots, fashion brands are always the fastest.

“—Yo Bro, these Nike shoes on your feet are good, where did you buy them?”

“—Nike Metaverse Official Flagship Store.”

On the gaming platform Roblox, two cube figures are exchanging their latest fashion tips. The most recent big event in the Metaverse is that Nike officially announced that it has launched a virtual large-scale flagship store Nikeland on Roblox, and everyone can wear genuine Nike in the game.

In this latest Nike virtual world, in addition to shopping in the store and dressing yourself up with a variety of Nike custom products, you can also play a variety of sports mini-games, and even use interactive sports materials to design your own mini-games . In Nike’s official propaganda, the color of the world is very cartoony, with basketball courts, tennis courts, football fields, track and field fields, and a sci-fi Nike store with a huge Nike logo floating in the air.

After Nike opened a "Metaverse" flagship store for in-depth experience: "This is it?"

The picture comes from Nike’s official website

Nike said that the inspiration for the construction of Nikeland’s internal buildings and venues comes directly from Nike’s real headquarters in Oregon, USA, which can be said to be Nike’s global headquarters base in the virtual world.Corresponding to “Just do it”, Nikeland’s main promotional slogan is “Dream it. Make it. Play it.” It tries to expand the boundaries of the brand in the virtual world.

Seeing such an interesting cross-border attempt by Nike, the Silicon Stars also decided to experience it in person to see what the virtual world they created was like.

The first experience of Nikeland: parkour, shopping, repairing the park…

Before officially entering Nikeland in person, I have to say that the “Buyer Show” video on Nike’s official website is still very attractive.

The colorful animation design is full of youthful vitality, and the building is designed with a futuristic sense. At the same time, it also combines some parkour and avoidance games, which really looks like a virtual amusement park.

Next, open Roblox and search for Nikeland, let us enter the “Seller Show” link.

Let’s talk about the various mini-games first. After entering Nikeland, a description of the game rules will pop up first, which probably means that you can win gold coins by playing various mini-games in this world, and then you can use gold coins to build your own mini-games and buy them in the virtual store Various Nike gear.

After entering the game, next to have a little game allows you to choose the type of sites, including lava parkour, trampoline, etc. dodgeball . But after choosing magma parkour, the Silicon Stars have been defeated repeatedly, and the game always ends before it starts. Sadly, after exiting this mini-game, the selection entrance of other mini-games disappeared, and the Silicon Stars had to wander around the world by themselves.

When you come to the tennis court, there are many trampolines with Nike logos on the court, you can jump on it, but you don’t know the meaning of jumping around. ‍

After Nike opened a "Metaverse" flagship store for in-depth experience: "This is it?"

When I came to the track and field, I immediately felt like I was running, but after running for a while, I was alone on the track, and I didn’t see any timer, end or starting point. logo, you can only experience the atmosphere of “running with the wind, freedom is the direction”.

Halfway through the run, I saw a ski resort in the distance, so I ran up to take a look. I thought I could sled, but I couldn’t push it for a long time, so I could only pick up some small snowballs to throw.

After Nike opened a "Metaverse" flagship store for in-depth experience: "This is it?"

In addition, most of the basketball courts and football fields are in the same situation. There are some interactive things that you can play, but there is no clear entry to the game rules, and there is a lack of competitive and sports experience.

During the Silicon Stars experience, the only two small games that were better experienced were running through the flag and climbing the Nike Wall, mainly because the rules and gameplay were relatively clear. For example, in a race run, you can pass 40 small Nike flags in a fast glide and you will be successful and earn gold coins.

The Nike Wall requires you to jump on the highest point of the square Nike Wall little by little to get rewards through fine and coherent operations. During this process, the blocks will keep changing, players have to master the timing, and they will fall back to zero if they are not careful.

After Nike opened a "Metaverse" flagship store for in-depth experience: "This is it?"

In addition to these small games, the Silicon Stars also visited the Nike Showroom in the center of Nikeland. When entering the store, you can greet the virtual clerk at the door to get a hat and backpack for free. At present, there are not many products on display in the store. There are about 20 items in total. There are some models wearing Nike clothes on both sides. Nike shoes from the Force, Nike Blazer, Air Max, and other collections, each garment and shoe can be clicked for more details and prices.

After Nike opened a "Metaverse" flagship store for in-depth experience: "This is it?"

If you need to buy clothes and accessories, you need to spend a few hundred gold coins, and you need to spend medals to buy shoes. Both gold and medals can be earned by playing games and unlocking hidden missions throughout the Nike world. Although the whole store is not big, there are quite a lot of places to explore. You can jump up and down, and maybe you can see a Nike shoe box waiting to be opened in a hidden place.

Finally, let’s talk about Nike’s emphasis on allowing players to create their own mini-games. In the construction game, you can either use a blank plot to create your own creation, or you can use the various field templates provided by Nike. Then, on the basis of the template, use the small gold coins you obtained in the previous game to buy some construction materials to build. Because this process is too difficult and too long to operate on a mobile phone, the Silicon Stars did not fully build their own mini-games this time, and interested friends can experience it for themselves.

After Nike opened a "Metaverse" flagship store for in-depth experience: "This is it?"

Take the first step in the transformation of the metaverse, but only the first step

Judging from the one-hour experience of the Silicon Stars, the so-called Metaverse Headquarters built by Nike this time has obvious advantages and disadvantages.

The good thing is that Nikeland is very innovative and rich in content. In addition to the clever combination of various sports and mini-games, this virtual world has also created shops, parks, beaches, small playgrounds, information offices, etc. If you are tired of playing, you can choose to sit on the swing. You can also bask in the sun on a lounger by the sea, or go shopping at the store. Everywhere is embedded with the shadow of Nike, so that users will really feel like they are in a Nike world.

After Nike opened a "Metaverse" flagship store for in-depth experience: "This is it?"

After Nike opened a "Metaverse" flagship store for in-depth experience: "This is it?"

In addition, Nikeland is indeed trying to incorporate various features of the metaverse. For example, social networking, such as the interaction between virtual goods and offline physical goods, and open-ended gameplay that allows users to create their own games. This world will also be linked with the real world. For example, after entering winter, there will be occasional snow days, the lake will freeze into ice, and the previous swimming activities will become ice skating.

But Nikeland is not as fun as imagined, and there is still a big difference between the buyer’s show and the seller’s show. The main problem is that the rules by which this virtual world operates are not very clear.

For example, how to play various mini-games and where the entrance is are not very clearly marked and demonstrated.Players are often confused and aimless after entering, do not know how to participate, and how to win. Another example is in the self-construction link, how players enter their own construction pages and plots, and how to open and operate their own built content lacks a clear operation guide, which makes it easy for users to lose interest.

Overall, Nikeland is still very suitable for children and young Nike enthusiasts to find out. After all, a place where even clouds are Nike can only be seen here.

After Nike opened a "Metaverse" flagship store for in-depth experience: "This is it?"

Although Nikeland seems to be just unsatisfactory at present, its future imagination is still quite large. For example, more Nike merchandise can be put on the shelves and even linked to real-world consumption in the future, for example, virtual NBA games, Super Bowls, etc. will be held inside.

And Nikeland’s capabilities have also made it favored by many investment institutions. For example, analysts from Wall Street investment bank Guggenheim recently listed Nike as their “preferred stock” in 2022, saying that Nike “is rapidly opening the company’s history. The next era of digital consumption”.

The Metaverse is on fire, and fashion brands have come to collect hot spots again

It’s no surprise, though, that fashion brands are making their way into the metaverse in a big way, because they’re the fastest runners every time a new concept in tech pops up.

As early as around 2016, when the wave of VR/AR exploded, Nike, Adi, Gucci, Givenchy, etc. all launched VR products one after another. And this wave of metaverse craze is so turbulent, these brands will naturally not fall behind. In addition to Nike, the following are the fashion brands that have tested the water element universe according to the incomplete statistics of Silicon Stars:

  • Burberry

In August last year, Burberry cooperated with Los Angeles-based game company Mythical Games to launch a limited-edition Blanko NFT virtual shark doll in the open-world game “Blankos Block Party”, priced at $300 a piece and limited to 750 pieces. The result was officially released. It sold out within 30 seconds of sale, and now the cheapest Burberry doll has been fired up to $1,000.

After Nike opened a "Metaverse" flagship store for in-depth experience: "This is it?"

Image via Burberry

  • Ralph Lauren

On August 25 last year, it announced a 50-piece virtual clothing series launched in cooperation with virtual social company ZEPETO, and set up new attractions such as Ralph Lauren coffee shop and Ralph Lauren Madison Avenue flagship store in the game. During the Christmas season, Ralph Lauren also opened a world called “Winter Escape” on Roblox, where you can skate with friends, visit the Polo store, make your own cup of hot cocoa at Ralph’s Coffee, and decorate the Christmas tree.

  • Vans

In September last year, streetwear brand Vans created a skateboard-themed virtual world “Vans World” on the Roblox platform. Users can purchase their favorite skateboards and clothing shoes in the game, practice skateboarding skills with friends, and play. Get exclusive Vans gear along the way.

After Nike opened a "Metaverse" flagship store for in-depth experience: "This is it?"

  • Balenciaga

In September, Balenciaga designed costumes for four characters in the video game Fortnite, which players can pay for using the Fortnite currency “V-Bucks.”

  • Gucci

Gucci released a two-week virtual version of Gucci Garden powered by Roblox on December 9, 2020, where users can customize their avatars and purchase exclusive digital items, and is now also selling a virtual fashion collection on Zepeto.

  • adidas

Adidas officially launched a series of NFTs “into the Metaverse” at the beginning of last month, with a total number of 30,000 issued. Just a few hours after the release, the released series sold out and sold for as high as 20 million US dollars.

From the phenomenon of fashion brands rushing into the metaverse, we can see that the fire of the metaverse has begun to spread from the beginning of game socialization to people’s food, clothing, housing and transportation. Today, a digital abstract painting has sold for one million dollars, the virtual land has been fired higher than the real estate price in Beijing, and luxury goods are beginning to be harvested wildly. I wonder if it is time to sing “It’s all bubbles” at this time?

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