After NBA Top Shot, what other big IPs are available in NFT?

With the addition of IP, NFT market easily out of the circle.

In the first quarter of this year, the NBA Top Shot that came out of nowhere rekindled investors’ nearly extinguished enthusiasm for the NFT collectibles market.

Coming out of the ring, capturing nearly $500 million in total sales, surpassing CryptoKitties, and topping the NFT collectibles charts ….. All these achievements are proving that NBA Top Shot is pushing the NFT collectibles market to new heights.

Behind the high light, NBA Top Shot can quickly explode relying on the NBA, a powerful IP with global influence. under the influence of IP, NBA Top Shot naturally has a large user base, and the ability to easily get out of the circle.

So, after NBA Top Shot, what other big IPs are available in NFT? What mainstream audience will these IPs introduce into the NFT collectibles market?

  1. Pokémon: praised by Trump, topping the world IP value list

Pokémon (also known as: Pokemon / pokemon) was born in 1996, the original work is a role-playing game released by Nintendo, and then derived from a series of animation, movies, peripherals and other IP products, known as “the world’s top money-sucking IP.

According to the statistics agency Statista released data in January this year, Pokémon lP ranked “the world’s top IP value list”, with revenues of $100 billion, surpassing Hello Kitty, Winnie the Pooh, Star Wars and the Marvel Cinematic Universe and other IP.

After NBA Top Shot, what other big IPs are available in NFT?

As a top gold-sucking IP, Pokémon has a huge fan base and comes from various fields, including the political and music worlds.

According to reports, former U.S. Prime Minister Hillary held a pokemonGO (Pokemon GO game) offline party during the election, trying to pull in Pokemon fans for the election; another U.S. dignitary, former President Trump has clearly expressed great interest in pokemonGO; in the music world, the famous American rapper Logic once spent $220,000 to buy a fire-breathing dragon flash card In the music industry, the famous American rapper Logic once paid $220,000 for a fire-breathing dragon flash card.

Although it has been a long time since the heyday of Pokémon, but all kinds of data show that the love of fans for the Pokémon series has not decreased.

In 2019, the film adaptation of “Pokémon”, “The Great Detective Pikachu” was released, with a cumulative global box office of $436 million, surpassing “Warcraft” ($433 million), becoming the best-selling game adaptation at the time.

More than that, to this day, Pokémon fans are still keen to collect collector cards. On the Amazon platform, a certain collection of cards that hit the shelves in November last year is only one left, and the price tag of the collection card is over 1300 RMB. According to data released on eBay in February, sales of Pokémon collector cards will grow 574% between 2019 and 2020.

In February this year, the official Pokémon YouTube account released “pokemon 25th anniversary virtual concert” video, the viewing volume exceeded 1 million. From the creation of the number in 2005 to date, the Pokémon official release video cumulative viewing volume of more than 1 billion times.

From a comprehensive point of view, compared with the IP attributes of NBA, Pokémon can cover a wider user base, and its user profile is no longer dominated by men. It is not difficult to imagine that once the huge volume of fans of Pokémon combined with NFT collectibles, it will introduce more audiences into the NFT market and promote the NFT market again out of the circle.

  1. Sports stars: IP is still valid, football/rugby stars are also sought after

The hugely successful NBA Top Shot has proven the value and influence of basketball IP, but that doesn’t mean that sports IP in other fields can’t replicate the play.

In fact, in addition to basketball, sales of collectible cards related to soccer, baseball and rugby stars will all see significant growth in 2020, a clear indication of how hot sports IPs are.

Data shows that the total sales of ball star collectible cards on the eBay platform increased 142% in 2020. Among them, soccer star collector card sales are stronger than basketball, the two increased by 1586% and 373% respectively. It is said that ball star cards became the company’s fastest growing sales category in 2020.

After NBA Top Shot, what other big IPs are available in NFT?

Like football, rugby star cards are also very popular. 2019, rookie rugby star cards autographed by Tom Brady fetched over $400,000 online, breaking the record for collector cards set by Michael Jordan at auction at the time.

And this year in the first quarter, the auction held in Goldin Auctions (Goldin Auctions), rugby star Patrick Mahomes rookie card shot a high price of $861,000, becoming the world’s most expensive rugby card.

After NBA Top Shot, what other big IPs are available in NFT?
After NBA Top Shot, what other big IPs are available in NFT?

It’s worth noting that eBay is not the only one benefiting from the sports IP boom. According to data released by collectible card maker Topps, the company’s net sales rose 23% last year to $567 million, a new all-time high, and StarStock, a trading platform for used star cards, also completed an $8 million Series A round of funding in early April, led by VC a16z, a top institution in the cryptocurrency market.

If the fire of sports IP continues to burn to the NFT market, and trading platforms like Opensea obtain authorization directly from related parties and sell collector cards on their platforms, they will definitely get a lot of transaction fees and traffic from them, and the NFT market will have the opportunity to further reach more sports fans.

  1. Harry Potter: 20 years on fire, re-release box office over 100 million

Whether in the West or East, “Harry Potter” is the childhood memories of almost every post-80s and 90s, and it has not only been on fire for 20 years, but has now become a well-known IP worth more than $3 million.

According to incomplete statistics, the seven Harry Potter novels have sold more than 450 million copies, ranking among the top ten in the global book sales list and translated into more than 70 languages.

Under the influence of the “Harry Potter” IP, the movie of the same name based on the novels sold out, with a total box office of $7.7 billion, surpassing the total box office of the eight Fast and Furious movies. Not only that, during the re-release of the first part of the Harry Potter series last year, the film grossed over 100 million.

In addition, the handheld games designed with the “Harry Potter” IP have also received great support from fans. According to Sensor Tower data, Harry Potter: The Hogwarts Mystery topped the free charts within 24 hours of its release. And in the reservation stage of the game, over 2 million players registered.

The influence of “Harry Potter” goes far beyond that. It is said that the Royal Mail has launched a special “Harry Potter” commemorative stamp; the word “muggle” coined by Harry Potter author JK Rowling was even entered into the Oxford English Dictionary.

As we all know, “Harry Potter” is a big hit because of the ups and downs of the plot, as well as the setting of the theme of magic. This work shows several interesting magic, and this has a natural fit with NFT.

By digitizing the collector cards, the fantastic magic in Harry Potter will be presented in a dynamic way, amplifying the visual effect and enhancing the magical elements, which will undoubtedly drive a large number of Ha fans into the NFT market.

  1. Cultural and entertainment celebrities: self-important IP effect, 3D avatar breaks the traditional collection idea

The influence and appeal of cultural and entertainment celebrities, needless to say, we are talking about 3D virtualization is becoming the next explosive point of the NFT collectibles market, and this will accelerate our entry into the meta-universe world.

Talking about 3D avatars, we have to mention Genies, a virtual image technology company that launched a 3D avatar for soccer star Mesut Özil and his limited edition digital wearable in March this year, and subsequently sold six virtual devices for $500,000 through the Nifty Gateway website.

After NBA Top Shot, what other big IPs are available in NFT?

Immediately afterwards, Genies also designed exclusive digital products for singer Shawn Mendes, which are available on Opensea.

After NBA Top Shot, what other big IPs are available in NFT?
After NBA Top Shot, what other big IPs are available in NFT?

(Note: A replica of an undershirt worn by Shawn Mendes at a concert in Mexico)

3D avatars are bound to become the future trend of celebrity collectibles, replacing the past reliance on product carriers such as collector cards and picture books.

In this process, CryptoKitties, FLOW development team Dapper Labs has already smelled the market opportunity before other competitors. On April 28 this year, the team announced the launch of a trading marketplace “Genies Marketplace” in conjunction with Genies on its public chain Flow, in an attempt to further introduce 3D avatars to the NFT market and to fill the gap in the NFT trading track.

According to the introduction, the “Genies Marketplace” aims to provide celebrities and all platform users with avatars and a trading marketplace for selling portable NFTs.

The news of the partnership comes on the heels of another announcement that Genies has partnered with Warner Music Group to develop 3D avatars and digital wearable NFTs for its artists.

It’s easy to imagine that FLOW will benefit as an infrastructure as Genies designs 3D avatars for more celebrities and pushes digital products to the Genies Marketplace for sale, and more importantly, paves the way for us to enter the metaverse world and provide connectivity.


From the NBA Top Shot outbreak, we can see that strong IP is like a catalyst that can help new things enter the market quickly and even break the circle. And as more NFT products choose to unite with strong IPs, the NFT market will develop forward at an unprecedented speed.

In addition, the union of Genies and Dapper Labs will amplify the influence of IP and push NFT to build potential connections with the metaverse world while breaking the circle.

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