After losing 10 billion, Xiao Zha mentioned the “development schedule” of the Metaverse again

At SXSW2022, Zuckerberg, the head of Meta, proposed a Metaverse development schedule. He said that a truly functional Metaverse may still be a few years away.

It has been almost half a year since Facebook changed its name to Meta and fully invested in the vision of the Metaverse.But for now, one thing Mark Zuckerberg is still not quite sure about is when Facebook will have a functional Metaverse.

Zuckerberg said in an interview at the annual tech event SXSW 2022 that it may be years before a functional Metaverse is possible.

In the interview, Zuckerberg talked about the various issues facing the Metaverse right now. The “Metaverse” is broadly defined as a digital world (or worlds) built on the internet through technologies such as smartphones, VR headsets, and AR glasses as a place to socialize, work, and shop.

Since the rise of the Metaverse craze last year, the Metaverse we know and witness so far is still a conceptual Metaverse.

Zuckerberg talked about the timeline for a “functional Metaverse,” which he said is the company’s new focus going forward. Currently, the Metaverse has several challenges to overcome in terms of hardware, AI, and usability.

A more functional Metaverse could be years away, he said.

“Some of the experiences right now are that we cram as much technology as possible into a pair of big glasses. But we’re probably still a long way from the first real augmented reality, and putting these technologies into a pair of regular glasses. It will take a few years.” 

And, even then, AR experiences “won’t be perfect.”

After losing 10 billion, Xiao Zha mentioned the "development schedule" of the Metaverse again

During this period, there will be new product launches, such as a new generation of Quest (formerly Oculus) headsets.

Zuckerberg also likened the Quest headset to VR technology to what the first iPhone did to the mobile phone industry.

After losing 10 billion, Xiao Zha mentioned the "development schedule" of the Metaverse again

“It’s an important principle to have a new product every few years,” he said. He has previously said that Facebook may not fully realize its Metaverse ambitions until a decade later.

Zuckerberg also talked about the need to create avatars that people can relate to, not just in terms of skin tone and body shape, but also things like wheelchairs and hearing aids.

After losing 10 billion, Xiao Zha mentioned the "development schedule" of the Metaverse again

Facebook’s Reality Labs division, which worked on the Metaverse last year and is currently losing $10 billion, has plenty of other hurdles to overcome.

Zuckerberg said: “In order for VR technology to take off, it must first make it look beautiful.”

At Mobile World Congress in February, Zuckerberg said that as technology evolves, the Metaverse will need connectivity infrastructure that can support that technology, and that it will need to work with partners to make that happen.

After losing 10 billion, Xiao Zha mentioned the "development schedule" of the Metaverse again

The Metaverse is a virtual world, and the important elements of the virtual world are communication and sharing.Zuckerberg said at SXSW that people should be able to bring their digital purchases to different digital venues. Like a virtual sweatshirt.

“You buy a piece of clothing in one game or an experience, but you can’t wear it in another game, and it’s not useful,” he said. “Then you probably won’t buy it next time.” 

After losing 10 billion, Xiao Zha mentioned the "development schedule" of the Metaverse again

Referring to why the company changed its name, Zuckerberg admitted that it was partly for the need of “external communication”, or to tell the outside world that his company had a new business focus outside of its social media services, Also to communicate with his employees.

At SXSW, he again noted that he believes the Metaverse will eventually be the most important part of Facebook’s business after the rebrand.

More importantly, the rebrand is about taking a stand in what Zuckerberg sees as the “next chapter” of the internet. “A lot of Meta’s vision is about planting a flag and then taking what we do into the future,” he said.

“My experience is that when you bet on the future, it tends to come sooner than you think. The future belongs to those who believe in the future more than others.”


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