After IPO, Bubble Mart should be NFT

Bubble Mart already has the awareness of using blockchain technology for digital confirmation and information traceability, and it also has a certain technological accumulation to develop NFT “services”.

In the latest 2021 Q3 financial report of Bubble Mart, its overall retail revenue increased by 75%-80% year-on-year, which was lower than the 116.8% revenue growth rate in the first half of the year. As of press time, the total market value of Bubble Mart is HK$78.859 billion, which has fallen by more than half since its listing, which is close to the highest market value of HK$150 billion.

Tide play , blind boxes, smoke machine, IP, theme parks …… these keywords to converge together , and sketched out the first contours Mart shares bubble blind box.

In December last year, Bubble Mart successfully went public in Hong Kong. The market value on the first day of listing exceeded 110 billion. The increase of more than 100% set off a whirlwind in the capital market. At the same time, it also let the outside world see the Gen Z pairing for the first time. The purchasing power of the frenzied play.

Listing is a capital carnival and a new starting point for enterprises. After the IPO, Bubble Mart continues to strengthen its IP incubation capabilities, extends to high-end collectible toys, and strives to tear off the blind box label, hoping to show the outside world a new species image with great growth potential.

” Bamboo Mart is not just a trendy game, but now it is more like a platform. The core of Bubble Mart is retail entertainment, and it is also an artwork rather than a simple trendy game. ” Wang Ning, the founder of Bubble Mart, accepts What the cover news interview said was not only the core positioning of Bubble Mart, but also the future direction of Bubble Mart.

As we all know, the high price of artwork depends on its scarcity. If Bubble Mart wants to anchor from the trendy play to the artwork, it must take the lead in solving the problems of artwork fraud and transaction circulation. The decentralization of blockchain technology, immutability, and openness of the ledger can greatly improve transaction efficiency and make the art transaction process and price information more transparent.

NFT is an unchangeable non-homogeneous token. It is a technology that uses documents to mark digital proofs. It can “let you label yourself and prove that the author is you”. It is also a very important carrier that connects the real world and the digital world. There will not be two identical NFTs in the world, just as there will not be two identical people in the world, and these characteristics of NFTs are naturally compatible with scarce products.

Bubble Mart want to rely on the influx of play works of art to expand the business imagination, consciously NFT and art combined with the influx of play would be a much easier method. It can not only clarify the rights of the author, but also quantify the value of the collection to the greatest extent, and get on the train of the meta universe. In the process of facilitating transactions and increasing the commercial value of products, Bubble Mart’s own value will gradually become prominent.

In other words, if you want to tell a good story to the capital market, the bubble Mart after the listing should be NFT.

Blind box or tide play

At the beginning of its establishment, Bubble Mart distinguished itself from non-traditional toy merchants and advertised itself as a trendy toy brand.

In China, Chaowan retail is a blue ocean. Frost & Sullivan Consulting reported that the market size of China’s fashion retail has increased from 6.3 billion yuan in 2015 to 20.7 billion yuan in 2019, with a compound annual growth rate of 34.6%. It is expected to reach 76.3 billion yuan in 2024.

Every trendy toy contains the designer’s painstaking effort and inspiration, and is the best carrier for the concrete expression of art.

In fact, before the emergence of Bubble Mart, Chaowan was more classified as an artist’s toy. The price usually ranged from thousands to tens of thousands of yuan. The audience was mostly niche toy collectors and art lovers. In 2019, an early painting by Kaws even sold for a high price of 115 million Hong Kong dollars.

It was not until 2016 that Bubble Mart signed an exclusive licensing agreement with Molly creator Wang Xinming, and launched the first “Molly Zodiac” blind box series in August to become a hit, and the trendy play was able to detonate in the mass market. This point is also very intuitively reflected in the revenue of Bubble Mart.

From 2017 to 2019, Molly’s revenue accounted for 25.9%, 41.6%, and 27.1% of the total revenue, followed by Pucky among the 25 exclusive IPs of Bubble Mart.

It can be said that Bubble Mart and Molly have achieved each other. Without the pre-Molly Bubble Mart, it is a trendy play chain that has lost money for five consecutive years. And there is no bubble Mart Molly, still a small circle in the “Art Toy”.

Nowadays, Bubble Mart has seized the high-quality standards of young people’s consumer preferences, and the blind box “makes people head up”, but at the root of it, its success is also attributed to the development and management of IP. As of June 30, 2020, Bubble Mart operates a total of 93 IPs, including 12 own IPs, 25 exclusive IPs and 56 non-exclusive IPs.

After IPO, Bubble Mart should be NFT

However, the development of trendy companies does not rely on IP but the incubation ability of IP. The speed and diversity of IP research and development have not been able to keep up with the rapid development of the company in the capital market. It has always been questioned by the outside world after the listing of Bubble Mart. The place.

Especially in recent years, the blind box fever has gradually cooled down, and players such as 52TOYS and Kule Chaowan have entered the stadium. The Chaowan track has begun to become crowded. Bubble Mart must work hard to find a new growth curve for itself in order to be in the head. The Ministry camp has a firm foothold.

NFT Cash Point Trillions Collection Market

A feasible and “money scene” direction is: collectibles.

There are many motivations for people to collect. Some people make short-term speculation and create a wealth effect, some people make long-term investment and treat collectibles as a safe or differentiated asset class, and some people simply experience the fun of collecting.

The high-priced and scarce trendy toys themselves have certain collection attributes. Figures, deformations, mechas, assembled models, movable dolls…Different materials, sizes, and creative forms carry different styles and themes, and the collection of toys is diversified. the products meet the form is not the same to play at home needs, lavish, for everyone to bring a steady stream of fun, companionship, cure, or even become a social carrier, into our daily lives.

In the real world, the market for collectibles exceeds 370 billion US dollars per year, and NFT is expected to increase the global collectibles market to trillions of dollars.

The circulation record of NFT is indelible or hidden, and can be traced at any time. For highly branded products, the value of NFT is to keep the “truth” to the greatest extent possible. Southeast Asia’s top luxury goods such as online trading platform rainbow Shi Ji Wei chain block chain technology to create counterfeit luxury goods traceability solutions, with a unique identity on the platform for the sale of handbags, leather goods and other luxury goods, in order to achieve end to end The origin traceability and NFTization further demonstrate the value of its trading products.

Further extending to other supply chain management and cross-border trade scenarios, we can abstract each batch of goods as NFT (write quantity, volume, etc. as additional parameters), and it is easier to align logic and information, and it is also convenient for docking and management. Insurance, customs, banks or multinational cooperation.

From a perspective closer to life, NFT also has a wide range of applications. For example, NFTization of real assets such as identity certificates, property certificates, licenses, etc. can achieve record integrity and online privacy at the same time. Assuming you own a manor in another country thousands of miles away, you can store NFT-based licenses, asset certificates, etc. in your hardware wallet, and it can also facilitate data management and sharing.

After IPO, Bubble Mart should be NFT

Real data on the chain can greatly guarantee its security and privacy, while the NFT of real assets on the chain further releases its liquidity and scalability.

In other words, the openness of blockchain technology means that NFT will push collectibles into a new era. On March 11 this year, the famous artist Beeple’s NFT works were auctioned off at Christie’s, and the last-second price was fixed at 69.34 million US dollars. This NFT work has become the 53rd most expensive artwork in the world, and Beeple has also entered the top three in the list of works value among the currently living artists.

The birth of “the most expensive NFT artwork” makes people no longer able to ignore the value of NFT. As a non-homogeneous token, indivisible and unique, NFT can become an equity mapping of assets on the chain. Become a unique digital collection.

The program can confirm the user’s authority by identifying the NFT. In this way, the NFT becomes the token for the confirmation of the information world.

After IPO, Bubble Mart should be NFT

It is a good way for Bubble Mart to get rid of IP limitations and move towards NFT-like collectible toys.

In fact, NFT and public welfare, entertainment industry and even the fans economy combined, in real life, the player has successfully test the water, such as Wong Kar-wai launched its first film NFT works “In the Mood for Love – a moment ,” “Thirteen Invitation” limit The NFT version of vinyl records and the first public welfare NFT released by Tencent and Dunhuang Research Institute have brought a lot of noise in the market.

However, due to the restrictions of the domestic environment, domestic NFT related collections define the concept of NFT as “digital collectibles certificate” or “digital art pass”. The essence is still based on the major IPs of the platform, including copyrighted music and paintings. , Sports events, traditional culture and other fields.

Most of them are officially launched, limited in number, and the alliance chain provides technical support and is priced in RMB. It is an NFT service that cuts off the “token transaction” function and users can only collect and display.

The launch of these NFTs does not require the participation of cryptocurrency in the whole process. In the future, if Bubble Mart is willing to launch its own NFT, it must take the path of “service” rather than “transaction”.

Let’s talk about Bubble Mart again: Why should the Bubble Mart after the IPO be NFT.

Although Bubble Mart is a well-deserved leading player in the trendy game industry in China, it is essentially an IP business. In recent years, Bubble Mart has made an obvious move to develop limited editions and accelerate the layout of art collection toys.

As early as November 2020, Bubble Mart released 4 “MEGA Collection Series” 1000% super large figures, namely Molly’s daughter of the earth, DIMOO novice, BAANABOO and BOBO&COCO. The four IPs are all from Bubble Mart. Artists who have signed contracts or cooperation, and are issued in limited quantities.

In June this year, Bubble Mart launched a new MEGA collection series-“MEGA Collection Series 1000% SPACEMOLLY × SpongeBob SquarePants” and “MEGA Collection Series 400% SPACE MOLLY × SpongeBob SquarePants” two different sizes of figures.

Both of these two models have reached the level of 1,000 yuan, and the most expensive one is even approaching the 5,000 yuan mark. Bubble Mart officially announced that the MEGA Collection series has entered the serial development stage, and the product line for the whole year is planned, with a fixed release rhythm. .

In the words of the director of the IP Cooperation and Management Department of Bubble Mart in an interview with the outside world, the launch of the MEGA Collection Series by Bubble Mart is to promote the important high-end product line created by “the art of fashion and play”, which is an important reference to the product line of Bubble Mart. The horizontal supplement to meet the diverse needs of users in different circles, but also conducive to the artistic precipitation of IP and the structural adjustment of product categories.

After IPO, Bubble Mart should be NFT

But one more noteworthy point is that each MEGA collection of art collection toys is equipped with an exclusive collection card, printed with a product ID and limited number, which symbolizes its unique identity. For 1000% of the art toys, the collection will be equipped with NFC chips, and the product ID can be identified through the Bubble Mart official website when the mobile phone is close to achieve cross-certification in multiple dimensions. In the future, it will be combined with more online platforms to further promote the digitization of art collection toys.

These actions released a signal: Bubble Mart already has the awareness of using blockchain technology for digital confirmation and information traceability, and it also has a certain technological accumulation to develop NFT “services.”

In recent years, the influx of fire to play the track, not lack of domestic consumer choice, in addition to bubble Mart, 52TOYS, the influx of cool music playing, IP station, the United States and demolition , twelve culture and other enterprises, the name of product excellence , Cross-border players such as KK Group, as well as foreign brands such as Lego, Bandai, and Disney will all have a slice of the pie.

Wanting to tear off the label of over-reliance on IP and increase the value of product collection is a big way for Bubble Mart to break through. If the time is right, it will launch an NFT that allows every consumer to enjoy exclusive rights and more digital collection value. , Maybe the imagination space can be doubled again.

In the first two days, Bubble Mart said that the sales of its official flagship store had reached 82.12 million, an increase of 295% over the previous year. It was awarded the TOP1 in the Tmall toy category and sold more than 2 million trendy toys.

The charm of Chaowan has once again been confirmed by the market. On 11.11, which just ended, the Chaowan market visibly ushered in a fierce battle. In the future, Bubble Mart must use more creativity and fresh gameplay to win over young people in order to secure its “big brother” status.

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