After GasNow shuts down the service, what alternatives to Gas price prediction tools will be available on Ethereum?

GasNow is Ethernet Square ecology of the most focused on providing data services Gas price forecast, it encompasses a variety of tools App, plug-ins, API, etc., but this team has on October 16 officially closed the service. Judging from the timing of the closure, it may be related to domestic regulatory policies.

Since GasNow aggregates the memory pool data of the Spark Mine, it can provide relatively more accurate results than prediction tools based on historical data. Therefore, GasNow’s tools have received unanimous praise from the community, which has also led to many people looking for similar alternatives after the GasNow service went offline.

On the other hand, in addition to the more accurate Gas prediction provided by GasNow, it also provides a variety of tools to meet the needs of different users, including browser plug-ins, desktop plug-ins, mobile apps, APIs, etc. , and there are few other services. Can provide so many categories of tools.

I actually prefer to use their API and browser plug-in, because the plug-in can be placed next to the wallet plug- in of MetaMask , users can view the gas price that can be packaged and traded in real time without clicking GasNow, which can be filled in when trading with MetaMask Numerical value. The API service is very suitable for integration in other custom script logic. For example, I made a script based on iOS shortcut instructions, and click a shortcut button to get the Gas price.

Therefore, according to different needs, you may need to find alternatives for different services, including browser plug-ins , App , and API . However, it needs to be explained in advance that even if these services can replace GasNow functionally, the data sources and calculation methods of different tools are different, so the accuracy may not be as good as GasNow.

Browser plug-in: Blocknative

Blocknative only launched the browser plug-in Blocknative Ethereum Gas Estimator based on Google Chrome and Brave in September this year . More intimately, they provide gas price estimates for traditional transactions and EIP-1559 transactions . Previously, GasNow only provided gas prices for traditional transactions, but the difference is not very large.

After GasNow shuts down the service, what alternatives to Gas price prediction tools will be available on Ethereum?

The number written is Blocknative’s real-time gas price

The team said that the free version of the plug-in will update the price estimate every 5 seconds , and the data is provided by Blocknative through the Ethereum Mempool to the Gas Platform API.

After GasNow shuts down the service, what alternatives to Gas price prediction tools will be available on Ethereum?

Click on the plug-in to have more detailed data display

Mobile applications or desktop widgets: wallets such as Zerion

For the mobile terminal, the wallet tool generally has built-in Gas data services (mostly aggregated third-party data) , but in terms of experience, Zerion is one of the few applications that directly provides desktop widgets on iOS. As long as the widget is added to the desktop, you can view the Gas price.

However, due to the system limitation of the refresh frequency of the iOS desktop widgets, the data update may not be particularly timely, and it is estimated that there will be a minute- level delay . But it is enough for viewing Gas trends.

After GasNow shuts down the service, what alternatives to Gas price prediction tools will be available on Ethereum?

Web page: ETH Gas Station, Etherscan, OKLink

The function of viewing Gas predictions on the web may be the most common, but the experience may not be as good as the above-mentioned plug-ins or application integration.

The web-side services often used by the Ethereum community to find Gas data are mainly Etherscan ( and ETH Gas Station ( , OKLink (https: //www.oklink .com/eth/gas-price/guzzlers) is also a choice of many people.

API services: ETH Gas Station, Etherscan, Blocknative, etc.

For data API services, there are even more, and both are charged or free. The most commonly used ones are ETH Gas Station ( , Etherscan ( or Blocknative (https://docs.blocknative .com/gas-platform) etc. These data APIs all support the most common HTTP calls, which can be easily called and obtained through iOS shortcut instructions or Python.

But as for the forecast accuracy of these services, more time is needed to observe.

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