After dismantling Mengniu’s Metaverse marketing, I understand the new way of brand marketing in the future

In the past year or so, what words have become the most popular in the global Internet technology circle?

Of course the ” Metaverse “.

Technology, capital, companies, and even governments are rushing in, and giants have entered the market, bringing the Metaverse to an unprecedented focus.

Some people say that 2021 is the first year of the global Metaverse, and others say that the end of the Internet is the Metaverse. There are also people who say that people who talk about the Metaverse don’t even understand it themselves, either.

I have been paying attention to this field, and my view on the Metaverse has always been that the future world must be a symbiosis of reality and reality.

Now everyone can see this trend, so it is not wrong to propose the concept of “Metaverse”.

The question is where can the “Metaverse” be integrated with the real economy and with the consumption habits of ordinary people?

I always thought that the breakthrough must start with the game industry. After all, IBM launched the virtual life game “Second Life” as early as 2003. Looking back, IBM is too advanced.

But a recent incident made me realize that the Metaverse may find a breakthrough in combining with real business.


Not long ago, a Metaverse platform called ODin META launched Mengniu’s digital collection, called “Three Mavericks · Sleep Freedom BOX”, with a total of 2,000 places. One digital collection costs 90 yuan, and it takes a few minutes to complete the collection. null!

Let me show you the appearance of the digital collection launched by Mengniu, as shown in the picture below.

After dismantling Mengniu's Metaverse marketing, I understand the new way of brand marketing in the future

To be honest, I thought it was a gimmick when I first saw this news , because I didn’t know the platform ODin META in the past. I thought that Mengniu was pushing 2,000 digital collections and a wave of NFTs (cryptocurrency tokens for digital assets). The boom is to test the waters and play a marketing campaign.

We must not underestimate these traditional companies. After all, Mengniu is a fast-moving consumer goods company and must catch newcomers, so companies like Mengniu have been doing integrated marketing communications that break the circle and break the dimension, hoping to embrace and influence young people.

Deploying the Metaverse in advance can be said to be a choice that FMCG manufacturers will definitely consider. If young people go to play which Metaverse, then the big FMCG manufacturers will definitely go to this Metaverse to advertise, and quickly capture the brand mind of the new crowd.

So in January of this year, Mengniu launched the first two-dimensional employee, the virtual girl Nisi, is it very trendy?

The door to the Metaverse is not young people, but those brand enterprises that need young people to support their careers.

After dismantling Mengniu's Metaverse marketing, I understand the new way of brand marketing in the future

Creating a virtual human image in the Metaverse and making the first digital collection combined with NFT are just two successful attempts by Mengniu to enter the Metaverse.


2000 digital collections, 90 yuan, a few minutes and seconds, Mengniu’s achievement is not bad!

The question is why do you want to grab a Mengniu card from ODin META ?

This thing made me very curious. I carefully studied Mengniu’s event planning and found that it was really different.

The biggest difference between this event and the launch of various digital collections in the past is that digital collections create selling points, and offline objects are the real fragrance.

Come, let’s take a look at the product portfolio on sale on April 23rd at 15:00 pm.

For every purchase of “Sleep Freedom BOX”, users can exchange for 1 box of “Three Calfs 30 minutes before bedtime” (10 packs per box).

I checked this milk, and the normal retail price is 98, which is equivalent to a discount of 8 yuan, and the user gets a benefit, no loss.

A discount of 8 yuan is not a big benefit, so why are users so crazy? There are definitely benefits.

Sure enough, the event introduced a blind box lottery surprise mode .

Among the 2,000 copies of “Sleep Free BOX” released in this issue, 2 of them have special styles. Users who get special styles are equal to winning the grand prize. They can get a 30-minute annual card and 24 boxes of 30 Sub-products are equal to products with a winning rate of one thousandth to earn nearly 2,400 yuan. Of course, you have to try your luck.

Everyone, these are real products and benefits in offline business, so what are the benefits of having a “Sleep Free BOX” inODin META ?

It turns out that when you play in the open world of ODin Sanguoyuan , you can use this “Sleep Free BOX” to quickly restore your physical strength consumed by gathering materials. One “Sleep Free BOX” can only be replenished once.

It turned out to be the props for replenishing blood in the game. If you are a game fan yourself, it is reasonable to buy a box of milk to replenish energy when playing games. By the way, you can save some milk money and earn a blood replenishing prop in the game. It really is to replenish blood both online and offline. This design , I will ask game fans if they like it or not?

If you buy more, such as a friend who has collected 10 copies of “Sleep Free BOX”, you can also get more powerful props to synthesize 1 piece of “A2 Bull 3D Motion Digital Collection”.

Oops, this gameplay is to copy the gameplay of buying “Little Raccoon Instant Noodles” set cards and changing props offline to the Metaverse.

So what benefits will you get with this item?

Users who own this “A2 Cow 3D Dynamic Digital Collection” will be automatically upgraded to “Three Mavericks · Universal Milk BOX” as an exclusive member of the Metaverse. There are permanent exclusive benefits for members such as discounts on purchases, birthday gifts, and new products first.

It is equivalent to applying for a Mengniu Three Mavericks membership card, and you can enjoy various membership benefits in the future.

This is to bundle the membership card issuance with the sales of digital collections. No wonder someone grabbed it, because it is more cost-effective to buy “Three Little Cow” milk in the Metaverse once everyone settles their accounts.

In the future, gamers can play Metaverse games with their left hand, and grab welfare purchases of daily necessities in the game with their right hands. My mother will no longer scold me for not doing my job properly.

Mengniu’s cross-border Metaverse marketing made me understand a little bit. In the past, the digital collections of the Metaverse lacked the attributes of physical goods. In the eyes of many people, the concept was greater than the reality, and it was just hype.

To keep hyping up a digital collection for sky-high prices, playing the game of drumming and passing flowers. There is no corresponding physical object to prove its value. Naturally, ordinary people cannot understand and accept it. Many big brands and enterprises just regard it as a traffic gimmick.

Mengniu’s “card” is not only a digital collection, it can be used as a prop in the Metaverse world, and can also be directly exchanged for a carton of milk and become a Mengniu brand member, which makes the digital collection both collectible and merchandise. , rights and other multiple attributes, but also increase the user’s purchase behavior to increase the sense of surprise and interaction in the game.

That is to say, a digital collection meets the three practical needs of users: delicious milk + long-term rights of brand membership + Metaverse game props .

Mengniu uses this new method of combining virtual and real to break the limitations of many NFTs on the market before, so that every digital collection can be bound to a physical product, and then through integrated marketing to drive sales, so as to achieve a win-win situation, which is very suitable for new Product promotion not only rapidly increases the popularity of new products, but also indirectly magnifies the value of the brand.

There will be more and more users playing Metaverse games, and most of them are male users. In the past, it was difficult to earn the money they consume, but today, by combining physical objects with digital collections on the platform, new marketing possibilities have been opened.

I don’t know if everyone understands this gameplay? Is it very clever?

I’m already thinking, should I sell books by combining “e-books + physical books + game props”?

As a result, my friend said that if you are tired from playing games, you will drink milk, but who can read books?



Driven by curiosity, I studied this platform called ODin META by the way, and I didn’t expect to be surprised.

I found out that they are not only a publisher of digital collections, but they have also developed a Metaverse game – Three Kingdoms Yuan Open World.

This time, the ODin Sanguoyuan open world in cooperation with Mengniu provides a simulated world with the Three Kingdoms as the background, where you can build your identity, image, space, props, and at the same time reshape your social relationship. You are not only a Sanguoyuan The “player” of the open world is also the creator.

After dismantling Mengniu's Metaverse marketing, I understand the new way of brand marketing in the future

This sounds like a game, but the biggest difference between it and the game is that your transactions here are not restricted by the platform, you can do legal business in the game, and the derived digital assets are all valuable.

How to say it, you can understand that this is a scripted version of the Tmall store.

I opened the Tmall store in the Three Kingdoms era. In the Three Kingdoms environment, I simulated a Three Kingdoms identity to do business with you. Is this idea interesting?

For example, merchants can open branded stores on this platform and issue their own branded Metaverse products. By combining offline entities with Metaverse application scenarios, users can spend money in the Metaverse and consume in the real world.

Of course, the reverse is also true. Buy props in the real world and consume them in the Metaverse. In the future, the virtual and real worlds can be freely switched.

In the future, friends with design talents can cooperate with brands to issue your digital collections in the Metaverse, and directly provide users with exclusive brand offline gifts or exchange coupons, so as to completely open up the digital economy and the real economy.

If I were to give Mengniu a small suggestion, I think they could simply open a store in the open world of the Three Kingdoms Yuan and become the first milk brand in the Metaverse.

According to the latest data, the number of registered users of ODin Sanguoyuan Open World has exceeded 700,000, and there are continuous new users every day, and the number of visits has reached more than 100 million. Brands are constantly being invited to settle in and open Sanguoyuan stores to build brands. Metaverse ecology.

I think:

The first generation of online stores is Alibaba, doing B2B business;

The second-generation online store is Taobao, doing C2C business;

The third-generation online store is Tmall, doing B2C business;

The fourth-generation online store is the Metaverse, which replays the three businesses in the virtual world.

If ODin Sanguoyuan Open World can really become a flagship store for purchasing digital collections in the Metaverse, it can integrate a large number of first-line brands and replicate the planning model of Mengniu Three Mavericks, which can not only quickly attract a group of people to their own The platform can also continuously obtain the brand’s advertising and marketing budget, which is a feasible entry point.

If you were a brand, would you consider testing the waters of this Metaverse marketing?


Of course, Mengniu seems to want a one-step, big ticket.

Having tasted the sweetness of the integrated marketing of the Metaverse, they immediately cooperated with ODin META to launch Mengniu’s own Metaverse – Mengniu Land.

After dismantling Mengniu's Metaverse marketing, I understand the new way of brand marketing in the future

In the next step, Mengniu can completely move its own stores, products, and even distributors into the Metaverse, open it to ordinary people, set up fresh and diverse gameplay, and build its own Metaverse business empire in a parallel space.

Think a little further, as long as there are enough people, this platform can be built into a brand promotion position or a Metaverse delivery platform.

In the future, the brand side will cooperate with the majority of creators to build consumption and entertainment scenes in their own Metaverse or in the platform-level Metaverse, attracting a large number of young people to play and experience, thereby activating potential consumption desires.

Nowadays, the offline and online traffic costs of traditional enterprises are getting higher and higher, especially in some industries where competition is fierce. It is very important to find new traffic breakthroughs for survival.

Mengniu’s attempt at the layout of the Metaverse allowed me to see the value of the Metaverse for brand empowerment in advance. Once the underlying technology is opened up and the number of users gathered on the Metaverse platform exceeds 10 million, a blowout growth will come.

Every major change with far-reaching impact requires a process, the Metaverse will not come suddenly, and all the rules are still being formed. Mengniu has given more traditional companies new ideas for the layout of the Metaverse, which should be greatly affirmed.

The case of Mengniu means that the Metaverse has developed to a new stage today: it is no longer just a novel concept such as VR scenes and digital humans, but has the possibility of combining with real business application scenarios, which will definitely be introduced in the future. to a new business model.

At present, almost all industrial forms in the Metaverse are in the initial vacancy stage. Whoever can see the opportunity first and make arrangements in advance means that there is a greater possibility to become an industry leader.

Mengniu’s Metaverse brand marketing model has successfully tested the waters, which means that other brand companies can also copy this model. In the future, whether it is used as a brand traffic position or a brand marketing position, there is new room for imagination.

Does today’s article inspire you to do brand promotion for your corporate marketing?

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