After 3 years of graduation, I changed 4 jobs: a good job, this is how I “simmered” it

Greatness comes out of it.

Some time ago, there was a hot search on Weibo about #Frequent Changing Jobs People What happened later# . People have discussed whether frequent job changes and lack of stability will have a negative impact on their career development.

Some netizens believe that frequent job changes are not only detrimental to their career development, but also affect subsequent job hunting and leave “stains” on their resumes; while other netizens insist that the times are changing and that they are no longer their parents. The work status is “from the end”. Only by quick trial and error and constantly changing jobs can you find a way to open it more quickly.

It is true that when looking for a job, the short and jumping career experience on the resume will be a sub-item, but if it is not suitable, just to make the on-the-job time on the resume more “good-looking” and choose to suffer for a long time, with Regardless of the job, the notion that you have to be at least 2-3 years old is the dumb way to consume yourself for no reason and miss good opportunities.

The workplace needs to be “struggled”, but it is not a dead end of years and time. Smart workplace people have learned these three “sufferable” laws early on.

Firm goals, “simmer” in a promising industry

Today, Alibaba Chief People Officer, rookie network chairman Tong Wen-hong, Ali had just established at the time, just a front desk.

When Tong Wenhong wanted to leave because of a conflict with a client, Ma Yun kept her and promised to give her 0.2% of the shares. At that moment, the shares of a company that is not very promising were obviously not very convincing, but Tong Wenhong recognized and was optimistic about Alibaba’s prospects, so he chose to stay.

Just like Jack Ma jokingly said at that time, Alibaba has followed the rise of the Internet. Today, Alibaba’s market value is as high as 460 billion US dollars. The insignificant 0.2% of the shares at the beginning gave Tong Wenhong a lot of money. Billions.

It is often said that “choice is greater than effort” , especially for professionals, choose a promising industry and persist, survive the difficulties, survive the bottleneck period, and finally get out of their own value.

Nowadays, with the progress of the times and the development of technology, more and more new tracks and opportunities are appearing every day. While this brings more choices to the workplace, it also faces great challenges. How to choose a more promising industry and how to “strain” oneself on the right track have become the primary concern of the workplace when choosing a career.

The so-called taking advantage of the trend, we must avoid going against the trend.

For example, in the past few years when P2P thunderstorms, when choosing a job, positions of the same nature should have been quickly eliminated to reduce the cost of trial and error; another example is the current state vigorously rectification of online education in primary and secondary schools, try to avoid admission and choose Other tracks of the same kind are better than worrying all day long, wondering whether this job is a long-term solution.

Valuable time should always be “simmered” in a professional track that is encouraged by the country and is developing vigorously. 

Stop the loss in time, “suffocate” the anxiety caused by the change

“Change jobs to be poor for three months, change jobs to be poor for three years.”

As the name suggests, full salary is not available during the probation period, and new industries can only start from scratch. The major reduction in salary is the primary anxiety caused by the change.

Not only that, in addition to the reduction of salary, the change of the environment, the unknown about the future, and frequent job-hopping make it difficult to accumulate, all are to persuade those who want to change jobs, but look forward to the future and miss good opportunities.

When Xiaomi first started working, in order to find her own career development direction, she changed three different jobs a year. Between constant trial and error and timely stop loss, she quickly figured out the rules of the industry. Even if she was constantly beating, it brought some obstacles to her job hunting, and she survived the long unemployed job hunting period, and finally got the position she wanted.

Unlike her roommate Xiao Qiao, who graduated at the same time, even if she didn’t feel suitable for her, she didn’t dare to “toss” like Xiaomi, especially looking at Xiaomi’s months of unemployment period, it was firmer to make do with ” The determination to go on.

But in the past three years, Xiaomi was more than capable of a position suitable for him, and soon became a candidate for the head of the department, while Xiao Qiao, who had accumulated work experience that he didn’t like, actually stayed in place, immersed in the unwillingness to find Not in the confusion of career development.

Perseverance and persistence must always be effective in the right place , otherwise it will only spend time and energy in vain. On the surface, it seems to be stable, but the accumulation of time is the biggest consumption.

In an environment full of uncertainty, it is destined that we will always change jobs, adjust our state in time, stay the anxiety caused by changes, and quickly adapt to the needs of current social development. A generation of professionals needs essential hard-core skills.

For professionals who frequently change jobs, as long as they have a clear direction and goals, and gain and grow, they don’t need to “deadly” for the length of time, make quick trial and error, stop losses in time, and do it boldly. 

Dare to go out and “boil” out of the mental dilemma

Not daring to change jobs will not only happen to newcomers who have just worked in the workplace, but it is also a decision that is difficult to make up your mind for the “workplace elderly” who have a certain number of years.

“What if you make a mistake?”

“Maybe it’s not as good as it is now.”

“If you don’t do well here, you won’t necessarily get a promotion or a salary increase if you go out.”


Before all these started, I gave myself various definitions, and trapped myself in the mental predicament that I could not get out of.

The Japanese design master Yohji Yamamoto once said: ” I can’t see myself as a thing. You can only understand “you” when you bump into something else and bounce back.

People’s perception of themselves always depends on feedback from others. The longer they stay in a company, the more they rely on familiar colleagues and the environment, and then resist some new things, even a little new change.

When the new media was just beginning to sprout, the old Wu of the publishing house was invited by his former colleague to start a business together and seize the trend that new media is about to take off.

But old-fashioned old Wu refused. He could not understand, nor was he optimistic about the “fancy” content posted on the web. In his opinion, good articles should be reviewed and reviewed and used neatly. The so-called new media will not have a good future if it is photocopied in black and white.

But the reality is that with the development and growth of the self-media, the publishing industry has suffered a lot of impact. Seeing his ex-colleagues are doing well, Lao Wu is facing the status quo of the adjustment of the publishing house business and the risk of layoffs. There are endless regrets.

The so-called mental dilemma is to care too much about the gains and losses of the immediate interests and fail to understand the future development trend. You can only take a long-term perspective, dare to try and go out, and keep pace with the times, otherwise you can only get out.

Feng Lun once said this sentence in “Savage Growth”: Greatness comes out of it.

The workplace also need to “boil”, but not only save time boil seniority, only the time and method of use, something only half power times the results.

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