After 1427 pages of patent documents, we discovered Meta’s Metaverse secrets

57 patents decipher Meta Metaverse layout! How to make a profit, Xiao Zha can help you think about it.

Social giant Meta has poured $10 billion into its own Metaverse! Recently, new news has been breaking out both in terms of Meta’s hardware devices and its Metaverse market layout.

According to information from the Meta recruitment website on January 20, they are recruiting a communications manager in Greater China and are expected to prepare for entering the Metaverse market in Greater China. When the Quest series enters the domestic VR hardware market, it may cause a new bloodbath in the domestic VR industry.

After 1427 pages of patent documents, we discovered Meta's Metaverse secrets

Meta Career Site

20 days have passed in 2022, and in this short 20 days, Meta has obtained at least 57 patent authorizations, involving social methods, display technology, scene applications and other aspects.

After 1427 pages of patent documents, we discovered Meta's Metaverse secrets

From January 1st to January 20th, 2022, the list of 57 patent authorizations obtained by Meta (organized by smart things)

From the 57 patent authorizations just released, Zhishi found that these patents involve the production and manufacture of parts and components, product design and other directions, of which the production and manufacture of parts and components are the most numerous. Similarly, there are also explorations in the social field, for example, how to generate a virtual avatar and retain certain user characteristics.

After 1427 pages of patent documents, we discovered Meta's Metaverse secrets

Screenshot of some patents of Meta

The time for the patent submissions approved this time is basically in 2019, which shows that Meta’s Metaverse is not a whim. Whether it is hardware equipment or software ecology, Meta has already laid out its layout.

How will social giant Meta secure its position as a social leader, and how will it gain market advantage through its devices? How will Meta make money in the Metaverse? From the 57 patents, we have a glimpse of Xiaozha’s technological ambitions in the three areas with the largest number of patents: social, hardware and advertising.

Prepare for the social Metaverse,

Can Meta’s status as “social boss” be firmly established?

In the era of social Internet, Meta CEO Zuckerberg took his own social software “Family Bucket” and went to the ranks of global Internet giants. Now, Meta’s market value has reached 897 billion US dollars.

After 1427 pages of patent documents, we discovered Meta's Metaverse secrets

From January 1st to January 19th at 2 pm, Meta’s share price changes

Social networking has always been the foundation of Meta. According to the latest patent documents, Meta is still in the social field. In 2022, Meta received a total of 13 social-related patents.

For example, in the two patents of user display interface based on listening to music and graphic design of user display interface, we can see that Meta will focus on voice interaction for future social software.

After 1427 pages of patent documents, we discovered Meta's Metaverse secrets

User interface based on listening and recognizing music

How does Meta enhance the social attributes between people in the Metaverse? The two patents of Serial No. 42 “Customization and Fidelity of Virtual Avatars” and No. 46 “Social Network Interaction” approved on January 4 may give us some new inspiration.

Like you but not you, how does Meta create your virtual avatar with a photo?

According to information released by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Meta was granted the patent on January 4, called Avatar fidelity and personalization, and filed the application on September 7, 2019. day.

The patent mainly uses an avatar personalization engine to generate personalized avatars from a 3D user model created by one or more of the user’s own photos.

When you submit a photo of yourself, the avatar personalization engine system will create a 3D model for you, and then compare your 3D model with the 3D model of “normal people” created by the database to see what is different .

After 1427 pages of patent documents, we discovered Meta's Metaverse secrets

Avatar Personalization Engine System

After that, the system will personalize the general 3D model according to these characteristics, such as hairstyle, eyebrows, face shape, and even the color of the eyes, all as “restored” as possible.

Unified social platform? Meta helps you manage your network system

In the patent No. 46 “Social network interactions”, Meta believes that information sharing between multiple social networks is not only complicated to operate, but also a waste of time.

For example, a certain piece of news you see on Weibo cannot be directly shared with friends on Xiaohongshu and Twitter. You can only send relevant screenshots to your friends, and then they will open the corresponding platform by themselves. to search for related content. The whole process is cumbersome and time-consuming, and it also reduces the sharing fun for users.

In response to this pain point, Meta created an app that simplifies the sharing of information with specific contacts such as close friends, people with whom you communicate most frequently, and more.

Users can categorize their contacts, and you can share more platform information on the interface of communicating with close friends or family. But when communicating with people you don’t know well, the interface you use will be simpler.

Not only that, Meta also noticed the problem of duplication of information between the two interfaces, and they believed that information notification between two different software should be considered in order to better help users build their own social network.

From these two patents, we can find that in the process of making social software, Meta pays more attention to the two directions of content sharing and customized services from the perspective of users. Combined with the previous patents on social network onboarding, social network status, etc., it can reflect Meta’s determination to continue to be the social boss in the Metaverse.

Demystifying Meta’s hard-core black technology

Specializing in Display Loss Problems

In the hardware direction, Meta has spent a lot of energy. In Meta’s vision, the current hardware devices still have some directions that need to be adjusted, such as optical design solutions, memory storage, display screens, pickup heads, and waveguide displays are covered by related patents.

How to reduce the rainbow effect of the waveguide display, how to prolong the life of the display screen, and even how to create a better AR environment, Meta gave his own ideas in the patent report.

Can the “rainbow effect” of optical waveguides be saved? Meta cleverly designs key parts

In traditional diffractive optical waveguide displays, the “rainbow effect” is caused by the disconnection of part of the ambient light outside the user’s field of view with the user’s field of vision.

According to the patent document No. 32 “Rainbow reduction for waveguide displays”, a multi-layer grating with a special structure may become a new solution to reduce the “rainbow effect”.

“The multi-layer raster will include multiple layers, including at least a first pattern layer and a second pattern layer,” the patent report states.

Unlike conventional multilayer gratings, Meta expects the index profile of the second pattern layer in the multilayer grating to be inverted relative to the index profile of the first pattern layer. In this way, the diffracted rays of the two pattern layers will be disturbed to a certain extent, thereby alleviating the “rainbow effect”.

After 1427 pages of patent documents, we discovered Meta's Metaverse secrets

Meta design inverted structure

Real-time monitoring of screen wear, Meta can make the screen use “ten years”?

The display screen is an integral part of the hardware of the device, but it can also be damaged to a certain extent due to long-term use. In addition to the continuous upgrade of the screen itself, Meta is also trying to extend the life of the display screen through the system.

In the patent No. 41 “Display degradation compensation”, the new system will first determine the evaluation factors of the display screen temperature, light-emitting element array and other aspects, and then the system will obtain each grid cell through the temperature sensor. The average temperature, according to the degree of temperature change, the photo display of different pixels, the system can obtain the degradation of different luminescent elements. After getting the real-time wear of the screen, the new system will adjust the pixel value of the image by using the scaling factor associated with multiple grid cells.

From the existing layout, we can see that Meta is not specializing in product development of various software like in the era of social Internet. Meta is making up for its own hardware shortcomings in order to provide users with a better integrated software and hardware experience.

How to make money in the Metaverse?

Meta patent hides the answer

From the profit model, we can often see the direction that a company really wants to develop, and most of its business is basically based on this.

Although the Metaverse hasn’t really arrived yet, Meta has several plans on how to make your money in the Metaverse.

Machine learning , customized recommendation , Meta keeps users “hands-on”

Five of the patents approved this time are related to customized user recommendations. It seems that Meta believes that customized services will still be the main information service method in the future.

No. 45 “Utilizing machine learning and composite utility scores from multiple event categories to improve digital content distribution” was made by Meta for customized information services New attempt.

In the abstract of the patent document, “While traditional digital content distribution systems can perform digital content campaigns and deliver targeted content to selected users (eg, target audiences), these systems tend to be rigid. “The researchers believe that the traditional digital content distribution system has the problem of inaccurate distribution and low efficiency.

The new system will create two information models. The first information model is to establish a real-time updated user database for each user through multiple perspectives such as likes, purchases, and comments.

The user’s database can not only provide a personal portrait of each user, so that relevant content can be pushed according to the latest portrait, but also can build a new training model with these data through machine learning, and train users with similar portraits to purchase, comment, etc. behavior, thereby increasing conversion rates.

In the patent document, the R&D staff cite an example through user purchases. The first model mainly records the information of the things that the user has purchased, and records which things are purchased, and predicts which fields the user may be interested in through machine learning.

The second model pushes relevant digital content to users with the same characteristics through machine learning, and trains users to add to the shopping cart to improve the user’s purchase rate.

The new machine model can be adjusted in time according to the user’s preferences, and the push content can be adjusted in time for a certain group, and is no longer limited to a certain immutable user characteristics.

After 1427 pages of patent documents, we discovered Meta's Metaverse secrets

Meta cultivates user behavior through machine learning

Bring goods through users? Remember to pay the Meta endorsement fee

In addition to buying and buying, advertising revenue has always been an important source of income for Meta. According to Meta’s financial report in the third quarter of 2021, the company’s advertising business earned a total of more than 28 billion US dollars (equivalent to about 178.4 billion yuan), a year-on-year increase of 33%, accounting for more than 97% of total revenue.

Meta continues to grow its “advertising enterprise” into the Metaverse. Serial No. 12 “Method for selectively advertising items in an image”, this patent combines the contents of a number of previous Meta patents, and specifically describes an advertising method that can be used in people’s social networks. Image information to add product labels.

For example, you post a photo of what you’re wearing today. The marketing director of a brand sees your picture wearing their new shoes, and he can add a link to his own product in the label on your picture. When another user sees the photo, they can click the link in the tag directly to go to the online store.

The patent makes full use of the resources of the social network itself to give full play to the user’s ability to carry products, but it also involves the right to use the user’s photos.

In the patent specification that follows, the researchers state that links can be scoped to new pages, background pages, applications, applets, pop-ups, or other interfaces or menus through which users can access other product information.

After 1427 pages of patent documents, we discovered Meta's Metaverse secrets

Meta looks to enhance its ad properties with tag links

Whether by enhancing its e-commerce attributes or expanding its advertising benefits, Meta relies on the existing model to optimize related services, hoping to continue to benefit from Metaverse’s social network.

Conclusion: Seize the status of a social giant,

Meta deepens the integration of software and hardware

From the 57 patents granted this year, we can see that Meta is still focusing on its social attributes and wants to make a lot of money in advertising and e-commerce.

But at the same time, when laying out the next-generation Internet, Meta is also making efforts in the field of hardware, hoping to create an integrated service experience of software and hardware to make up for the shortcomings of the social Internet itself.

Although these patents are just an idea of ​​Meta in this direction, whether it is software to enhance social network connections or hardware to optimize various devices, it shows us that it is deepening its own Metaverse layout.

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