Advanced analysis website that cannot be missed by “play earning” masters

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There is no doubt that the most recent investment hotspot is NFT games, and the huge value brought by its play-and-earning model has gradually emerged.

Moreover, whether it is in terms of the number of large organizations participating or the popularity of chain games, NFT games are indeed still in the early stages of industry development.

Therefore, for a long time in the future, this segment will produce more popular projects!

Now the economic models of many projects have been combined with DeFi and integrated into GAMEfi, and the rise of GAMEfi has spawned the “play to earn” family, which means “ play to earn coins while playing games, and then put the coins into DeFi mortgage to make money” Play to earn a family.

Players in the traditional game circle feel that playing the GAMEfi mode in the blockchain circle can bring them good economic benefits, and many of them have been attracted in, and the era of NFT chain games has just begun.

Therefore, the editor has long reminded that in this budding era of the metaverse, don’t discriminate against those who “only play games and do not do their jobs”.

Because the masters among them, even if they don’t have too much capital in their hands, but with just a wallet, they may earn huge wealth through “play to earn” chain games.

They can even figure out specific rules of the game to become the elite of the meta-universe era, and such a group of people will be called “GAMEfi scientists”.

Advanced analysis website that cannot be missed by "play earning" masters

Many of our friends are game masters, and many are investment experts. No matter what type you are, you definitely don’t want to miss this wealth feast that just started to explode and there are countless opportunities.

“Workers must first sharpen their tools if they want to do their jobs well.” Just like playing DeFi, we need to refer to the data aggregation of Debank. If we want to advance to PE masters (Play to earn masters), of course, we also need a powerful data website as this wealth. The analytical backing of Feast.

The one I shared with you today is that you are the first website that needs to be collected on your way to become a PE master:

After opening the website, you can see the following interface (if you don’t understand English, you can translate it into Chinese).

Advanced analysis website that cannot be missed by "play earning" masters

Next, let us explore step by step!

After seeing the outbreak of AXIE, many friends began to ask if there were any new NFT games, and the threshold for entry of AXS, SAND and other projects that have risen is too high, and they want to find some other project layouts.

The Alchemy team thought about what everyone thought, and found that this website can well meet the investment needs of the “play to earn” family.

Just like we want to check the different data of DeFi projects on the Debank rankings, the website will also list various data of NFT games in the center:

Advanced analysis website that cannot be missed by "play earning" masters

For example, in the above figure, “Users” displays 4155, which represents the number of wallets that have interacted with game smart contracts in the Ethernet network in the past 24 hours.

Although this is only the data of the ETH public chain, it can also be seen that there are not many real players in the entire “play to earn” ecosystem, so the earlier you participate and explore, the more opportunities there are.

And “transaction” refers to the total number of wallets and smart contracts mobilizing chain games in the Ethernet network in the past 24 hours.

If real users are conservatively estimated at 3000, 6900 transactions are equivalent to about two transactions per user.

You should know that mobilizing smart contracts does not necessarily mean that a digital asset transaction has occurred, or it may just be an upgrade confirmation in the game.

Therefore, it can be found from this data that most players are not deeply involved, and many people who play chain games are still in a state of “experience”.

The so-called “volume” in the above figure is actually the transaction volume, which refers to the total value of tokens invested in the game. This shows that more than 800 million digital assets have participated in the Ethernet network in the past 24 hours. “Play to earn” ecology.

Then let’s take a closer look at what information is given in the following game list and how we can use this information:

Advanced analysis website that cannot be missed by "play earning" masters

The top 50 chain games displayed by default on the website are based on the number of participants and media popularity.

The game with speakers on the top is actually an advertisement. This has no practical reference significance and can be ignored.

Next, let’s take a look at various information about the game from the popular AXIE:

If you are looking for a game to practice hands, you must want to know whether this type of game is right for you.

First of all, we can look at the small print under the game name. It will simply list the nature of the game. For example, the introduction of AXIE is “fight and collect fantasy creatures named Axie”.

This way everyone will know that it is a battle game at a glance, and the first ordinate “Type” will briefly list all the elements contained in the game. For example, AXIE has elements such as “breeding, cards, and battle”.

Cards and breeding mean the fusion of specific creatures, so we can guess that we may need to buy NFT to participate in the game.

“Blockchain” means the game on which public chain the game is. We need to have the wallet address of the public chain to play this game.

According to the editor’s observation, most of the top 50 games are built on Ethereum and BSC, but now many excellent works will also be built on platforms such as ENJIN, WAX, so you can gradually explore investment opportunities on these platforms.

The “device” on the right tells you what platform you can play the game on, such as AXIE. We can play it on both IOS and Android on the mobile phone, as well as on the windows on the computer side.

Look at the information on the right:

Advanced analysis website that cannot be missed by "play earning" masters

Status is information worthy of our investors’ attention, because if you want to find new investment opportunities, you must see if the project is released.

We can notice that the website will show that different games are in different release states:

If it displays “LIVE”, it means that the game has been officially launched and is currently running.

And some games are in the testing state, “Alpha” means that the game is undergoing internal testing, and “Beta” means that the game is in public testing.

“DEVELOP.” means that the game is under development. And “PRESALE” means that the game is in the pre-sale stage after successful development and will be launched on the market soon.

If you want to seize the early opportunities of NFT games, you must make good use of this information. Students who want to find new opportunities can pay attention to the two-stage games of “BETA” and “PRESALE”.

The games at this stage are generally in the stage of public trial play or recruiting experience before the official launch. Being the first batch of players in the game is a bit like DeFi mining.

Although there is no direct benefit, early experiencers are the most likely to get game airdrops and get the game Token IDO qualification, which is equivalent to whitelist users.

In addition, there are usually ranked matches for trial play, and players who are at the top of the rankings are also rewarded with generous tokens or NFTs.

Therefore, we must always pay attention to the Twitter and telegram information of this type of game, and experience the game as soon as possible. There will be many unexpected gains in the stage of barbaric growth of chain games.

Then we continue to look at the following sets of information:

“NFT” indicates whether the game supports NFT.

“F2P” indicates whether the game can be played for free. If it is free to play, we can see YES. If the red NFT or CRYPTO is displayed, it means that we have to purchase such assets before we can start the game.

Don’t think that games that require money are not worth it. In fact, many games with a more complete economic model require the purchase of assets to play games, such as AXIE.

The “P2E” at the back indicates which asset types can be generated by playing the game.

For the last few indicators, we mainly focus on “Social 7d”, which represents the curve of the game’s media attention in the last 7 days.

In line with the release status indicators we just mentioned, if we find that a game is not yet running, but the media has begun to soar, and there is still no one in the country paying attention, it means that there is an information gap here.

We can take advantage of the lack of information to discover the specific theme of the game, how to play it, and whether there are investment channels, etc.

If we are diligent, we can grasp the latest wealth opportunities based on the information on the website.

There is also a little trick:

The website will continue to include the latest games. The latest games do not mean that they are not online. Some are also online, but they have just been included by the website.

We swipe the circle next to new to see the latest included games, which will be updated every two minutes.

Advanced analysis website that cannot be missed by "play earning" masters

You can also search for the game we are concerned about to see the detailed information of the game, for example, search for “illuvium” and click in to have a look:

Advanced analysis website that cannot be missed by "play earning" masters

We can see that the game is in the development stage, and there is a detailed introduction of the game in the middle, and we can see that the blockchain is Ethereum and its NFT two-layer network IMMUTABLE-X.

The supported platforms are WINSDOWS and MAC. F2P displays YES, which means you can play for free, and P2E displays NFT, which means you can earn NFT, which is the 4D holographic NFT mentioned in the previous article.

Social Score is a value based on recent media popularity.

In fact, the higher the media popularity, the better, it’s just a relative indicator. If our media popularity is relatively low, but the quality of all aspects of the project is relatively good, on the contrary, the hidden investment opportunities will be greater.

Remember, the real profit is derived from the wrong valuation of the market. When everyone discovers a project and the market is already hot, it is usually easier for you to become a successor.

Therefore, it is a master’s approach to intervene when no one cares, and to withdraw when the voice is full, rather than the opposite step.

Finally, our team believes that will soon spread in the domestic chain travel circle and become a necessary and practical data website for manpower.

I hope that my friends will make good use of this website and find out how to discover information by themselves.

We can expect that while the meta-universe theme will explode with potential opportunities, follow-up projects like the animal theme of the previous few months will gradually erupt, so we can’t just talk about it.

The most important thing is that before investing in a game, whether it is Token or NFT, we must experience the game in person, or go to the official website to have a look.

Because only by experiencing it in person can you know whether it is really attractive and worthy of investment.

Finally, I wish everyone can participate in this wave of “Chain Head Mine Tour” and advance to become a master of Play to earn.


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