Addictive, collect more personal data FB “whistleblower” said she is afraid of Meta universe

Employees of companies using Metaverse have almost no choice but to participate in the system or resign.

Hoogen warned the public not to expect more transparency. She said: “Regarding Meta, the company has proven that it can hide behind a wall. They are always making unforced mistakes and always making things that put their own interests above our safety.”

On November 10th, Facebook’s parent company Meta “whistleblower” Frances Haugen (Frances Haugen) warned on Tuesday that as the core of the social media giant’s growth strategy, the “meta universe” will be addictive and collect people. More personal information, while giving the technology giant a chance to monopolize the Internet again.

In an interview, Haugen said that her former employer recently hyped Metauniverse’s vision because she disclosed the company’s deep-seated problems, causing Meta to face tremendous pressure. These disclosures have inspired attacks on large technology companies around the world. Legislative and regulatory efforts.

The documents submitted by Haogen and the testimony she provided to lawmakers have attracted global attention because she claimed that Meta may be aware of the possible damage to its social media platform. Hoogen is appearing in front of a series of European legislators and regulators who are drafting rules to regulate social media companies.

Meta denies trying to divert people’s attention from the troubles it faces by promoting Metaverse. The company said in a statement: “This is not true. We have been working internally for the launch of Metaverse for a long time.”

Meta emphasized that the company is trying to responsibly build the meta universe, which is essentially a series of interconnected virtual communities that integrate online life with real life. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) has stated that users will be able to participate in virtual concerts or use Olympic athletes’ holograms for fencing in the meta universe. He refocused the entire company on building the meta universe, including renaming the company Meta.

The company said in a statement that the launch of this new brand actually attracted people’s attention to the company. Meta added that if it does not wish to be censored, the company will postpone or cancel the release altogether.

But Hogan said that Meta’s attention to the meta universe has brought a whole new set of dangers. In the 1992 science fiction novel “Avalanche”, the author once said that “this is what people use to numb themselves when their lives are bad.”

She said: “Therefore, in addition to these immersive environments are highly addictive and encourage people to escape the reality of our actual lives, I am also worried that Metaverse will require us to install more sensors in our homes and workplaces, forcing users to give up. More data and privacy rights.”

In a speech last month, Zuckerberg described how Metaverse will make mixed reality business meetings possible. Many attendees attended in person, while others appeared in the form of avatars. The company has launched a virtual meeting software called Horizon Workroom, which is used in conjunction with its virtual reality headset so that people can better communicate, brainstorm and virtual socialize, instead of just looking at each other like on Zoom.

But Hoogen said that employees of companies that use Metaverse have little choice but to participate in the system or resign. She said: “If your employer decides that they now become a Metaverse company, you must provide them with more personal data. Such a company will lie as long as it is in its own best interests.”

Hoogen warned the public not to expect more transparency. She said: “Regarding Meta, the company has proven that it can hide behind a wall. They are always making unforced mistakes and always making things that put their own interests above our safety.”

Haogen once stated that Meta’s system amplifies online hatred and extremism, fails to protect young people from harmful content, and that the company lacks any motivation to solve the problem. These revelations exposed the company to provide free for 3 billion people. Internal crisis of the service company.

In support of their allegations, Haugen disclose a range of information with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), her French law mission team also in the form of edited information provided to Congress.

In an interview on Tuesday, Hoogen expressed surprise that Meta will shift its focus to a whole new field, even if it has already received such strong criticism in the field of work. Hogan said: “When Meta’s main products are not really safe, they will hire 10,000 engineers to develop video games.”

To this end, she blamed Zuckerberg himself, saying that he showed a model of prioritizing growth rather than ensuring that Facebook is beneficial to users. Haugen said: “I think this is a failure of the leadership. Unless he wants to put the security of the platform first, he should give way and let others pay attention to this.”

Meta denies putting profits above safety. The company said: “Yes, we are a business and we need to be profitable, but the idea that we are doing this’at the expense of people’s safety or well-being’ misunderstands our own business interests.” Meta also said, The company plans to spend more than US$5 billion on safety and security in 2021, and employs more than 40,000 employees to ensure the safety of users.

Zuckerberg had previously dismissed Hoogen’s statement, saying it was a “coordinated effort” to paint a false picture of the company. But officials from the US and European governments are taking her statement seriously. EU lawmakers on Monday Haugen was the question, and then at the end of two and a half hour hearing as she bravely stand out to drum palm.

The EU is drafting new digital rules, calling for the control of large “digital gatekeepers ”, requiring them to be more transparent in the algorithms that determine what people see on their news feeds, and to make them more accountable for the content on their platforms.

Meta said the company largely supports supervision, and that the legislative efforts of the European Union and the United Kingdom are far more profound than those of the United States. The new rules may squeeze advertising revenue, but Meta’s stock price seems to have withstood the test of the storm so far.

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