ADAM and Revolution reach strategic cooperation to realize NFT market data innovation

On May 11th, the industry exchange meeting hosted by ADAM and co-organized by Revolution and Huoqi Technology was successfully held in Shenzhen. It gathered many industry practitioners such as project parties, media, and community KOLs, and specially invited a number of investment institutions and projects. The person in charge, sharing and discussing the hot spots and key points in the current encryption world, taking the data development in the encryption industry as the starting point, and seeking new development opportunities.                           


As the organizer, the representative of ADAM, based on its own technical advantages, took the lead in analyzing the current dilemma faced by data on the chain. On the one hand, blockchain technology provides a better solution to the problem of information silos in the real world, but it is worrisome how the data on and off the chain can be connected securely and tamper-proof; on the other hand, blockchain technology faces huge challenges The data information still has certain processing limitations, and it is necessary to expand off-chain computing and storage capabilities.

ADAM has absolute advantages in terms of data collaboration on and off the chain and ensuring that it is highly correlated and consistent. As a new generation of blockchain data service provider, ADAM has the function of batch data encryption transmission, which can not only connect the world and the blockchain system, but also realize the barrier-free flow of ecological data information on chains such as ETH, BSC, OKexchain, and Solana; And by building a global wide-area node network, it has spawned powerful off-chain computing capabilities, enabling millisecond-level encrypted computing, creating commercial-level “DataFi” applications, and promoting on-chain data visualization, data monitoring and analysis, and innovation in integrated marketing. Realize encrypted data transmission, batch computing, free circulation and value realization.


Based on past investment experience and standards, the representative of BAF Capital expressed that he is very optimistic about ADAM’s technological advantages and development prospects, and recognized that ADAM will play an important role in the Web3 track. In this regard, Dr. Yang Zhiwu, director of the Guangdong Huamei Blockchain Research Institute, proposed that the data development of the NFT market should also be paid attention to.

In the past two years, the hot application of blockchain, such as NFT and Metaverse, has brought the market into an explosive stage again. Although the NFT market has matured and the projects on the market have shown a trend of blooming, the unique attributes of NFT assets allow them to flow. The visualization of sex and data becomes difficult.


As the first NFT platform anchored to Ethereum for standard pricing, Revolution’s vision is to reconstruct digital cultural creations with blockchain technology, allowing value to flow freely. In response to the development of the NFT data market, representatives of ADAM and Revolution exchange views. At the same time, it was announced on the spot that a strategic partnership was officially reached. The two parties will give full play to their own advantages, cooperate on data transmission and off-chain computing, and jointly promote innovations in the NFT data market and data asset development to achieve new value growth.

This is an important exploration of ADAM in the field of NFT, but the functional advantages and development space that ADAM can play is not only in the NFT market. On the forum, ADAM will also pay attention to the development of the entire blockchain industry, attach importance to market opportunities and challenges, look forward to the new highland of industry strategy in the future, and continuously launch new applications to provide sufficient energy supply for the industry!

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