Act in uncertainty

Stick to fixed investments, add to positions on dips, hold for the long term, and don’t move like a mountain.

Act in uncertainty

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The market continues to keep flying low. The palpitations after the selloff have left many speculators in a wait-and-see mode. It is a wait-and-see, not an exit. The increase in stable coins is also supposed to accommodate the need for some of the wait-and-see funds to take a break from the storm. The good news and the bad news are intertwined and dazzling. Bearish people still firmly believe in the future market, while bearish people still think the bear market has arrived. The market is full of uncertainty, the news is full of uncertainty, and the hearts and minds are full of uncertainty. You are at a loss, unsure of the subsequent direction of the market, unsure of what to do, and even, unsure of whether you should leave the market for the time being. The people who heard the media reports before rushing in, now the probability is loss and hedge state. 50,000 knife into the field, now 40,000 knife, is not a floating loss plus hedge it? If the back of the rebound, once back to capital, will cut meat. Once you buy, you will be hedged, and once you return to the capital, you will cut, this is the typical mentality and standard action of leeks.

You can completely ignore these news positive or negative. The news is just noisy, but it will not have a fatal impact on the market. The short-sellers don’t have the spot in their hands to smash the market, and the long-sellers don’t have a large amount of fiat currency in their hands to rush in. Such news will only cause mood swings on all sides of the field and produce a change of hands in chips. From the hands of short-term speculators who are not strong-willed, to the hands of long-termists who are strong-willed, so that the structure of the market is healthier and more solid foundation. Short news is actually a friend of the long-termists. It will only make the weak hands surrender their chips and let the long-termists get it cheap. The weak lose their conviction to stay the course in uncertainty and the long-termists recycle their daydreams.

What can really have a fundamental impact on the market is still the variance in funding. For example, a market with a large banker who has a large number of zero cost chips and is the project side for many projects is very dangerous. Because the banker can constantly ship, you have how much money he can give you to take away. You say the big banker should not be tied to the interests of the project? The same direction of interest is just an illusion. The participants who hold a lot of chips are themselves the biggest substantial short in the market, and the only reason they are not selling is because the price is not high enough. And your enemies are often your friends. Bitcoin’s biggest enemy is the U.S. dollar. But at the same time, the Federal Reserve is the biggest helper for the bulls. Without the Fed’s steady stream of over-issued dollars, what would the relative rise in bitcoin be? Without the failure of the fiat dollar, what would be the success of bitcoin? Sun Tzu’s Art of War says that you can’t win with yourself, but you can win with your enemy. Bitcoin, on the one hand, makes itself invulnerable to annihilation through decentralization and becomes “invincible”, and then waits quietly and watches the dollar fail. This is called “first for the invincible, in order to wait for the enemy can win”. Bitcoin is not the cause of the failure of fiat money, but a refuge from the failure of fiat money. We know that fiat currencies are bound to fail, but their failure lies in themselves. That’s why Sun Tzu said, “Victory can be known, but not done”. With a finite amount of bitcoin, against an infinite amount of fiat currency, what is the victory or defeat?

The first half of the eight-word phrase focuses on the “time”, while the second half focuses on the “opportunity”. Time passes. Those who have passed away are like a man, and they do not give up day and night. It is better to act than to wait. Action like Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a block every 10 minutes or so, and it never stops. Long termists execute a buy and hold (buy and hodl) every once in a while, forever. Wang Yangming’s mind science has an eight-word aphorism that says, “If this mind does not move, it will move at random”. No matter how noisy the outside world is, your emotions will not have the slightest ripple. Calm, is the essence of this mind does not move, is a strong inner strength. To move at random emphasizes the importance of seizing the moment without emotion, not guiding the mind with emotion, but using calm reason to perceive and judge the opportunities that arise in the midst of changes in things, and acting quickly and decisively when the time comes.

Therefore the first half of the eight-word phrase is about a persistence, and the second half is about a timing. This timing is the fall. Opportunity is falling out. But when the opportunity really comes, why are you afraid to grasp it again? You are just afraid, worried. If you don’t have a strong will and lack of conviction, you will always be afraid at low prices and FOMO at high prices. all emotions are illusory. The bodhi is not a tree, the mirror is not a platform. Originally there is no one thing, where to cause dust? Uncertainty, is the opportunity, is a step ahead of the opportunity. Insist on fixed investment, add to your position when it falls, hold it for a long time, and do not move like a mountain.

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