Academy of Information and Communications Technology announces the latest privacy computing evaluation results AntChain Moss has obtained multiple certifications

On July 13, at the 2022 Privacy Computing Conference, the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology announced the results of the sixth batch of trusted privacy computing evaluations. The results show that a total of 34 companies’ products passed the evaluation.

In this batch of evaluations, the AntChain Moss secure computing platform has passed 150 evaluations in four categories including performance and functions, including the “Multi-party Secure Computing – Performance Large-scale Special Evaluation”, “Federated Learning – Large-scale Performance Evaluation” first launched by the Academy of Information and Communications Technology. Special evaluation”, which further verifies the comprehensiveness of functions and the leading performance.

The popularity of the privacy computing track has stimulated the increasing abundance of privacy computing products. In order to regulate and guide the technology research and development of relevant manufacturers and eliminate the information barriers on the research and development side and the market demand side, the Academy of Information and Communications Technology has gradually built a “trusted privacy computing evaluation” system since 2018. After four years of development, “Trusted Privacy Computing Evaluation” has become an authoritative third-party evaluation brand in the field of privacy computing, and has become a wind vane for supply-side product development and demand-side procurement selection.

AntChain Moss is a leading privacy computing product in China. It has won the global champion of iDASH2019 and iDASH2021 privacy computing competition. It is understood that Morse has passed the basic ability assessment of multi-party secure computing and federated learning by the Academy of Information and Communications Technology as early as 2020.


(The industry’s first private computer with financial-grade certification)

At present, Morse has accumulated more than 10 evaluation certifications from authoritative institutions such as the Academy of Information and Communications Technology, State Secrets, National Financial Technology Evaluation Center, National Information Technology Security Research Center, etc., involving Multi-party Secure Computing (MPC), Federated Learning (FL), Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) and other technical routes, fully covering multi-dimensional capabilities such as product functions, performance, and security.

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