AC + accident insurance policy adjustment: online add-on time limit significantly shortened

For AppleCare+, many Apple users are familiar with it. Simply put, AppleCare+ is an accident insurance policy for Apple products that allows users to pay an extra premium to repair or replace their products at a very low price when they are accidentally damaged.

AC + accident insurance policy adjustment: online add-on time limit significantly shortened

Recently, some users found that Apple has quietly modified the rules for purchasing AppleCare+ in mainland China. One of the most important changes is that the period for users to add AppleCare+ on their own has been shortened from within 60 days to within 7 days after purchasing the hardware device.

However, it should be noted that the self-purchase option here refers to the remote purchase method, which allows users to purchase AppleCare+ without going to an Apple retail store or directly-managed store and without having to leave home. During this process, Apple will remotely detect whether the user’s device is damaged to reduce the possibility of being cheated out of warranty.

In reality, however, there are still many loopholes in this process. For example, if a user’s iPhone breaks the outer screen of the phone, but the inner screen functions normally, Apple’s remote detection cannot detect it. In this way, if the user breaks the phone and then goes to buy AppleCare+ and then looks for Apple to replace it with a new one, it is like pulling a wool over the eyes.

Xiao Lei personally believes that Apple did not find this loophole before, but in front of a large group of users, the overall number of such cases of fraudulent insurance is still very small. For the sake of ensuring the majority of users’ experience, Apple can bear this part of the risk and loss.

But now, this loophole of AppleCare+ has been discovered and exploited by a large number of JS, who even make a big effort to acquire Apple products that have been purchased for less than 60 days but have malfunctioned at low prices, and then add AppleCare+ and then exchange it for a new machine by remote, earning the difference in price from one to another.

Once JS enters, AppleCare+ related fraudulent insurance, will form an extremely large scale black and gray industry chain, so that the huge losses caused by this, let Apple had to pay attention to.

For now, the adjustment of AppleCare+ policy will of course cause some inconvenience to ordinary users. However, Apple still allows users to add AppleCare+ within 60 days of the purchase of a new device, only that users need to go to Apple retail stores or official authorized points for it. Of course, this also means that basically no one will be able to glean Apple’s wool in this place in the future.

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