About tomorrow morning’s Fed meeting, you need to know these

Global financial markets are waiting with bated breath.

I believe that most of the partners are depressed about the current calm of the market, the current mainstream view or, as we said, waiting for the results of the Fed meeting, so why is the outcome of this meeting so important? Why is this meeting result so important?

In fact, it is still to be attributed to the United States epidemic and economic recovery, in the past year of continuous release of water and the continuous supply of vaccines, the current epidemic has been effectively controlled, the economy is also getting closer to normal figures, for monetary policy to guide the Federal Reserve, must consider whether to restore monetary policy to the original level, or it is possible to form an inflationary crisis.

And tomorrow morning’s Fed meeting, the most critical point is whether the Fed will release the taper plan, if once the release of the taper plan, will cause a crackdown on the market, when the risk assets may usher in a sell-off, risk assets are stocks and financial derivatives, etc., naturally, including bitcoin, and if the taper plan is not released, to maintain an accommodative environment, that will ease market concerns, after the risk sentiment listed, but will be favorable to bitcoin.

If we look at it from a purely predictive point of view, we believe that from the point of view of the interests of White and so on, it is unlikely that there will be too specific tightening action at the moment, because in the case of economic data just improved then tightening, it is very likely to have a huge impact on the economic environment that is not yet solid, the first to bear the brunt is the stock market, which is not in line with the current performance project of White and so on, the probability will still take a more moderate approach The Fed is likely to remain accommodative for the time being, but there will be “hawkish” views in the rhetoric, for example, when there are signs of inflation, measures will be taken immediately and so on, and this may also be an opportunity for the bitcoin market to change at night, because once the Fed releases moderate signals, it means that the long sentiment may prevail. The Fed will release a mild signal, which means that long sentiment could prevail, and then take the opportunity to seek a breakout.

Of course, still that, this is only our very subjective forecast, the current market is still very cautious, so it is not recommended that you operate according to our forecast, it is best to follow the market’s footsteps, before the announcement of the results of the meeting to be cautious, and in this cautious mood, before and after the results of the meeting may appear unstable sentiment, the market will also appear disorderly volatility situation.

If you take a step back, even if there is a bad result, it will come early. Sooner or later, bitcoin will get out of this completely monetary policy-driven market, not to say out of it, but other factors that can affect the price of bitcoin will be more and more, out of it is unlikely.

But for bitcoin, for example, the audience is getting wider and wider, more and more fund companies are including it in their investment products, more and more companies are using it as an asset reserve, more and more payment companies are using it as a payment medium, and even more and more small countries are using it as a fiat currency are factors that affect its price, and it turns out that these situations are not just empty talk, but are increasingly likely to happen, so the Fed is a hurdle that bitcoin must face and a test that it must endure, so let’s face it openly.

Back to the market, today’s volatility situation hit a new low in the recent past, basically between $39,500-40,500 volatility during the day, up and down on about $1000, which also reflects the current market cautious mood.

Since the market broke through $40,000 on the evening of June 14, the market has been kept within a range, the overall is around $40,000, and this time and the previous few times there are some differences, the previous few times basically in the $40,000 above if not continue to break through, the bulls directly deflated, this time persist for a long time.

About tomorrow morning's Fed meeting, you need to know these

Therefore, there is still a chance that the market will change in the early hours of tomorrow morning, and it is recommended that you pay attention with a cautious attitude.

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