About the market development forecast for the aftermarket?

The country is not trying to beat digital currencies to death but to isolate digital currency related activities from the general public.

About the market development forecast for the aftermarket?

In the past few days, the plummeting price of the currency plus the intensive policy introduction, many readers have raised a number of questions, today we will focus on replying some questions.

  1. About the impact of this policy?

My understanding of this intensive policy is that the country is not trying to kill digital currency but to isolate the activities related to digital currency from the general public.

Our country has always attached great importance to financial risks, from the termination of treasury bond futures in the early years to the subsequent governance of A shares and the complete ban of P2P. And financial risks, especially involving the general public in the activities of the country is highly concerned. Because the public participation in financial activities once the price fluctuations will lead to all kinds of rights events, which will lead to social unrest. This is the last thing the state wants to see.

The recent surge in the price of dog coins and various animal coins has obviously attracted a lot of new money into the circle, and almost all of this new money comes from ordinary investors. I think it’s likely that these events have caused regulation to begin to focus on the risks of digital currencies, which in turn started with banks to overhaul digital currency trading and then progressed to a proposed crackdown on bitcoin mining.

I believe such a policy will certainly curb some of the ordinary investors from continuing to enter the market while forcing some lenders out of the market.

2, on the issue of access to gold.

This is a very sensitive issue. On my own feeling, these years in and out of the gold for ordinary investors is more and more difficult, in the short term, I am afraid that this problem is not a good solution. But if we take a longer-term view, I think this problem can still be solved, and the timing of the solution I think is closely related to the development of digital currencies overseas. Once transactions between digital currencies and fiat currencies have a very mature program and practice overseas, the country will gradually move towards opening up as well.

This is the trend, and it cannot be stopped. But in the short term, investors will have to survive these difficult years.

My own solution to this problem is to sell tokens at the peak of the bull market after all tokens are exchanged for stable coins, not fiat.

Here again, I would like to remind all investors that if they still want to participate in this field, the allocation of funds is very important. You cannot allocate all the funds here, but only some of the funds that do not affect your life.

3, about independent thinking.

I often pay attention to some remarks of senior people in the circle. I mainly focus on their views on negative market news and long-term trends. Because as the earliest group of people who participated in digital currency activities, they dared to participate in such activities and persist in those days, they must have unique vision and overwhelming mentality, which is worthy of all later learners.

However, I pay little attention to the specific projects they recommend. Because in terms of project cognition, I prefer to personally participate in the project to gain knowledge and understanding of the project, and then guide their own investment.

4, about the development of the market after the market.

Intuitively, I still think there is a second half of the bull market, and the second half will be a strong wave. Whether the end of the bull market we have to focus on factors not in the domestic, but in the United States. The bull market will still have forward momentum if the U.S. policy of water release remains unchanged.

But at the same time, I still want to stress again: if extreme conditions occur, the bull market really ended, investors have thought of ways to deal with it? In this regard, I will wait four years with all my chips.

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