About the experience of NFT Exchange Element

In recent articles, I have mentioned the NFT trading platform many timesOpenSea , it is the world’s largest NFT exchange.

However, because it is an overseas platform and there is no Chinese language, many domestic users are still not used to OpenSea, so they are insulated from many overseas potential projects. This also makes the gap between domestic users in the field of NFT and overseas gradually larger and larger.

Some time ago, Element, a NFT token trading platform similar to OpenSea, was launched in China. If this platform can suit the usage habits of the Chinese people and make it more convenient and easier for domestic users to buy and sell NFT tokens, it will be a great convenience to the majority of NFT token investors, so I have been paying attention to the development of this platform.

Recently line the Beta version on this platform, it is available at Element .market: 

About the experience of NFT Exchange Element

From the perspective of layout and structure, its design basically imitates OpenSea, and it is easy for users who have used OpenSea to get started. But in terms of details, there are still many areas worthy of optimization. Among them, one of the most worthy of optimization or necessary is the sorting function.

Let’s take the project MASKHUMAN that went online on August 20 as an example. When we clicked on the project’s homepage in Element, we saw the following interface:

About the experience of NFT Exchange Element

When I use OpenSea and want to buy a floor price NFT token at a price, I will first enter the main interface of the project, and then choose to sort all the NFT tokens listed in this project in order of price from lowest to highest. Sort it again and buy the one with the lowest price.

But in this Beta version of Element, I couldn’t find this sort button. For example, in the main interface of the MASKHUMAN project above, I did not find its order, which made me want to buy the floor price but couldn’t start. I don’t know why such an important feature is not in this version. Hope it can add this feature in the next version of optimization.

Generally speaking, since the website is all in Chinese, it is relatively convenient for Chinese people to browse and use. I estimate that more and more Chinese people will use this platform in the future.

Specific to the projects listed on the platform, I probably took a look. In addition to the top-tier projects that are well-known overseas, a considerable part of them are estimated to be projects created by domestic teams.

The MASKHUMAN I introduced above is a project released on August 20th. This is also a project similar to the NFT avatar, which has 10,000 faces wearing masks. The Element platform has carried out a relatively large promotion of this project on its Twitter, and the project sold out soon after it went online.

I didn’t participate in its first launch, but I was very interested in it, so I went to the platform and hoped to buy a coin with a floor price. But the price displayed on the full screen really made me retreat-almost all of them were above 0.3 ETH . You know that the price of this project is only 0.06 ETH, and on the day of the sale, the price on the secondary market actually doubled by 5 times. Compared with similar overseas projects, this increase is too exaggerated.

Since the website does not have a price sorting function, it is difficult for me to find out what the lowest buy-in price of this item is, so I did not buy this item.

However, I think that if similar projects of Element are launched in the future, they will increase by 4 or 5 times as soon as they are launched. I am afraid that it will be a very unfavorable factor for cultivating domestic users to enter the NFT field.

In general, both the platform and the projects on the platform still deserve improvement in many aspects. I still very much hope that there will be a convenient NFT platform for domestic users, so that more Chinese can easily enter the door of the meta universe.


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