a16z’s treasure learning list: NFT, social tokens, DAO, creator economy

Here you can quickly learn and understand the vision, applications, technologies, and gateways of NFT from macro to micro, as well as derivative concepts such as social tokens, DAO, creator economy, and more.

a16z's treasure learning list: NFT, social tokens, DAO, creator economy

This list is a collection of introductory NFT resources for all NFT creators, publishers, platforms, communities, and other organizations compiled by a16z. Here you can quickly learn and understand the NFT vision, applications, technologies, gateways, and derivative concepts such as social license, DAO, creator economy, etc. from macro to micro.

This list will be continuously updated. All readers can submit to the official email address of a16z by going to their official website (https://a16z.com/).

Who is a16z: A well-known Silicon Valley venture capital firm founded two years after the launch of the first iPhone, the venture capital firm quickly became one of the most successful VCs in Silicon Valley with successful investments in Instagram, Twitter and Skype during the wave of the mobile Internet. Having been deeply involved in the crypto digital asset space for over 6 years since 2013, it was one of the first prominent VCs to get involved in this industry.

Table of Contents

Vision and Philosophy

Getting Started & Guide

Technology Fundamentals

Art, Music, Games, Apps and Creators

Social, Community and Personal Passes

Creator DAO and the creator economy

NFT Ecology, Markets and FAQs

Market Rankings

Newsletters and editorials

Origins: Origins, Early Form Collectibles and Games

Vision and Philosophy

A Non-Homogenous Life: A Sense of Ownership, Assets and the Evolution of the Self

On ownership consciousness as human nature and self-expressive collections, identity-based collections, asset-based collections, and transactional collections.

Life Is Non-fungible: The Evolution of Ownership, Assets, and Us

by Roham Gharegozlou

NFT with a thousand real fans

On the evolution of the web and a better creator economy.

NFTs and a Thousand True Fans

by Chris Dixon

Stories, Scarcity, and Mimetic Desire

On how NFTs can turn stories into scarcity assets.

Stories, Scarcity, and Mimetic Desire

by Nick Tomaino

NFT is disrupting the traditional media content ownership paradigm

About how NFTs will provide a platform-driven revenue monetization solution for creators, fans, and related developers.

NFTs invert the ownership model of media

by Jesse Walden

NFT Subculture

NFT has become an incoming subculture.

NFT subculture

by Denis Nazarov

Creators, communities and the grey areas in between

On the next form of community, how authors find their market, and programmable art.

Creators, communities, and the gray space in the middle where they meet

by Nichanan Kesonpat

Proof of passion: Proof of love

On the history of the social internet and the NFT connection

Proof of passion

by Tal Shachar and Jonathan Glick

Cryptocurrency changes value, NFT changes society

About how NFTs will change every aspect of the Internet, work, economy, and business models.

Crypto changes value, NFTs change society

by Chris Dixon

Cryptocurrency Basics and NFTs

A decade on the internet age, blockchain architecture and cryptocurrencies.

Crypto fundamentals and NFTs

by Patrick Rivera

Beginners Guides and Explainers

Beginners Guides


The Beginner’s Guide to NFT

A beginner’s guide to what NFTs are, why they are so interesting, and their applications.

A beginner’s guide to NFTs

by Linda Xie

What is an NFT

About the basic properties of a non-homogenized pass.

What is an NFT?

by Devin Finzer

All about NFT

What, why, how to generate NFTs, NFT applications, common problems and misconceptions.

All about NFTs

by Jesse Walden, Linda Xie, Sonal Chokshi

8 Reasons Why Encrypted Art Will Encapsulate Existing Art

On the new economy of digital creation.

8 Reasons why crypto art > art

by Scott Belsky

NFT in one article

On “monetizing MEME”, why NFTs can monetize everything and make the world verifiable.

Demystifying NFTs

by Naval Ravikant

Critics’ bias against NFTs

The paradox of digital goods, the difference between the value of NFTs and traditional ownership.

What Critics Don’t Understand About NFTs

by Jonathan Zittrain with Will Marks

Trends: NFT

An overview of NFTs, projects, players, resources, bashing and opportunities.

NFTs, the trend

by Dru Riley

The Magic of NFTs

About the use cases, elements and implications of NFTs.

The new magic of NFTs

Katie Haun interviewed by Tim Ferriss

Building Blocks & Technical Foundations

Technical Foundations


NFT Metadata

About on-chain, off-chain, storage and more.

NFT metadata

by Devin Finzer

Does your NFT really belong to you?

About storage, the difference between URLs and IPFS, off-chain data, and more.

Do You Really Own Your NFT?

by Dan Kahan

Non-Homogenized Pass-Through Standards

About Ethernet standards and non-Ethernet standards.

Non-fungible token standards

by Devin Finzer

What is ERC-721?

A non-technical explanation of how ERC-721 works.

What is ERC-721?

by William Entriken

The Non-Homogenized Pass-Through Standard: ERC-721

About Unique, Rare, Collectible Passes on Ether

ERC-721 Non-Fungible Token Standard

Crypto Dictionary: Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

About core concepts and terms related to NFT (cryptography, proof of interest, etc.).

Crypto Glossary: Cryptocurrencies & Blockchains

by Alex Pruden and Sonal Chokshi

The Crypto World Wants to Be Seen

On how to enable creators to master and immerse themselves in the crypto world.

Crypto Wants to Be Seen

by Kayvon Tehranian

Arts, Music, Gaming, Other Applications… and Creator Stories

Arts, Music, Gaming, Other Applications and Creator Stories


NFT and the creator economy on it

A look at how artists, musicians, and writers view NFTs and social tokens, and how different types of assets are colliding to create new sparks.

The Creator Economy: NFTs and beyond

by Kevin Chou, Jesse Walden, Chris Dixon

A few tips for creators to get started in the crypto world

On the evolution of the web and a better creator economy.

Tips for Creators Getting Into Crypto

by Patrick Rivera

How I Got Into NFTs

How I Got Into NFTs

How I Got Into NFTs

by Caroline Dy

How to Sell an NFT

A handy video that shows you how to go from concept and design to selling NFTs on the shelves.

How We Sold an NFT… by Colin and Samir

by Colin and Samir

Design inspiration for NFT (Twitter thread)

About how to build an artwork-like community.

Ideas for building in NFTs

by Chris Dixon

NFT Consumption, Audience and Scenario

About the mass NFT consumption experience and everything related to it.

On NFT consumption, audience, utility

by Jarrod Dicker, Tal Shacher, Jonathan Glick

Audio NFT and Musicians

About the limited edition audio/video NFTs minted on Ether

Musicians meet audio NFTs

by Cooper Turley

The relationship between visual art and music

The relationship between visual art and music

Two Crypto Artists

On traditional art museums’ views on pass-through collections

Two crypto creators

by Pak, Signe Pierce, Zoran Basich

How blockchain is breaking into traditional auctions

On why a pair of jpeg images from Beeple can fetch $69 million.

How the blockchain broke the auction block

by Alexi Horowitz-Ghazi and Mary Childs

Pass-Through for Players in the Crypto Economy

On how the blockchain is reshaping relations of production, collaboration, community, and creativity.

Monetization for Gamers in the New Cryptoeconomy

by Kevin Chou

Community economics and the limits of today’s game economies

Community economics and the limits of today’s game economies

A study of economic activity inside and outside a game

NFTs and a Thousand True Fans

by Kaiser Hwang

When the Meta-Universe Meets the Crypto-Economy

On why the metaverse needs a strong economic design.

Where crypto meets the metaverse

by Piers Kicks

When the metaverse meets the Web3

On NFT and digital ownership, open and closed worlds in virtual space, the realization of an “avatar economy”, and the logic of value flow in open worlds.

Where Web3 meets the metaverse

by Packy McCormick

The Great Online Game

About how to implement a rich, free, console-like game on the Internet using tools like NFT, but beyond.

The Great Online Game

by Packy McCormick

Gamers want virtual goods with real-world value

Gamers want virtual goods with real-world value

by Dean Takahashi

NFTs are becoming a major source of income for crypto newbies in the Philippines to Colombia

NFTs are becoming a major source of income for crypto newbies in the Philippines to Colombia

by Dan Kahan

Artists on collecting NFTs

Artists on collecting NFTs

by Samantha Ayson

NFTs, digital art, and the value shift between IRL and virtual life

NFTs, digital art, and the value shift between IRL and virtual life

Trevor McFedries interviewed by Dan Frommer

Creators, Artists and Athletes

On the distribution of personal passes in video/live interactions.

Creators, Artists, and Athletes

by Kurt Patat

Why I Collect Black Crypto Art

About how the Black digital art renaissance is creating and capturing value for the Black community.

Why I’m Collecting Black Crypto Art

by Cuy Sheffield

Understanding NFT through the lens of digital abstract art

On how Christie’s auctioneers view NFTs from the traditional art world.

Understanding NFTs as digital abstraction

Noah Davis interviewed by Valentina Di Liscia

Cryptocurrencies as content, communities and digital assets

On cryptocurrencies as content, communities, digital belonging

by Kyle Chayka

Accounts that are ahead of their time

About social media credential owners and their communities.

Forefront Profiles

NFT Artists and more

Artists on NFTs and more

“The Greatest NFT Videos of All Time”

See what these NFT video creators have to say about NFT, platforms, exhibitions and more, covering art, music, fashion, DeFi and the metaverse.

“The Greatest NFT Film Ever Made”

The Defiant

People who pass their lives on and leave the decision making to others

A famous example of experimentation and personal pass offerings.

The Man Who Tokenized Himself Gives Holders Power Over His Life

Alex Masmej interviewed by Vinamrata Chaturvedi

Social Tokens, Community Tokens, Personal Tokens (& NFTs)

Social Tokens, Community Tokens and Personal Tokens


Social Tokens

Personal tokens and community tokens.

Social tokens

by Linda Xie

NFT Fragmentation and Better Social Tokens

The fractionalization of NFTs is about purpose, community and more.

The fractionalization of NFTs will lead to better social tokens

by Brian Flynn

Loyalty Points and Social Passes

Social Motivation and Social Motivation in Social Tokens.

Loyalty Points and Social Tokens

by Wong Joon Ian

Social Tokens Year in Review (2020)

Those digital assets that are endorsed by individuals, communities or brands.

Social Tokens Year in Review (2020)

by Cooper Turley with Jess Sloss, James Young, Scott Moore, Brian Flynn, and Priyanka Desai

Creator DAOs, Creator Economies; Funding Innovation

Creator DAOs and Creator Economies


Start with the Author, Stay with the Community

Decentralized protocols are not social networks but only crypto-economic networks.

Come for the creator, stay for the economy

by Patrick Rivera

The Power of People

The creator economy, NFT, and the rise of individual micro-corporations.

Power to the person

by Packy McCormick

DAO for Beginners

Examples of NFT DAO organizations for art, games, etc.

A beginner’s guide to DAOs

by Linda Xie

About creator DAOs

How is a DAO different from a crowdfunding platform? –The core difference is ownership.

On creator DAOs

by Jonathan Glick, Jarrod Dicker, Tal Schachar

The DAO of DAOs

From NFT to DAO, stages of decentralization, the present and future shape of DAOs.

The DAO of DAOs

by Packy McCormick

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