A virtual concert will make your idol sing for you in front of you

“One day, when we were lying on the beach, a huge sea beast appeared and swallowed us. We played in the belly of a whale full of plastic and eventually exploded.”

This piece of imagination from the British band Easy Life actually appeared in the game, screams, fireworks, swimming pools, psychedelic electronic music… Except for the standard equipment of these electronic concerts, you can even wield lightsabers at the concert. , Light the torch, and along with the drums of the huge DJ projection, players can float in the game and walk through countless fireworks and neon lights.

A virtual concert will make your idol sing for you in front of you

According to Paul Tassi, a senior analyst at Forbes, concerts that take place in games such as “Fortnite” are breathtaking spectacles, “also a glimpse of the game’s metaverse.”

On November 19th, the famous American singer Justin Bieber (Justin Bieber) held a 30-minute meta-universe concert on the virtual music platform Wave. The avatar Justin Bieber sang his latest album Justice “.

A virtual concert will make your idol sing for you in front of you

The background of the whole performance is very gorgeous, golden wheat fields, golden sunlight, and golden fireflies floating from the grass, which can more closely express the connotation conveyed by music.

With the blessing of the virtual scene, although Bieber who sang with the wheat is not as vivid as the real person, it can conceal some shortcomings in traditional concerts, such as the singer’s tone and image.

At the beginning of the year, Marshmello also held a virtual concert. Marshmello used motion capture technology to broadcast live in a virtual image. After entering the stadium, players can even come to him and interact closely with him. A total of 10.7 million people participated in this concert.

A virtual concert will make your idol sing for you in front of you

Travis Scott’s meta-universe concert in “Fortnite”. The organizer built a planet composed of playgrounds and speakers in the game. Players can sink to the bottom of the sea or into outer space and listen in a weightless state. electronic music.

In August this year, the well-known American female singer Ariana Grande attracted as many as 78 million players at a virtual concert Rift Tour that lasted several days in Fortnite.

A virtual concert will make your idol sing for you in front of you

Roblox, another gaming platform, also held virtual concerts in its meta universe including famous singers such as Lil Nas X and Zara Larsson.

From the perspective of the audience group, game virtual concerts always provide a virtual presence space. The immersiveness of the game is also constantly strengthening the player’s sense of presence, allowing players to more clearly perceive the connection with other players and performance guests In resonance, the development of technology will further blur the boundary between virtual and reality.

As Paul Tassi sighed: “I thought it would take ten or twenty years for the appearance of the metaverse, but when I participated in this virtual concert, I seemed to have already sensed the existence of the metaverse.”

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