A three-minute overview of YGG’s latest 8 games included in the investment landscape

Yield Guild Games (YGG) is a decentralized game guild that lends game NFT assets to players. Players can start playing blockchain games and earn income without prior investment. From October 2021, YGG announced that it has reached cooperation and investment in 8 NFT games, including Influence, CyBall, Thetan Arena, KOGs SLAM! , MOBOX, Aavegotchi, DeHorizon and Genopets. YGG was established at the end of 2020. In order to meet the needs of players, YGG currently has more than 18 games in its portfolio, including Axie Infinity, Splinterlands and Zed Run.

Earlier this year, YGG completed a $22.4 million financing. Among them, the first round was led by Delphi Digital with an investment amount of US$9.9 million; the middle round was led by BITKRAFT, and the subsequent round of investment was led by a16z. In addition to the $12.5 million obtained by selling tokens to gamers for the first time, YGG is using these funds to purchase high-quality NFT game assets, aiming to provide the community with the opportunity to earn while playing in the blockchain game economy. A comprehensive overview of YGG cryptocurrency assets can be found in the latest assets and financial reports.

Sarutobi Sasuke, YGG Partnership Director, introduced YGG’s approach to assessing the potential of NFT games. He said: “Community participation is a key factor for YGG to buy games. Our team will review gameplay and game economic models to ensure that the game is grand and fair. Yes, the time and effort invested by players should be fully rewarded. Of course, game guilds, teams, and holding leagues are also very important components, because they can inspire collective efforts among guilds and students.

The following is an introduction to the games that YGG has recently cooperated with, including the details of the purchased game assets and the benefits that players can enjoy.



Influence concept image designed by Marina Ortega

Influence is an immersive space strategy massively multiplayer online game (MMO) that provides fascinating gameplay, and users can control the true ownership of NFT game assets. Players compete in a variety of ways, including mining, construction, trading, research and battle, and control ships and constructed facilities through a third perspective to interact in an immersive 3D universe. Players can obtain their upcoming token SWAY through the game. Influence allows players to trade resources, components, ships and asteroids in the game.


YGG Asteroids purchased from OpenSea

YGG has purchased the 46th influential asteroid-KJ-44947, which is a C-type carbonaceous asteroid. In addition, YGG also purchased about 30 smaller asteroids for the YGG community to use.



The UI concept interface in the CyBall exhibition mode 3v3 competition

CyBall is a football-themed, NFT-based game. Players can collect, trade, guide and battle CyBlocs. CyBlocs are virtual robot characters and are collectible and tradable NFTs on the blockchain. Players train their CyBlocs, compete in various game modes, and get rewards of varying degrees. The existing CyBlocs can also guide the junior CyBlocs to create the next generation of unique NFTs.

In the cooperation with CyBall, YGG obtained part of the Genesis CyBloc NFT card pack, and YGG can provide at least 1,000 CyBall students at the beginning of the game.

Thetan Arena

This is a MOBA mobile game. Players can gather friends to form a team, fight with others, and get token rewards through game skills and teamwork. This is a free game where players can earn tokens called Thetan Coin (THC). At the same time, the game also has a mode of earning while playing, you can use advanced heroes to earn more tokens.


List of some heroes of Thetan Arena

YGG participated in the token sale of Thetan Arena and purchased 250 ordinary heroes, 100 epic heroes and 50 legendary heroes.



KOGs image, source: FROX website

KOGs SLAM developed by RFOX! It is a blockchain mobile game with rules similar to POGs that were popular in the 1990s. However, KOGs SLAM! Using an evolved digital format, it uses NFT collectibles as game fragments, not only can play games, but also get rewards. KOGs are collectible, playable, tradable, and competitive NFTs, built on the WAX ​​blockchain platform. KOGs SLAM! Introducing a play-to-earning model to millions of users in Southeast Asia. Players can win KOGs and game tokens KOINS from daily tasks and tournaments, and can exchange game revenues for real-life income.


Concept image from RFOX VALT website

YGG also won one of the two Marquee Brand SHOPs in the RFOX VALT gaming area. This is an interactive and fully immersive shopping experience that combines game elements to form its own independent meta-universe virtual reality. YGG members will be able to visit YGG’s SHOP, interact with the community, collect NFTs, play games, and more other experiences, all of which are carried out in VR.



MOBOX MOMO Mysterious Box

As a leading project on the Binance smart chain, MOBOX is a community-driven gaming platform that combines production farming and in-game NFT to create an ecosystem of free games and earning while playing. MOBOX has released four games under its platform, namely “MOMO: Block Battle”, “MOMO: Token Master”, “MOMO: Farmer” and “Trade Action”. MBOX is the native governance token of MOBOX DAO, which is used to obtain additional characters, lottery tickets and rewards.

YGG has acquired 5 legendary MOMO NFTs under the YGG brand and 100 KEYS. These KEYS can be used in all MOBOX games to cultivate MBOX tokens.



Aavegotchi Fortress map from X-ray perspective

Aavegotchi brought a sense of nostalgia virtual pet game pet eggs, but this time the electronic pet becomes a living in Ethernet Square on the block chain and can use the Polygon network pixelated ghost. With the support of the ERC-721 standard, the value of these NFTs is determined by their rarity, which is calculated by multiple factors, including basic characteristics, wearable devices and the number of collaterals, such as the interest-bearing tokens of the Aave protocol . Players can access their land by connecting their wallets and rent it out to Aavegotchis, thereby sharing the share of farming output and unlocking more farming potential, as well as socializing and exploring the full breadth of the game.

YGG and its subDAO Yield Guild SEA (Southeast Asia) and Yield Guild ASIA have purchased exclusive YGG theme land (REALM land) and Aavegotchi avatar. And will also purchase wearable devices to prepare for the game when Gotchiverse goes live in December this year.



DeHorizon hero

YGG students can also join the epic fantasy world of DeHorizon meta-universe, where players can have fun and earn fun. The DeHorizon game is built on the Ethereum-EVM compatible chain, allowing players to explore the open world of epic battles, forge NFT monsters, mine resources, embark on the journey of heroes, tame wildlife, and many more other interactive experiences. DeHorizon games include group-to-group adventure game DeVerse, weekly battle game DeTournament, dragon riding fantasy sports game DeQuidditch, and many other games.

YGG purchased assets in the DeHorizon game, including exclusive weapons, equipment, dragon racing team, DeMeta Pass ID and 40 monsters named JuJus, which will also be specially customized to represent YGG.



Genopets crystal

YGG also continued to expand its collection of game assets in the Solana ecosystem by cooperating with Genopets. Genopets is a game that is at the forefront of combining game mechanics and motivating sports activities. Genopets is to generate NFT, which can be evolved, upgraded and customized. It has 8 variable bionic features and limbs, and belongs to one of 5 element types. The game combines the cultivation of pet eggs with Pokémon’s training and combat through different puzzle-solving mini games, and converts the user’s real-life sports into XP (experience value) in order to make progress in the game.

YGG has purchased customized brand Genopets Habitats and Genopets governance token GENE

About YGG

Yield Guild Games (https://yieldguild.io/) is a decentralized game guild that pools investors’ funds to purchase NFTs that can generate revenue, and optimizes it by using the time and energy spent by players in the game The assets owned by the community allow them to maximize their utility and reap the highest returns. YGG integrates NFT and decentralized finance (DeFi) to complete the mission of creating value for community members by developing the content and economy of virtual worlds and blockchain games.

A short documentary called “Playing and Earning: NFT Games in the Philippines” released in May 2021 reveals the story of a rural community earning income through games during the COVID-19 pandemic. This documentary was produced in collaboration with Yield Guild Games, Delphi Digital, and Emfarsis Consulting. It shows how NFTs and cryptocurrencies in developing countries provide transformative economic opportunities for young and elderly people who lack employment opportunities and government subsidies.

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